Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe calls on all the public organizations and politicians to join the rally of the opposition three

Heritage circulates in the Parliament a draft statement on Suren Khachatryan

Fitch affirms Rostelecom's investment grade rating of BBB - with a stable outlook

From now on all Orange Prepaid and Eagle customers can activate their favorite number and call forever for free

"MTS Connect LTE" modem for free in case of subscribing to an "MTS Connect LTE" or "Internet Express" tariff plan

Despite all obstacles created by Municipality of Ararat, parliamentary opposition is committed to hold its rally in that city

Political expert: Republican Party of Armenia has some problems with replacement of Serzh Sargsyan

Moscow International Currency Association to hold an International Banking Conference in Yerevan

EBRD to provide $5 million to ArmSwissbank for SME finance

Aram Manukyan: Amendments to the Law on Turnover Tax may develop into serious political processes

Ameriabank anticipating 50% growth of trade finance portfolio in 2015

Minister: Government of Armenia does not seek to rename Sports and Concert Complex after K. Demirchyan

Oppositionist: Nikol Pashinyan asks Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan to give recidivist Suren Khachatryan a position in the Government

SME representatives in Gyumri block city's central streets in protest of new turnover tax

Because of the Greek president's aircraft trouble, the flight from Zvartnots airport of Yerevan was delayed

The President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias visited Yerevan Brandy Company

Anelik Bank lowers Bank-Client tariff and S.W.I.F.T. commission

Parliament's extraordinary sitting on the law on amending the Law on Turnover Tax has not taken place due to RPA's boycott

Orange Foundation and Armenian Eye Care Project launch a joint online campaign to help children to fight blindness

Armenia ranked 78th in World Press Freedom Index 2014 of Reporters Without Borders

FMO lends Araratbank $15mln for business projects by export-oriented companies

Open Day to be held at UWC Dilijan on October 5

In Jan-Aug 2014 Ameriabank exceeds a number of targets and is ready to conquer new heights

Armenia launches a single cultural portal providing a unique opportunity to acquire e-tickets by online payment

Turkish Construction Company launches activity in Armenia

Turkish journalists who urge apology for Armenians receive letters with threats

Air Armenia becomes regular air carrier from Novosibirsk to Yerevan

Sellers in Gyumri also protest against the new turnover tax

VivaCell-MTS implemented the 5th draw "365"

Anne Brasseur says PACE seeks to establish contacts between Armenian and Azerbaijani delegations

PACE adopts decision to prepare report on "increase of tension in Nagorno Karabakh and other occupied territories of Azerbaijan"

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank creates ACBA Business Partner sub-brand

Artifacts from Armenian Highlands cause sensation in the world of science

Vice Speaker: Armenian-Russian relations should develop and deepen

Argentinean writer: One more Armenian Genocide is taking place in Aleppo

Armenia ranked 4th in Eastern Partnership Media Freedom Index for first half of 2014

Opinion: SCR plays an important role in communications

River of Hrazdan overruns its banks, as intensive water releases from Lake Sevan launched

Turkish intellectuals urge apology to Armenian students

Hay Tar Mobile App now free of charge

VTB Bank (Armenia) wins Public Rating's Best Bank award

Georgia will temporarily close Upper Lars border crossing because of landslide danger

Nikol Pashinyan again publicly accuses Surik Khachatryan of direct complicity in Avetik Budaghyan's murder

Russian expert: Armenia should be interested in Russian-Azeri arms deals

Leader of Marxist Party of Armenia dies

Yerevan Brandy Company completes grape procurement in Ararat Valley

VTB Bank (Armenia) to sponsor the transfer of windsurfers in wintertime

ArmSwissBank becomes a partner bank for Medicine Producers and Importers Union of Armenia

Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan to discuss Karabakh peace process

Finding mixture of ~300,000 year-old stone tools in Armenia challenges hypothesis that technique's appearance in Eurasia was result of expansion of hominins from Africa

30/09 18:35 Open Day to be held at UWC Dilijan on October 5

On that day the applicants will get an opportunity to receive information about the UWC program, educational system, criteria of admission of students and the procedure of admission to other UWC colleges. "We will be glad to meet with senior formers, who are interested in studying at UWC", says the press release sent to ArmInfo. To attend the Open Day, one should register at

29/09/2014 19:09

Artifacts from Armenian Highlands cause sensation in the world of science

Researcher from the Archeology and Ethnography Institute of Armenia Boris Gasparyan said that an Armenian-US expedition has found very interesting artifacts in the community of Nor Geghi, the Hrazdan Gorge, where they have worked since 2007. "We have found 320,000-300,000 year-old stone tools, used by Homo Erectus.

29/09/2014 19:01

Hay Tar Mobile App now free of charge

Hay Tar Mobile App is now available free of charge, Armen Ashotyan, Minister of Education and Science of Armenia, said in a Facebook post, on 29 September.

29/09/2014 12:09

Leader of Marxist Party of Armenia dies

Leader of the Marxist Party of Armenia David Hakobyan died, the Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology told ArmInfo.

27/09/2014 15:07

Finding mixture of ~300,000 year-old stone tools in Armenia challenges hypothesis that technique's appearance in Eurasia was result of expansion of hominins from Africa

Artifacts uncovered at a 325,000-year-old archeological site in Armenia suggest that, contrary to what scientists previously thought, Homo sapiens were not the first to develop precision tools, says referring to an article published by The Science Mag, Friday.

23/09/2014 13:09

President was called to keep the problem of restoration of the Afrikyans' house in the center of attention

They called on the president to take measures for restoration and guarding of the Arikyans' house at Terian Street 11. They also offered him to keep the problem of the historical and cultural monuments of Yerevan in the center of attention and not to let their using for the private purposes.

19/09/2014 08:47

Armenia among the countries that have achieved greatest success in reducing the total number of hungry people in proportion to their national population are

More than 800 million people - or one in every nine on the planet - suffer from hunger, but a new joint UN agency report released today stated that the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of undernourished people by 2015 is still within reach.

19/09/2014 08:47

Head of Kapan Meat Factory conditionally sentenced to three years in jail

On September 18, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Syunik Province sentenced Albert Ohanjanyan, Head of the Kapan Meat Factory, to three years and three months in jail under the buffalo meat case, Radio Azatutyun reports.

18/09/2014 16:18

Armenian archaeologists promise to up-end concept of early humans' migration

Armenian archaeologists are due to make a sensational discovery that will up-end the concept of ancient humans' migration out off the African continent that is considered to be the cradle of the humankind.

16/09/2014 17:48

This year's Viktor Ambartsumian International Prize to be awarded in Yerevan Sept 17

Director of Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory Hayk Harutyunyan told journalists on Monday that three scientists will be awarded the prize this year: Felix Aharonian (Germany) for research in high energy astrophysics, Igor Karachentsev (Russia) and Brent Tully (US) for investigations of nearby universe.

16/09/2014 15:04

President of Armenia promises with a problem of citizens deceived by Tonus company and respond in two days

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan approached several owners of the apartments, which Tonus Construction Company had built in Armenia's capital city Yerevan, and who have assembled nearby the government houses at Proshyan street since early Tuesday morning.

10/09/2014 15:21

Head of Parliament's Security Service hits a female journalist

An incident happened in front of the Armenian National Assembly building, Tuesday. Art Group "Counterblow" hanged a big banner reading "Hello Rob!" [second president Robert Kocharyan - editor's note] on the Gates of the NA front yard.

10/09/2014 10:13

Armenia joins "Sustainable Development Goal, 2015-2030" programme

Armenia has joined the "Sustainable Development Goal, 2015-2030" programme. As Ms. Amalya Grigoryan, Conflict Prevention Officer at Armenian United Nations Association, told ArmInfo correspondent, Armenia is among the countries where the national consultations were held to reveal the problems which are still relevant today.

05/09/2014 19:15

Civil initiative for protection of Teghut to hold a honey festival in Shnogh village

Activist Anna Shahnazaryan said at today's press conference that the festival aims to contribute to development of ecologically friendly agriculture of Shnogh and Teghut villages adjacent to the Teghut deposit. This is the second honey festival, the first one was held in 2013 and following the festival the beekeepers of rural communities were able to sell about 650 kg of honey. About 750 kg more was sold in Yerevan as a result of the sales organized by the activists.

05/09/2014 17:22

Mikhail Grigoryan: Third round of Armenian-Russian tactical exercises was a success

For a soldier an exercise is the goal of his training, a chance to show what he has learned, Commander of the Armenian-Russian Joint Force, Lieut. Gen. Mikhail Grigoryan said after the end of the third stage of Armenian- Russian tactical exercises on Friday.

04/09/2014 01:34

South Caucasus Railway organizes summer holidays of 203 children from railroaders' families

In 2014, a total of 203 children from the railroaders' families spent their summer holidays at the Gugark recreation camp under the patronage of South Caucasus Railway (SCR) CJSC.

03/09/2014 13:15

Alarm was received about availability of an explosive device in Central Hospital "Muratsan"

Today, at 11:00 AM Yerevan time Emergency Situation Ministry received an alarm about availability of an explosive device in Central Hospital "Muratsan".

31/08/2014 10:14

March of Peace, Unity and Solidarity in Yerevan

A March of Peace, Unity and Solidarity will be held in Yerevan on 2 September at the initiative of Yeritasardutyun NGO (Youth NGO), Head of the Organization Gevorg Mkrtchyan told reporters, on 30 August.

26/08/2014 15:25

Mika Stadium placed on auction

The Mika Stadium in Yerevan has been placed on auction by the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service (JACES) of the Armenian Ministry of Justice.

19/08/2014 14:15

Hovik Abrahamyan: I cannot wave a magic wand to bring everyone out of the shadow

One day everyone in Armenia will be equal before the law, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan told the youth at the opening of Baze-2014 Pan-Armenian Youth Gatherings, on 18 August.

19/08/2014 14:10

Roman Pope to serve liturgy timed to Armenian Genocide centennial

Roman Pope Francis will serve a liturgy at the Saint Peter Cathedral on 12 April 2015. The liturgy will be timed to the Armenian Genocide's centennial, Mario Aurelio Cardinal Poli (Buenos Aires said in the course of service at the local Armenian Catholic Church on 12 August, Prensa Armenia reports.

15/08/2014 17:50

Court does not change measure of restraint against Levon Hayrapetyan

Moscow Court refuses to change measure of restraint against Levon Hayrapetyan, Armenian businessman and philanthropist, RIA Novosti said. Hayrapetyan's lawyer Henry Reznik, in turn, said Hayrapetyan's disease may cause a new hearth attack in case of excessive emotions.

12/08/2014 12:18

Citizen of Belarus injured after unskillful landing in Sevan Dendrological Park

A citizen of Belarus, Danis Tukhtov (1991), has injured his leg and back after unskillful air balloon landing in Sevan Dendrological Park, Armenia, the Emergency Situations Ministry of Armenia reports.

12/08/2014 11:05

ECHR considers complaints by Teghout and Shnokh villagers vs. Armenia

The European Court for Human Rights has begun examining the complaint lodged by Shnogh and Teghout Villagers vs. Armenia, according to the official website of the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office. Under this source, on 18 March 2014 the European Court for Human Rights addressed questions to the Armenian Government based on the complaints lodged by Teghut and Shnogh villagers, Lori Region, - Rusayel, Zhenik, Shaghak and V. Mashinyans, L. Ramazyan, L. Alikhanyan, R. Meliqsetyan, A. Alikhanyan etc.

11/08/2014 12:48

Russian President promised to consider Levon Hayrapetyan's case

The Russian President has promised to consider Levon Hayrapetyan's case, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said in an interview to Armnews.

06/08/2014 14:25

Armenian DM: Haykaz Bakhmanyan's $150,000 car is a present by his friends

Haykaz Bakhmanyan's $150,000 car is a present by his friends, Armenia's Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan told journalists on Wednesday, when asked how much the deputy chief of the Armenian army's general staff earns if he can afford such an expensive car.

06/08/2014 12:31

Almost 11,000 Armenians urge Armenian President to ask Russian President to change preventive measure against Levon Hayrapetyan

As many as 11,000 people in Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and the Diaspora have signed a call on the Armenian President to ask his Russian counterpart during the planned meeting in Sochi to change the preventive measure against Armenian businessman Levon Hayrapetyan, who was detained on July 15 and is supposed to be kept in custody for two months despite poor health.

05/08/2014 20:09

Employees of idle Mika Cement Plant demand their wages

Mika Cement CJSC is going to completely pay out the wage arrears to its employees, Naira Martirosyan, Deputy Director of the Plant, has told ArmInfo's correspondent.

04/08/2014 19:40

Our good friend and colleague Samvel Avagyan passes away

I deeply regret to write that our kind-hearted and responsive friend, well-known analyst and economist Samvel Avagyan has passed away today. Thanks to his professionalism, competency and devotion, Samvel enjoyed real respect of everyone who was working with him and who knew him personally. Cancer is an insidious disease that puts an end to the lives of millions of people. Today it has put an end to Samvel's life. His life closed at the height of his powers and at the peak of his career. Everyone who knew Samvel is deeply sorry to hear about his death.

02/08/2014 11:18

Armenia's Defense Ministry responds to Stepan Demirtchyan Sport and Concert Complex's charges

Armenia's Defense Ministry has responded to the Stepan Demirtchyan Sport and Concert Complex's charges that it owes the complex some 60mln AMD for an event held in its territory.

01/08/2014 16:19

No to robbery! - Civil society holds a procession against rise in electric power tariffs

On 1 August, a procession was held in Yerevan against the rise in the electric power tariffs. The protest action was organized by the representatives of the civil society, who urged the residents of Yerevan to join the protest by switching off the light in their flats during the action. Heritage Party also joined the protest action.