Naira Zohrabyan suggests inquiring into financial frauds by wife of ex Finance Minister

New opposition four to start drawing out alterations to Electoral Code

Newspaper: New scandal brewing around funded pension in Armenia

Brazilian Film 'Boy and the World' animated film - winner of Armenian Animation Festival ReAnimania

Galust Sahakyan: EEU is an effective platform for resolving of many problems against the background of global economic crisis and political tension

Mobile Radio available for Beeline subscribers

Yerevan: Issue of the sale of Russian military hardware to Azerbaijan is always on agenda of Armenian- Russian relations

Political expert: Ukrainian crisis is re-occurrence of conflicts of early 1990s and 08.08.08 war

View from Yerevan: Ukraine and its two regions are like a suitcase without a handle

Armenia's Deputy FM: As long as Azerbaijan continues to be non-constructive, there will be no progress in Nagorno- Karabakh peace talks

Till Dec 31 2014 Ameriabank will offer 1% bonus for mortgage loan transferred from another bank

AmCham elects Tigran Jrbashyan as its President

Owner of Old Erivan Holding: From moral point of view, my letter to the President is the last step in my fight against Unibank

Expert: Oligarchs and corruption are an even bigger threat for Armenia's national security than Turkey and Azerbaijan combined

Gevorg Kostanyan: The Shant Harutyunyan case is not politically charged

ProCredit Bank reopens renovated Artashat branch

Sharmazanov: In today's interview Gagik Tsarukyan repeated its speech at Oct 24 rally but in an easily defined form

Nikolay Ryzhkov: Nagorno-Karabakh may join EAEU after its final status is determined

Prices for meat products may grow in Armenia

Ardshininvestbank reopens its new and reconstructed Shengavit Branch

Prosperous Armenia Party has not yet determined its position regarding Armenia's joining Eurasian Economic Union

Elmar Mammadyarov: Azerbaijan is ready to start the work on the project of a great peace treaty

Azerbaijani diversionists blame their liquidated comrade Hasan Hasanov for murdering Karabakh civilian

Armen Gevorgyan appointed Head of IDeA Foundation

ArmSwissbank and Management Mix intend to set up an investment management company

Winners of "Open Game 2014" Championship of Computer and Mobile Games already announced

Ameriabank confidently strengthens its leading positions

VivaCell-MTS provides a diesel generator set to Ministry of Emergency Situations for uninterrupted operation of backup server

New garbage dump to be opened in Yerevan

The UK would not like Simferopol-Yerevan flights to be launched

Beeline and Edward Mirzoyan String Quartet announce extension of their cooperation.

Air Armenia suspends passenger operations

Head of Armenian CEC unaware of opposition's plans to organize snap parliamentary elections

Armenia's deputy finance minister does not rule out growth of prices after Armenia's joining Eurasian Economic Union

British and German Ambassadors hope Ankara will make a step towards normalization of relations with Armenia in future

David Harutyunyan: Bi polar political system is being formed in Armenia

Ukraine's Ambassador refutes reports on opening of Yerevan-Simferopol flight

Washington not commenting on Azerbaijani saboteurs' trial

Newspaper: Armenian National Congress and Heritage Party fail to persuade Leader of Prosperous Armenia Party to launch sit-down strike in Liberty Square

Edward Nalbandian says Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting in Paris was a step towards rapprochement of the two countries' positions

Analyst: There are no idiots in Russia today

Handset, tablet and internet modem repair and service center is now available in the Orange Flagship store

"Beeline Child Development Centers" opened in Ararat region of Armenia

Monitoring Report on the Agreement between EU and Armenia on Facilitation of Issuance of Visas presented in Yerevan

VivaCell-MTS implements the 6th draw "365"

Eduard Sharmazanov: It is impossible to speak of compromises if Baku rattles the sabre

Ivan Kukhta: 70% of citizens of Ukraine in Armenia supported the course of the president and government of Ukraine

Special Investigation Service of Armenia initiates criminal case regarding incident that occurred to ASALA veteran

Results of Sargsyan-Aliyev Paris meeting summed up

VTB Bank (Armenia) - the leader by the credit investments according to the results of the 3Q 2014


Ashot Manucharyan: It is very much dangerous and senseless to lead Russia to war readiness

Tigran Khzmalyan: Armenia has linked its Noah's Arc to Russia's sinking Titanik that is still selling tickets

Alexander Iskandaryan: Peace and war are the two things Russia does not need in the South Caucasus

Ariel Cohen: Putin may be compensating for reputational damage to Russia in the conflict in Ukraine by trying to resolve the Karabakh conflict

Hovhannes Igityan: Serzh Sargsyan’s geopolitical choice is an obstacle for investments in Armenia’s economy

Andrey Areshev: Russia wants to see Armenia as its strong and dynamically developing ally in the South Caucasus

Vahan Vardapetyan: October 10 will become the day of culmination of consolidation of the society around the Armenian centrist parties

Manvel Sargsyan: The myth of Russia's importance for Armenia is based on the formula "We will defend you"

Thomas De Waal: The society and power in Armenia and Azerbaijan are strongly linked by a vicious circle

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Armenia: The next phase of development of the Ukraine-EU relations may be only Ukraine's EU membership

Hakob Andreasyan: Current reforms are as important as those conducted in privatization period

Hakob Andreasyan: We try to ring-fence farmers from untypical risks

Giorgi Gvimradze: Russia's fate hangs in the balance in Ukraine

In NK peace, it is necessary to pay attention to other processes in Scotland and Catalonia

Armenia’s ex Defense Minister: We have enough options to advance to the north of Azerbaijan

30/10 22:24 Mobile Radio available for Beeline subscribers

Beeline announces the launch of a new service - Mobile Radio. It is available for all Beeline mobile subscribers. The press service of Beeline Armenia has told ArmInfo that the new service provides them with an opportunity to connect to the Internet radio stations and listen to their favorite programs or music online without using Internet.

29/10/2014 22:13

Winners of "Open Game 2014" Championship of Computer and Mobile Games already announced

The fourth Armenian Open Championship of Computer and Mobile Games came to its end on the 26th of October. The press service of Orange Armenia has told ArmInfo that the winner of this year in the "Best Game" nomination category is Henrik Hakobyan, with his game "Choppy Fish".

29/10/2014 22:11

VivaCell-MTS provides a diesel generator set to Ministry of Emergency Situations for uninterrupted operation of backup server

VivaCell-MTS provides continuous support to the development of key national infrastructure, and in particular, to the Ministry of Emergency, in the area of the prevention and protection of information security, data protection and functioning of key state infrastructure in disaster situations, the press service of VivaCell-MTS has told ArmInfo.

29/10/2014 21:59

Beeline and Edward Mirzoyan String Quartet announce extension of their cooperation.

As a general sponsor, Beeline will continue financial assistance to the concerts of the Quartet in Armenia and abroad during the concert season of 2014-2015.

29/10/2014 10:56

Handset, tablet and internet modem repair and service center is now available in the Orange Flagship store

Along with the possibility of depositing handsets for repair in any Orange shop all over the country, as well as tracking at any time the status of device repair through Orange website, Orange now provides "Quick repair" and "Delivery of repaired devices" services in its Flagship store, located on Northern Avenue 1. "Repair in the presence of the customer" service is as well available in certain cases, the press service of the company has told ArmInfo.

29/10/2014 10:42

"Beeline Child Development Centers" opened in Ararat region of Armenia

Beeline and Child Development Foundation opened two development centers for children with special needs in the kindergarten of Ayntap community and N2 School in Nor Kharberd community. As press-service of the company reported, "Knowledge for the Sake of Prosperity" program aims to contribute to the development of inclusive education in Armenian regions and Yerevan. Inclusive education specialists attended specialized courses and consultations, and child development centers were equipped with special and cognitive games and literature prepared by the child Development Foundation.

29/10/2014 10:39

VivaCell-MTS implements the 6th draw "365"

VivaCell-MTS continues the draw for its "Personal" and the "City Talks" tariff plans subscribers, who are users of the "Special" package in active status, the press service of the company has told ArmInfo. To remind, the "365" draw is based on a-smartphone-a-day-within-a-year principle.

27/10/2014 22:14

The Chkalov village community has started the construction of the water supply network

The Chkalov village of Lori region has a history of 250 years. One of the most vital issues of the community is the absence of the drinking water supply network. The only spring situated in the center of the village, from which the villagers take water, is getting scarce. People have to get to the spring from morning till late evening to have water for the basic needs of the household.

24/10/2014 21:37

Exposition of "Open Game" Championship of Computer and Mobile Games to take place on the 26th of October

On October 26, from 12:00 to 17:00, Moscow Cinema will host the Public Expo of the games presented at the "Open Game" Championship of Computer and Mobile Games, followed by the awards ceremony. The press service of Orange Armenia has told ArmInfo that everyone interested in this domain is invited to visit the Expo to see, test and play the computer and mobile games developed by young Armenians.

24/10/2014 21:34

Beeline and Cafesjian Center for the Arts launch two free of charge education programs

Beeline and the Cafesjian Center for the Arts have launched two free of charge education programs for families and schoolchildren. The first program is entitled Kochar: Challenging the Time, the second one is called Yerevan Collectors' Choice: Letters in Plates.

24/10/2014 17:28

VivaCell-MTS has invested 55 million AMD for the housing project in the borderland villages of Armenia and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia has undertaken the implementation of the project

Owing to the partnership between VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia the current year has become prominent for eight families – has been solved their top priority issue - the housing problem.

23/10/2014 12:10

Beeline launches "Unlimited Internet Super" service

Beeline announced "Unlimited Internet Super" service for Beeline prepaid and postpaid subscribers. "Unlimited Internet Super" service grants subscribers high-speed mobile Internet without megabyte tariffing at AMD 6000 monthly. The high speed will be available irrespective of the used volume of the Internet.

18/10/2014 11:58

VivaCell-MTS is the General Partner of the International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia

This year the Olympiad involved young participants from 22 countries: Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, China, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Jordan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, UAE, UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA and Vietnam.

18/10/2014 11:57

Beeline awards winners of My Beeline Armenia contest

The awards ceremony was held in Beeline sales and service offices at North Avenue. Anna Hovhannisyan was recognized the winner of the contest. Her complex offer comrpised improvement of the application design, introduction of GPS system to the app, option of getting voice and SMS notifications, language change option, introduction of news and information sections, personal page and online phone order page. Anna Hovhannisyan got Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The application of another participant, Avet Brutyan, for creation of the home page of the application and optimization of the subsections of the app was also highly assessed by the committee. Avet Brutyan got a honorary mention prize, Beeline "gold number".

10/10/2014 19:04

Beeline extends "Connected" roaming service

Beeline announced today the extension of the expiration date of "Connected" roaming service. Beeline prepaid and postpaid subscribers can continue taking advantage of unprecedented low roaming prices till January 31, 2015.

09/10/2014 20:48

Beeline opens a dealer office near Bagratashen checkpoint

Beeline has announced the opening of a dealer office of sales and service in Tavush region. The press service of Beeline Armenia has told ArmInfo that the office is located near Bagratashen checkpoint and will operate from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm without any break.