Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine intends to increase output by 10% in 2016

Australian Senator delivers a speech in Senate, supporting independence of Nagorno-Karabakh

Republican: Control Chamber of Armenia will be changed into Audit Chamber

Adam Schiff urges James Warlick to abandon false parity in Karabakh problem

Adversary fired at Armenian positions from rocket-artillery systems overnight

Arman Tatoyan: I will be able to withstand pressure on the post of Ombudsperson

Ralph Yirikian's personal support to people living in borderland village of Khachik

New Armenia Front urges world community to impose sanctions on Armenia's government

INECOBANK explains: One of key prerequisites of merger with ProCredit Bank was similarity of corporate governance culture and availability of professional teams

Vache Gabrielyan's brother-in-law arrested for bribery attempt

Yerevan: Ankara's statements that Vatican renounces Pope's April address have nothing to do with the reality

Andrzej Kasprzyk's powers prolonged for one more year

Indonesia facilitates visa regime for citizens of Armenia

Anelik Bank increases number of its branches to 15 by opening a new "Erebuni" branch in Yerevan

Rostelecom provides Nubarashen boarding school No.2 with IP television

Slovak lawmaker says he will keep supporting Armenians in Armenia's dispute with Turkey and Azerbaijan

Armenian Deputy Minister of Justice Arman Tatoyan is RPA's candidate for Ombudsman

Oppositionist: High petroleum prices in Armenia are result of criminal monopoly

Car of villager in Armenia fired by Azerbaijani Armed Forces

Minister names address of rebuilt Afrikyans' building

Nikol Pashinyan calls for government to investigate rumors about Samvel Aleksanyan's smuggling activities

C-bond publishes rating of Armenian underwriters

President's brother: Serzh Sargsyan intends to remain one of the country's major decision-makers

New political force being set up in Armenia

Vice-Speaker of Armenian Parliament: Baku's efforts to introduce element of inter-religious conflict to Karabakh problem are unallowable

Edward Nalbandian: Armenian diplomats did everything possible to prevent adoption of PACE reports by Walter and Markovic

Edward Nalbandian: Meeting with OSCE MG Co-Chairs will take place in the next few days

Armenian Foreign Ministry: Azerbaijani authorities take it a step further and accuse MG Co-Chairs in Islamophobia

ANC again applied to authorities demanding to accept its proposals on improvement of Armenia's electoral system

Nalbandian: Armenia is ready to move forward with EU

Edward Nalbandian: It would be strange to look for logic in Turkish diplomacy and rhetoric

Levon Zurabyan: Azerbaijan managed to implement its immediate goal

Human rights activist: ECHR will take no decision to return Ramil Safarov to Hungarian jail

Expert: Ombudspersons defeated Armenia's authorities with a score 3:0

Yerevan: Armenia seeks to enhance relations with Iran

Candidate for Ombudsman to be nominated by Standing Parliamentary Committee on State and Legal Affairs

Gevorgyans couple receives probation after crossing into Azerbaijan and being repatriated to Armenia


05/02 12:08 Vache Gabrielyan's brother-in-law arrested for bribery attempt

Nvard Arakelyan, Spokesperson for the State Service for Food Safety, told ArmInfo that two employees of the State Service were arrested for an attempt of taking a bribe in exchange for a permission to sell expired food products.

03/02/2016 17:36

Minister names address of rebuilt Afrikyans' building

Minister of Urban Development of Armenia Narek Sargsyan promised that "tangible results" in implementation of "Old Yerevan" project will be achieved this year.

27/01/2016 11:54

Transparency International: Armenia ranked 95th in Corruption Perceptions Index 2015

Armenia is ranked the 95th out of 168 countries included in the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index 2015 published on January 27.

25/01/2016 17:53

Visits related to ARVI to outpatient clinics decreased 3-fold

Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia notes that there is a 3-fold decrease of visits caused by ARVI to the outpatient clinics. According to the Ministry's statement, the number of ambulance call-outs because of acute respiratory viral infections has also declined.

22/01/2016 16:20

Valery Permyakov pleads guilty in "everything"

Russian private Valery Permyakov charged with murder of a family of seven persons in Gyumri, Armenia, has pled guilty as charged.

22/01/2016 08:02

Winter holidays in schools prolonged for another week

Winter holidays in Armenia's schools prolonged for another week. Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan wrote in his Facebook page that the lessons will start on Fabruary 1. The decision does not relate to HEIs.

20/01/2016 16:44

H1N1 kills 18 in Armenia

H1N1 is raging in Armenia. As of January 20, the flu has killed already 18 people, Armen Muradyan, Minister of Health of Armenia, told reporters, Wednesday.

20/01/2016 16:42

Spring holidays canceled at schools in Armenia

Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Armen Ashotyan told a news conference on January 20 that the spring holidays in the country have been cancelled as the winter holidays were prolonged by 2 weeks due to ARVI and flu.

19/01/2016 12:43

Georgian section of Bavra customs point closed

Georgia has closed its section of the Bavra customs point on the border with Armenia due to the heavy snow and snowstorm. The Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations has received the relevant alarm from the Armenian Ministry of Finance.

18/01/2016 21:05

"Erebuni-Yerevan 2750" fountain complex will be enlarged by 50 fountains

Erebuni-Yerevan 2750 fountain complex will be enlarged by 50 fountains, Mayor Taron Margaryan announced about this during a working meeting, the press service of Yerevan municipality informs.

18/01/2016 21:04

Expert: Assyrians are on verge of extinction as a nation

Assyrians, as a nation are on the verge of extinction and although the attention of the international community has been attached to this problem since the end of 2015 no concrete steps for stopping this process have been taken yet, Senior Researcher at Institute of History of National Academy of Sciences Anahit Khosroyeva announced at a press conference related to the issue of Assyrians in the Middle East in the context of the recent events.

18/01/2016 15:10

Second trial in Avetisyans' Family murder case begins

Second trial in the case of Avetisyans' Family murder by Russian serviceman Valery Permyakov started in the territory of the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri today, on January 18.

18/01/2016 15:10

Levon Hayrapetyan does not pled guilty in misappropriation of big amount of businessman Izmestyev's mother

Businessman Levon Hayrapetyan, defendant in the Bashneft case, does not pled guilty in misappropriation of 700 thsd USD received from ex-senator of Bashkiria Igor Izmestyev's mother, according to RIA Novosti. "I have not committed such crime. I am not guilty," the defendant said after the prosecutor read out the indictment.

18/01/2016 15:08

Flash OJSC has not yet estimated losses caused by fire at company's petroleum base

Flash OJSC has not yet estimated the losses caused by the fire that broke out at the company's petroleum base (at 4/2, Arin Berd Street) on January 17.

14/01/2016 16:51

Health Ministry says stationary treatment of influenza is free

By data for January 14, 948 people applied to hospitals with acute respiratory viral infections, of which 796 are below 18. As many as 422 were hospitalized with pneumonia, of which 199 are below 18. 114 pregnant women were hospitalized with ARVI and pneumonia. 92 people are at the intensive care unit. "Swine flu" took the lives of 11.

14/01/2016 13:41

Health centers of Yerevan to work at weekend in a special regime due to influenza

By the instruction of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan, on January 16 and 17 (at the weekend) all the health centers under the jurisdiction of the Yerevan Municipality will work in a special regime - from 10 am till 5 pm. The same is true for district doctors and pediatricians.

14/01/2016 12:54

Winter holidays in Armenia prolonged for another week due to ARVI and flu

Winter holidays in Armenia have been prolonged for another week due to ARVI and flu. During the Government's session, Armenian Minister of Health Armen Muradyan suggested prolonging the holidays at schools and pre-school establishments for one more week due to the epidemiological situation in the country. 80% of the ARVI patients are children. The Government has satisfied the proposal.

14/01/2016 11:19

Yerevan municipality clarifies: Circular overpass of Zvartnots airport old building will be demolished

Municipality of Yerevan made a clarification related to the permission of partial demolition of old (circular) building of Zvartnots airport.

13/01/2016 16:56

Yerevan municipality gives go-ahead for partial demolition of Zvartnots airport old building

Yerevan municipality has given to Armenia International Airports CJSC permission for partial demolition of the old building of Zvartnots airport. The architects were unhappily surprised with this news, as it turns out the decision was made in December, while the Union of Armenian Architects learnt about it only yesterday.

13/01/2016 10:34

Two more people die from influenza in Armenia

As of 8:00pm on January 12, ARVI patients at hospitals totaled 799 people, including 684 children and 78 pregnant women. As many as 14 people are connected to breathing machine, with eight cases of "swine flu" confirmed.

12/01/2016 17:08

Number of Armenian citizens in Russia declines

As of late December 2015, there were nearly 488.5 thsd citizens of Armenia in Russia, according to the official statistics of the Federal Migration Service of Russia.

12/01/2016 17:07

Ural Airlines to launch flights from Kaluga to Yerevan

Ural Airlines is appointed as air carrier for Kaluga-Yerevan route, Rosaviation published the note of the Russian Foreign Ministry on this on January 12.

12/01/2016 17:06

Senior coach of "Ulisses Yerevan" football club arrested as NSS reveals criminal scheme

As a result of reveal of a criminal scheme by National Security Service of Armenia senior coach of Ulisses Yerevan football club Gagik Simonyan and administrator Ara Azaryan have been arrested.

12/01/2016 14:08

During New Year holidays ambulance service received over 9,000 calls

From December 31 to January 10, the ambulance service of Yerevan received 9,611 calls (830 more than during the same period of 2015), Taguhi Stepanyan, Head of "Ambulance" CJSC, said at a press conference on January 12.

12/01/2016 12:18

Health Ministry: Three cases of H1N1 registered in Artsakh

Three cases of H1N1 ("swine flu") variety of A type influenza have been registered in Artsakh (Nagorny Karabakh Republic), according to Karine Badalyan, chief specialist at the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection of the Health Ministry of NKR.

12/01/2016 11:29

Magnitude 3-4 earthquake hits Armenia and Nagorny Karabakh

Seismic Protection Service of Armenia registered a magnitude 4.8 earthquake in the territory of Azerbaijan at 6:39am today, on January 12. The earthquake measured 5-6 points in the epicenter. The hypocenter was at a depth of 10km.

12/01/2016 09:54

Road Police in Armenia to start fining drivers for tinted glass

Starting January 18, the Road Police in Armenia will be fining drivers for tinted windscreen, the Police press-office reports.

12/01/2016 09:48

Yerevan's Mayor promised to punish Lebanon investors for laziness and failing to remove snow drifts

Yerevan Mayor promised to punish Sanitek Company, an operator for garbage collection and removal of snow in Armenia's capital for not fulfilling its contract obligations. Yerevan's Mayor Taron Margaryan announced about this today at the first working meeting of this year.

12/01/2016 09:44

6 people died from swine flu in Armenia

As of today 855 people are under treatment in the medical centers of Armenia, from which 170 were diagnosed with swine flu. 77 patients having acute respiratory virus infections are in the reanimation and 11 of them are attached to artificial respirators. 4 from these 11 people were diagnosed with swine flu. From 855 hospitalized people 672 are children and 101 are pregnant women. 6 people died from swine flue in Armenia in total.

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11/01/2016 12:05

Health Ministry says there is no influenza epidemic in Armenia

Health Ministry of Armenia has disseminated a statement wherein it says that there is no influenza epidemic in Armenia. To recall, by data for January 9, 662 people were hospitalized with acute respiratory virus infections (ARVI), including 219 with pneumonia. "At the moment, the situation has not changed significantly. The minister is closely following and controlling the treatment of patients," the Ministry reports.

11/01/2016 12:04

Hundreds of cars driving from Georgia to Armenia stuck on Georgian Military Highway

Hundreds of cars have been stuck on the Georgian Military Highway linking the South Caucasus countries with Russia, as the Georgian authorities suspend traffic due to freezing and high danger of avalanches. Drivers complain of unbearable conditions and greed of some local residents who sell essential goods for extra high prices.