29/07 16:12 Chkalov village provided with drinking water with VivaCell-MTS support

VivaCell-MTS together with the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) marked the completion of another project of the water supply improvement initiative, jointly implemented in rural communities of Armenia.

29/07/2015 16:10

Loyal to the best traditions, VivaCell-MTS & Fuller Center for Housing Armenia continue building homes

It has become a pleasant tradition for VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia to get united to build a home every month, the press office of VivaCell-MTS has told ArmInfo. This time VivaCell- MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian, staff members from the company and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team participated in the construction of the half-built house of Kakoyan family from Melikgyugh community of Aragatsotn region.

29/07/2015 16:09

Beeline Armenia launches new daily unlimited internet services

Beeline Armenia has announced the launch of new daily unlimited internet services - Mega 150, Mega 300 and Mega 500. The press office of Beeline Armenia reports that now the Beeline prepaid mobile subscribers can use the Mega 150 service that allows Beeline subscribers to use 150MB high-speed internet at an AMD90 daily fee. Mega 300 service includes 300MB high-speed internet at AMD150. Mega 500 service allows using 500MB high-speed internet at AMD200. After consuming the high-speed internet, all the 3 services will have the internet speed restriction of up to 64KBps.

27/07/2015 16:30

Beeline launches "Roaming Packages" service

Beeline press office has told ArmInfo that Beeline announced the launch of three "Roaming Packages." From now on, when in roaming, Beeline subscribers will pay a single tariff starting at AMD 50 for incoming calls, outgoing calls to Armenia and outgoing local calls, as well as 1MB Internet.

24/07/2015 10:15

Beeline to complete digitization of landline network in Ijevan by 15 Oct 2015

Beeline continues working at digitization of telephone exchanges and subscriber lines in Armenian provinces. The press office of Beeline Armenia reports that the landline digitization, enlargement of telephone exchanges and partial reconnection of the current subscriber lines in Ijevan (Tavush province) have been underway since July 2015.

24/07/2015 10:05

Rostelecom and Abovyan sign a Memorandum of Understanding

GNC-Alfa CJSC (part of Rostelecom Group) and the town of Abovyan signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation on July 22. The press office of the company has told ArmInfo that the cooperation aims to develop the infrastructure of the urban community, protect the environment and enhance the living standards in Abovyan. Rostelecom will also provide the parks with free WiFi.

22/07/2015 21:18

VivaCell-MTS and "BirthLink" NGO bring the neonatal healthcare in Armenia to a new level

Recent international studies on neonatal healthcare bear evidence that the availability of state-of-the-art equipment and access to professional treatment are essential in saving the lives of premature, low birth-weight infants. VivaCell-MTS press office has informed ArmInfo that the number of children saved is the best testament to the success of the project launched in 2008 owing to the cooperation between VivaCell-MTS and "BirthLink" NGO.

22/07/2015 21:15

Beeline CEO delivers lecture for Agro School participants

Beeline press office has informed ArmInfo that Beeline and Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) have delivered "Guide to Success" special lecture in Armavir.

22/07/2015 18:26

Switch to VivaCell-MTS' "Personal" tariff plan without visiting a service center

Now VivaCell-MTS subscribers to "City Talks" postpaid tariff plan have an opportunity to use the new "Fast" service that allows initiating a switch to the "Personal" via the mobile phone.

22/07/2015 18:24

Legal Knowledge to Young People workshop held with Beeline's support

Beeline Armenia and Rossia NGO have announced their cooperation in holding a workshop "Legal Knowledge to Young People", the press office of Beeline Armenia reports.

22/07/2015 18:23

By Orange Group and Ucom Brand"s Preliminary Arrangement, Orange Armenia is to operate for 12 more Months

By Orange Group and Ucom Brand's preliminary arrangement, "Orange Armenia" will function for 12 more months. The new owner will decide whether to carry out a rebranding or no, Francis Gelitber , the CEO at Orange Armenia, told during a July 22 press conference. To note, the press conference was convened by Orange Armenia to announce of the launch of negotiations with Ucom to sell the 100% of Orange Armenia's shares.

22/07/2015 18:22

Orange Group officially announces launch of negotiations with Ucom to sell 100% of Orange Armenia's shares

Orange Group has launched negotiations with Ucom to sell the 100% of Orange Armenia's shares, Orange Armenia Chief Executive Officer Francis Gelibter officially said at a press conference in Yerevan on July 22.

22/07/2015 18:21

The Unification of Orange Armenia and Ucom will give Birth to a Reliable Operator with 20% Coverage of Telecom Market

The unification of Orange Armenia and Ucom will give birth to a reliable operator with 20% coverage of the telecom market. Customers will get the opportunity to use of convergent services through the complementary activities of the two companies. Market coverage and provision of converged services are the reasons for 100% vend of Orange Armenia to Ucom.

22/07/2015 18:19

Francis Gelitber : Ucom to Preclude Monopolization of Armenian Telecom Market after Orange Armenia Leaves

Ucom will preclude the monopolization process of the Armenian telecom market after Orange Armenia leaves, Orange Armenia CEO Francis Gelitber has told ArmInfo journalist.

21/07/2015 21:05

Orange is leaving Armenia

The sale of Orange Armenia telecommunication operator as a separate legal entity to Ucom will officially be announced on July 22. The French company's representatives will officially announce it at tomorrow's press conference.

16/07/2015 14:55

Two winners of IBM BlueMix Cloud Hackathon known

ArmInfo News Agency has received a press-release which reads that 11 Armenian teams participated in IBM BlueMix Cloud Hackathon held in Yerevan in the frames of technology weekend on July 11-12.