Davutoglu says Ankara will do everything to end "occupation of Azerbaijani territories and Nagorno Karabakh"

President Bako Sahakyan addresses people on occasion of the Day of the Artsakh Republic

Armenian Center of Culture and Education in Israel to organize action demanding recognition and condemnation of Armenian Genocide

Armenia verifying reliability of the reports on an Armenian civilian's crossing the border with Azerbaijan

President of Armenia: Artsakh's independence - irreversible reality now

Nalbanian cannot say when Erdgoan will accept Serzh Sargsyan's invitation

Rostelecom announces new reduced tariffs starting 1 Sept 2014

VTB Bank (Armenia) funds repair and equipment of math classroom at secondary school No.21

Tickets of "Armenia" train running Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan become cheaper

All outgoing calls to Beeline fixed-line network to cost 5 AMD per minute starting from 1 Sept 2014

Hakob Injighulyan is currently in Romania

Prime Minister of Georgia: Kazbegi Checkpoint on Georgian-Russian border will operate in limited emergency regime

Ilham Aliyev speaks of foreign forces' attempts to destabilize the political atmosphere in Azerbaijan

Armenian citizens' visa-free stay in Georgia to last 90 days within half a year

March of Peace, Unity and Solidarity in Yerevan

U.S. Embassy in Baku offers excuses: California Senate's decision does not represent national foreign policy

Eduard Sharmazanov: Robert Kocharyan said nothing new

A Radisson Hotel may open in Armenia

Armenia institutes a criminal case suggesting international terrorism over Azerbaijan's fire attacks on Armenian borderline villages

VTB Bank (Armenia) presents gifts to children of Full Life NGO's Inclusive Summer Camp

Azerbaijan transfers Hakob Injighulyan to a third country

Armenian analyst considers Edward Nalbandian's participation in Turkish president's swearing-in ceremony to be a diplomatic mistake

Union of Banks of Armenia hosts discussions on development problems of Armenia's financial and banking sector

Volunteers from the Diaspora visit VivaCell-MTS headquarters

Robert Kocharyan is not optimistic about prospects of final settlement of Karabakh conflict

Edward Nalbandian invites Erdogan to visit Armenia on 24 April 2015

Robert Kocharyan: The regime able to forget personal interests is doomed to success

Beeline cuts down tariffs for fixed-line telephony services

Expert: California Senate-adopted Resolution - AJR 32 is a response to Baku's blackmailing policy

Robert Kocharyan: It would be wrong thinking that Armenia's economy may gain from sanctions against Russia

Armenian Deputy Minister of Finance: The stadium will not pay off all debts of Armavia

Armenian Cause and Cyprus among key items on Ahmet Davutoglu's agenda

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank issues student loans within 15 minutes

SCR CJSC to attend sitting of Traffic Safety Committee of Council for Rail Transport in Minsk on Sept 2-3

Edward Nalbandian makes a statement on the Resolution of California Senate recognizing the Independence of Artsakh

Expert: Yerevan's refusal to participate in Turkish president's swearing-in ceremony could put international pressure on Armenia

David Babayan: Azerbaijan's stand on Yazidis of Iraq describes it as a Nazi country

David Babayan: Recognition of NKR's independence by California is equivalent to recognition by a big and influential state

31/08 10:14 March of Peace, Unity and Solidarity in Yerevan

A March of Peace, Unity and Solidarity will be held in Yerevan on 2 September at the initiative of Yeritasardutyun NGO (Youth NGO), Head of the Organization Gevorg Mkrtchyan told reporters, on 30 August.

26/08/2014 15:25

Mika Stadium placed on auction

The Mika Stadium in Yerevan has been placed on auction by the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service (JACES) of the Armenian Ministry of Justice.

19/08/2014 14:15

Hovik Abrahamyan: I cannot wave a magic wand to bring everyone out of the shadow

One day everyone in Armenia will be equal before the law, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan told the youth at the opening of Baze-2014 Pan-Armenian Youth Gatherings, on 18 August.

19/08/2014 14:10

Roman Pope to serve liturgy timed to Armenian Genocide centennial

Roman Pope Francis will serve a liturgy at the Saint Peter Cathedral on 12 April 2015. The liturgy will be timed to the Armenian Genocide's centennial, Mario Aurelio Cardinal Poli (Buenos Aires said in the course of service at the local Armenian Catholic Church on 12 August, Prensa Armenia reports.

15/08/2014 17:50

Court does not change measure of restraint against Levon Hayrapetyan

Moscow Court refuses to change measure of restraint against Levon Hayrapetyan, Armenian businessman and philanthropist, RIA Novosti said. Hayrapetyan's lawyer Henry Reznik, in turn, said Hayrapetyan's disease may cause a new hearth attack in case of excessive emotions.

12/08/2014 12:18

Citizen of Belarus injured after unskillful landing in Sevan Dendrological Park

A citizen of Belarus, Danis Tukhtov (1991), has injured his leg and back after unskillful air balloon landing in Sevan Dendrological Park, Armenia, the Emergency Situations Ministry of Armenia reports.

12/08/2014 11:05

ECHR considers complaints by Teghout and Shnokh villagers vs. Armenia

The European Court for Human Rights has begun examining the complaint lodged by Shnogh and Teghout Villagers vs. Armenia, according to the official website of the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office. Under this source, on 18 March 2014 the European Court for Human Rights addressed questions to the Armenian Government based on the complaints lodged by Teghut and Shnogh villagers, Lori Region, - Rusayel, Zhenik, Shaghak and V. Mashinyans, L. Ramazyan, L. Alikhanyan, R. Meliqsetyan, A. Alikhanyan etc.

11/08/2014 12:48

Russian President promised to consider Levon Hayrapetyan's case

The Russian President has promised to consider Levon Hayrapetyan's case, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said in an interview to Armnews.

06/08/2014 14:25

Armenian DM: Haykaz Bakhmanyan's $150,000 car is a present by his friends

Haykaz Bakhmanyan's $150,000 car is a present by his friends, Armenia's Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan told journalists on Wednesday, when asked how much the deputy chief of the Armenian army's general staff earns if he can afford such an expensive car.

06/08/2014 12:31

Almost 11,000 Armenians urge Armenian President to ask Russian President to change preventive measure against Levon Hayrapetyan

As many as 11,000 people in Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and the Diaspora have signed a call on the Armenian President to ask his Russian counterpart during the planned meeting in Sochi to change the preventive measure against Armenian businessman Levon Hayrapetyan, who was detained on July 15 and is supposed to be kept in custody for two months despite poor health.

05/08/2014 20:09

Employees of idle Mika Cement Plant demand their wages

Mika Cement CJSC is going to completely pay out the wage arrears to its employees, Naira Martirosyan, Deputy Director of the Plant, has told ArmInfo's correspondent.

04/08/2014 19:40

Our good friend and colleague Samvel Avagyan passes away

I deeply regret to write that our kind-hearted and responsive friend, well-known analyst and economist Samvel Avagyan has passed away today. Thanks to his professionalism, competency and devotion, Samvel enjoyed real respect of everyone who was working with him and who knew him personally. Cancer is an insidious disease that puts an end to the lives of millions of people. Today it has put an end to Samvel's life. His life closed at the height of his powers and at the peak of his career. Everyone who knew Samvel is deeply sorry to hear about his death.

02/08/2014 11:18

Armenia's Defense Ministry responds to Stepan Demirtchyan Sport and Concert Complex's charges

Armenia's Defense Ministry has responded to the Stepan Demirtchyan Sport and Concert Complex's charges that it owes the complex some 60mln AMD for an event held in its territory.

01/08/2014 16:19

No to robbery! - Civil society holds a procession against rise in electric power tariffs

On 1 August, a procession was held in Yerevan against the rise in the electric power tariffs. The protest action was organized by the representatives of the civil society, who urged the residents of Yerevan to join the protest by switching off the light in their flats during the action. Heritage Party also joined the protest action.

01/08/2014 12:30

Electric power tariffs rise for population of Armenia on 1 August

On 1 June the Public Services Regulatory Commission took a decision to increase the electricity tariff for the Armenian population by 10% starting from 1 August 2014. In accordance with the consumer watchdog's decision, the daytime tariff for the population grew to 41.85 AMD per 1 KW/h versus the current 38 AMD (up 10.1%) and the night- time tariff - to 31.85 AMD versus the current 28 AMD (up 13.7%).

01/08/2014 12:25

Audit Chamber of Armenia calls silly statement claiming that ex-head of Pension Fund 'paid' $250,000 to Audit Chamber's leadership

The press-service of the Audit Chamber of Armenia has disclaimed the statement by Hovhannes Grigoryan, a representative of the Pension Fund, one of the accused in the case over ex-head of the Pension Fund Vazgen Khachikyan, claiming that Khachikyan had once paid $250,000 to Ishkhan Zakaryan, Head of the Audit Chamber, and was going to pay more later.

01/08/2014 12:23

Orange Foundation helps opening a new computer center in Pemzashen village, Shirak marz

In the scope of the strategic program of supporting the sustainable development of remote and vulnerable communities of Armenia, Orange Foundation has established a new computer center in Pemzashen village, Shirak region, Orange Company said.

31/07/2014 15:37

Up to 45% of Armenian citizens are potential emigrants

43.3% of Armenian citizens are potential emigrants, the head of the "Sociometer" sociological centre, Aharon Adibekyanm said at today's press-conference, The public opinion poll held among 4400 adults in 100 settlements of Armenia are evidence of it.

31/07/2014 15:10

Worker killed by a rock fall at perlite deposit in Aragatsavan

A worker has been killed as a result a rock fall at a perlite deposit in Aragatsavan, Aragatsotn region, Armenia. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia reports that the accident took place on Wednesday at 04:47 PM.

31/07/2014 14:04

Electric Networks of Armenia is going to dispute Public Services Regulatory Commission's decision to impose a 15mln AMD fine on it

The Public Services Regulatory Commission of Armenia ruled on Wednesday that the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) should pay a fine of 15mln AMD for having broken some of the Commission's rules, particularly, for having failed to meet its contractual obligations to Mikmetal, a company building a multifunction complex in the center of Yerevan.

30/07/2014 14:34

Armenia joins World Day against Trafficking in Persons

Armenia has joined the World Day against Trafficking in Persons marked on 30 July. It was Belarus' initiative to designate 30 July as a World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

30/07/2014 14:26

US Department of State: Media outlets of Armenia published inaccurate articles portraying religious minorities as criminals and spies

"The constitution protects religious freedom; however, some laws and policies restrict religious freedom", says the US State Department's "International Religious Freedom Report for 2013. Armenia".

30/07/2014 14:24

Levon Hayrapetyan loses consciousness on Wednesday morning

Businessman Levon Hayrapetyan, who is currently at a Moscow pretrial detention center, lost consciousness on Wednesday morning. Ammonia spirit was used to recover him from the fainting fit, Artsakh Today reports.

29/07/2014 13:48

Levon Hayraptyan's health much worse

The health condition of Armenian businessman Levon Hayrapetyan became much worse on Tuesday morning, Hayrapetyan's brother Vladimir says that the arrested businessman had a very high blood pressure in the morning. Doctors rushed to bring it down and now Hayrapetyan's condition is stable.

25/07/2014 13:12

French citizen lost in Gegarkunik region of Armenia

On 25 July a French citizen was lost in Gegarkunik region of Armenia. As press-service of Emergency Situations Ministry reported, a French citizen J. P., who was lost in Armenia's Sevan on July 24, appeared to the Police Department of Sevan City on July 25 at 10:25.

25/07/2014 12:09

Charges brought against Levon Hayrapetyan

The Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation has brought charges against Levon Hayrapetyan for misappropriation (Article 160) and money laundering (Article 174).

22/07/2014 23:05

"Vallex" Group celebrates Miner's Day

"Vallex" Group companies together with Administration of Lori region and Mayor's office of Alaverdi celebrated the Miner's Day on 20 July. The event was also dedicated to the 244th anniversary of the Alaverdi copper plant.

18/07/2014 12:33

Armenia's Foreign Ministry: No Armenian citizens on board of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane Boeing 777 that crashed in Ukraine

According to the information delivered by Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands to the Foreign Ministry of Armenia, there is no Armenian citizen on board of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane Boeing 777 that crashed in Ukraine, press-service of Armenia's FM reported.

18/07/2014 12:31

After arrest Levon Hayrapetyan's health condition has got worse

After the recent arrest the health condition of well-known Armenian businessman and philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan has got worse, says "Levon Hayrapetyan" page in Facebook.

18/07/2014 12:21

Armenia's Foreign Ministry gets more specific information about availability of Armenian citizens on board of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane that crashed

Armenia's Foreign Ministry has been getting more specific information about availability of Armenian citizens on board of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane Boeing 777 that crashed in Ukraine, press-secretary of the Ministry, Tigran Balayan, told Arminfo correspondent.

16/07/2014 15:38

Russian special services detain well-known Armenian businessman Levon Hayrapetyan

The Russian special services have detained one of the richest Armenian businessmen in the world Levon Hayrapetyan on suspicion of being privy to the notorious "Kingisep" criminal group.