Ankara tries to exert pressure on Berlin in run-up to Bundestag debates on Armenian Genocide resolution

Investigative Committee: NKR Defense Army serviceman Vahe Yeghoyan was killed by adversary

Views from Moscow: Only a monitoring system can stop the sluggish war in Karabakh

Mammadyarov says another meeting on Karabakh conflict settlement is scheduled for June 2016

Head of Gazprom Armenia CJSC: Final tariff of natural gas is formed in compliance with legislation of Armenia

Ex-minister: April aggression has brought Baku to a military and political deadlock

Putin: EEU is succeeding as a modern international organization committed to addressing specific economic development issues our countries are facing

Ombudsman of Artsakh urges international human rights organizations to give adequare response to incident with Luka Vardanyan

On June 2 Armenian Government to sum up first results of anti-corruption fight

Foreign Ministry: Nalbandian and Mammadyarov to hold no meeting

View from Tbilisi: Ilham Aliyev is guarantor of non-resumption of wide-scale war in Karabakh

Expert: Islamic factor in Karabakh did not work in April 2016 just as 22 years ago

"UTair" Airline Company appointed regular carrier between Russia and Armenia

Forecast: April war will leave even less space for compromises in Karabakh issue

View from Moscow: If there is any plan on Karabakh in Russia, it is not "Lavrov's plan"

Gas tariff for Armenian consumers to decline by 9.3 AMD per 1 cu m. from July 1

Investigative Committee: General and two colonels of Armenian Defense Ministry arrested

On June 1 Ameriabank organizes Amerianews-Kids event for children aged between 4 and 8

Rostelecom Armenia reduces prices for calls to Russian mobile networks from June 1

Deputy Foreign Minister: Civil society plays important role in stimulating Armenia-EU relations

VivaCell-MTS reminds: no commission applies when recharging prepaid account via "Top-up" service

EU closely follows investigation on its grant swindle

Artsvik Minasyan: Largest airline companies are expected to enter Armenian market

Deputy Minister: Launch of Armenian NPP Unit 2 life extension program was delayed because of Russian Finance Ministry

VivaCell-MTS general partner of "New Names" 6th International Festival of Young Musician- Performers

UCom Company and World Vision provide assistance to family living in Tavush region

Baku: Karabakh conflict will be discussed in a more dynamic form

Views from Yerevan: Eurasian Economic Union has little in common with economy or a union

Stepanakert responds to Baku's misinformation

Views from Tbilisi: Nothing endangers stably warm Armenian-Georgian relations

PSRC representative: Electricity tariff in Armenia to be reduced by 2-2.5 AMD

Rumors about possible creation of a dirty bomb in Armenia are greatly exaggerated: Director General of ANPP

Yerevan hosts an international conference "Caucasus-2015"

Regulator to officially announce its decision on gas tariffs on May 31

South Caucasus Railway Board of Directors holds a meeting: Company has carried out its concessionary obligations by 102%

There will be no Sargsyan-Putin bilateral meeting in Astana

Serviceman Suren Mosiyan dies in Karabakh

OSCE CiO has asked Andrzej Kasprzyk to prepare a concept for expansion of CiO Personal Representative's Office

Kyaram Sloyan's family applies to ECHR to declare Azerbaijan's actions as military crime

Stepanakert's return to negotiating table has become topical after April war, ex-ambassador of US to Armenia says

Die Welt on Armenian Genocide resolution: Bundestag will finally call a spade a spade next week

Armenian Embassy to Russia responded to statement of Azerbaijan's Embassy to Russia

Bako Sahakyan sent congratulatory message on Day of the First Armenian Republic

Russian Embassy to Armenia responds to "" director's statement

Serzh Sargsyan: Military hostilities that unfolded in early April revealed more vividly some realities within and around us

Russian ambassador about pressure on Armenia: It is impossible to achieve the necessary result by exerting pressure on either of the parties

Eduard Sharmazanov: Baku's statements that Armenia produces nuclear weapons are insanity

Heritage: New Electoral Code fails to enhance public confidence in electoral processes

Eduard Sharmazanov: Samvel Babayan has the right to conduct any activities within the limits of the law

Seyran Ohanyan on Samvel Babayan's return: His heroic deeds are not forgotten


31/05 01:32 On June 1 Ameriabank organizes Amerianews-Kids event for children aged between 4 and 8

Ameriabank organizes Amerianews-Kids event for children aged between 4 and 8 on June 1- International Day for Protection of Children. Famous Armenian actor Mkrtich Arzumanyan (more known as Mko) will master the event, the press-service of the bank informs.

27/05/2016 14:59

Deputy Minister: Modern cancer center to open in Armenia by late 2016

A modern center for diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases will open in Yerevan by late 2016, Deputy Health Minister of Armenia Vahan Poghosyan said in Parliament.

25/05/2016 14:55

Transport ministry: Gagik Beglaryan has no bodyguards and he is not implicated in beating of people

"According to the media reports and the statement of the Armenian Investigative Committee, on 16 May 2016, at 4:30 pm, an incident occurred in the territory of the Ministry of Transport and Communication, which allegedly involved the minister's bodyguards. In this light, we should say that Minister Gagik Beglaryan has no bodyguards and he has nothing to do with the incident," the Ministry says.

24/05/2016 16:10

Mass Media: Bodyguards of Transport Minister detained under case over beating of businessman's son Sergey Abovyan

According to the media reports, 5 bodyguards of Armenian Minister of Transport and Communication Gagik Beglaryan have been detained under a case over beating of a businessman's son Sergey Abovyan. Four of them are already under arrest.

23/05/2016 19:51

Trial over case of the cardboard tank that "crashed" into NSS building is still going on

Artak Gevorgyan, member of "Counterblow" art group, who is charged of attempting "to crash" into the iron gates of the building of the National Security Service of Armenia, does not agree with the hooliganism charges he faces.

23/05/2016 19:38

Штормовой ветер срывал крыши домов и не на шутку напугал жителей Еревана

Сегодня днем в столице и ряде регионов Армении резко испортилась погода - грозовой дождь сопровождался штормовым ветром, порывы которого достигали 20 метров в секунду.

23/05/2016 19:37

Armenian President attends ceremony of unveiling of Memorial to Marshal Hamazasp Babajanian

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan attended today the ceremony of unveiling of the statue of the Hero of the USSR, Chief Marshal of the USSR armored troops Hamazasp Babajanian.

21/05/2016 18:17

Criminal case over embezzlement at ENA CJSC sent to court with a crime sheet

The General Department of Investigation of Major Cases of the Armenian Investigative Committee has completed the pre-trial investigation of the case over embezzlement at the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) CJSC.

21/05/2016 16:46

Average life expectancy for Armenia is 74.8 years, according to World Health Statistics: Monitoring Health for the SDGs

The average life expectancy in Armenia is 74.8 years, according to the World Health Organization. The World Health Statistics 2016: Monitoring health for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) says that that dramatic gains in life expectancy have been made globally since 2000, but major inequalities persist within and among countries.

20/05/2016 18:57

Inhabitants of Garni and Goght demand from Hovik Abrahamyan and Ishkhan Zakaryan to cancel construction of irrigation systems designed for their own needs

The inhabitants of Garni village have shut off the main road to Garni-Yerevan route demanding to cancel construction of gravity water supply system of Qaghtsrashen, which is illegal in their viewpoint. The new system will deliver water from Azat River through pipes to two communities of Garni, the lands of which according to villagers belong to Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan.

19/05/2016 15:49

Man who threw training grenade towards house of second president of Armenia suffers from schizophrenia

Hovhanness Muradyan, the man who threw a training grenade towards the house of second president of Armenia suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and could not realize the consequences of his actions.

19/05/2016 13:44

Foreign Ministry of Armenia: By preliminary data, there were no Armenians on board of EgyptAir plane that crushed into Mediterranean Sea

By preliminary data, there were no Armenians on board of EgyptAir plane that crushed into Mediterranean Sea traveling from Paris to Cairo, Tigran Balaryan, Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of Armenia, posted on Facebook.

18/05/2016 19:16

Colonel of Armenia's Armed Forces charged with abusing power

In the framework of the criminal case investigated in the Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of General Military Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee charge was pressed against the Head of motor service unit of Armaments Department of the RA Armed Forces, Colonel Davit Abrahamyan according to the Part 3 of the Article 375 of RA Criminal Code for abusing power which caused materially grave consequences, the press-service of the Investigative Committee reports.

18/05/2016 13:26

Armenian lawmaker's cousin arrested for attempt to illegally sell uranium in Georgia

Mihran Poghosyan, participant of Karabakh war, the cousin of Armenian lawmaker Arakel Movsisyan (a.k.a. Shmays) has been arrested for the attempt to illegally sell uranium in Georgia, Armenian media outlets report.

16/05/2016 13:58

Armenian parliamentarian says his arrested son not a "malicious hooligan"

Armenian parliamentarian -businessperson, a member of the Prosperous Armenia Party, Gurgen Arsenyan says he will take all possible legal measures to prove the investigation that his son who was arrested for "malicious" hooliganism just was among the participants in the youth interpersonal squabble.

12/05/2016 15:01

Homophobia units Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia

According to the rating of the European branch of the International Lesbian and Gay Association ILGA, Azerbaijan is the most intolerant country in Europe with regard to sexual minorities. Azerbaijan ranked 49th among 49 countries, after Russia (48th) and Armenia (47th.)

11/05/2016 15:35

Armenian Assembly of America Urges Congress to Direct $15 Million in Aid to Armenia for Syrian Refugees

Citing corrupt practices, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Inspector General (OIG) has suspended 14 entities and individuals involved with humanitarian aid programs operating from Turkey, reported the Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly).

11/05/2016 11:45

Iveta Mukuchyan reaches finals of Eurovision 2016

Iveta Mukuchyan, Armenia's participant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, has reached the finals, which will be held in Stockholm.

10/05/2016 18:28

Iran accuses Russian company of crash of Tu-154 conducting Yerevan-Tehran flight

Iran named the responsible for crash of Tu-154 passenger plane conducting Tehran-Yerevan flight in 2009, which caused death of 168 people.

10/05/2016 14:01

Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC buys a flat for deceased serviceman's family

The labor union organization of the Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC has bought a flat for Hrach Galstyan's family in Gyumri.

10/05/2016 13:42

The "Immortal regiment" marches along Yerevan streets on May 9

The "Immortal regiment" movement march along the streets in Yerevan for the first time on May 9. The march was part of the events dedicated to the 71st Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

07/05/2016 05:26

EU representative: Problem with implementation of budgetary programs for disadvantaged groups in Armenia is caused by non-efficiency of used mechanisms

The problem with the implementation of budget programs for socially vulnerable groups of population in Armenia is caused not by lack of funds but by non-efficiency of the mechanisms, Head of the department of EU Cooperation Hoa-Bin Ajemyan stated today during the event attached to the results of evaluation of budgetary programs of EDRC with financial assistance from Oxfam and EU.

06/05/2016 17:34

Unpunished "odometric" fraud as source of wealth of Armenian security forces

The officials of various Armenian structures, including the security ones, considerably increase their personal income due to the growing number of official cars.

05/05/2016 19:46

Yazidis of Armenia ask President and Prosecutor General of Armenia to release Jndi Amaryan

The representatives of the Yazidi community of Armenia have handed a letter to the Armenian President's Administration and the Prosecutor General's Office, requesting them to release Yazidi businessman, philanthropist Jndi Amaryan.

03/05/2016 15:47

On May 9, Veterans of the Great Patriotic War can travel by South Caucasus Railway electric train free of charge

On May 9, the Victory Day, veterans of the Great Patriotic War can travel by the South Caucasus Railway (SCR) electric train free of charge, according to the SCR CJSC.

03/05/2016 12:57

Three police officers face administrative fines for obstruction of journalists' activities

Administrative fines have been imposed on three police officers for obstruction of journalists' activities in the course of the protests by "We are the Owners of Our Country" public initiative on April 22, Ashot Aharonyan, Head of the Armenian Police Department for Public and Mass Media says in a Facebook post.

27/04/2016 19:25

Investigative Committee: Identity of the second killed passenger is established

The identity of the second passenger killed in a bus explosion in Halabyan Street is established. As the adviser to the Head of Investigative Committee Sona Truzyan informed the identify was established due to DNA expertise and the killed passenger is 55-year old Ruben Balyan whose SIM-card was found at the place of the accident.

26/04/2016 14:55

TNT explosive particles found on fragments of bus that exploded in Yerevan last night: Investigative Committee says

The Investigative Committee of Armenia reports more circumstance of last night's bus explosion in Yerevan. Investigators of the Special Cases Department of the Investigative Committee, the National Security Service and Police working at the scene of the explosion, among other important items connected with the incident found a SIM-card. The holder of the card has been identified. He is a citizen of Armenia with two previous convictions. In the course of the search in his apartment, TNT explosive, detonator and various electronic devices were found, the Investigative Committee reports.

26/04/2016 13:50

Opposition parliamentarian concerned over reliability of official reports on bus explosion in Yerevan

Although 12 hours have passed since the night explosion of the bus in Yerevan, the law-enforcement has not made any official statement on the reasons of the explosion, says Nikol Pashinyan, Armenian oppositionist parliamentarian, a member of the Armenian National Congress faction.

26/04/2016 11:51

Two killed and seven wounded in bus explosion in Armenia

Two were killed and seven were wounded in a late night explosion on April 25 in Halabyan Street not far from the center of Yerevan. According to the Investigative Committee of Armenia, it was a Bogdan bus serving the No.63 public transport route.

26/04/2016 11:43

Prosecutor General's Office initiative criminal case over bus explosion in Yerevan

Prosecutor General's Office of Armenia reports that a criminal case has been initiated on the fact of the bus explosion of April 25. According to the source, the criminal case was opened on the basis of Article 279.3 of the Criminal Code of Armenia (negligently caused human death). The Special Cases Department of the Investigative Committee is in charge of the case.