Matthew Bryza: Armenia's recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic to suspend Minsk process

Government to recompense for damage caused to residents of near border villages by bombardments

Tension on border with Azerbaijan becomes obstacle for WWF-Armenia activity

Nikol Pashinyan still expects Government to respond to Serzh Sargsyan's accusations against Gagik Tsarukyan

Serzh Sargsyan congratulates Vladimir Putin on his birthday

Forecast: Constitutional Reform - an opportunity for external forces to seize political space in Armenia

Expert: Energy sector of Armenia may face a collapse and another energy rate increase will not be the last

Yerevan to host Duduk Festival

Warlick: Obama Administration Supports Royce-Engel Proposals For Karabakh Peace

"No!" movement to hold a rally in Liberty Square on October 30

Prosperous Armenia Party to discuss its "disobedient " MPs at Political Council's upcoming session

Rostelecom provides services to New Wave International Song Contest

Viktor Soghomonyan: Eduard Sharmazanov comments on what Robert Kocharyan did not say

Rostelecom extends application deadline for "Thank You, Internet 2015" contest up to October 15

Eduard Sharmazanov to Robert Kocharyan: Who founded the evil system the second president is speaking about?

WWF: Small-scale HPPs in Armenia do not prove their worth

Robert Kocharyan: Constitutional reforms to have rather dangerous consequences for future of Armenia

Israeli expert: Tel Aviv always acts with due regard for its own interests

Israeli expert: Tension in Karabakh conflict zone to subside following parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan

RPA dissatisfied with OSCE Minsk Group's statements on Karabakh conflict

Levon Zurabyan urges Armenian President to put off constitutional reforms

As many as 18 protesters, including MP Aram Manukyan, detained

Parliament of Armenia passes draft amendments to Constitution of Armenia with 104 votes

Views from Moscow: Those who think Russia is interested in Karabakh conflict should "disappoint" Russia with mutual concessions and conflict settlement

Situation outside Armenian Parliament growing tense

Gianni Buquicchio says Constitutional amendments of Armenia drafted in line with Venice Commission recommendations

Edward Nalbandian: Karabakh conflict should be resolved within OSCE MG format

NKR Defense Ministry: Azerbaijan breached ceasefire for over 150 times over weekend

Kazakhstan's plenipotentiary at CSTO says Collective Peacekeeping Force exercises have demonstrated high training ratio of officers

Seyran Ohanyan: Tasks of The "Indestructible Brotherhood-2015" military exercise for the CSTO Collective Peacekeeping Forces successfully implemented

03/10 15:48 Charitable football match between journalists and bank employees with Youri Djorkaeff's participation raises 1 million AMD

A charitable football match between journalists and bank employees, in which Europe and World champion Youri Djorkaeff played, has raised 1 million AMD. These funds, allocated by ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank for charity purposes, will be provided to the Khachik borderline community school for buying sport equipment and for the orphanage in Gavar.

02/10/2015 15:37

Questions about release of Syunik governor's son remain unanswered

The release of Syunik governor's son Tigran Khachatryan, who was arrested for beating the Zakaryan brothers in Sdghi Gyol, has triggered a lot of questions which still remain unanswered.

01/10/2015 18:53

Artsakh war veteran provides evidences that Ruben Hayrapetyan threatened him with reprisals

Smbat Hakobyan, member of the Union of Artsakh War Veterans, presented today to journalists shorthand of his phone talk with Ruben Hayrapetyan, President of Football Federation of Armenia (FFA), in which the last threatens to beat the veteran.

01/10/2015 17:21

Lawyer: Syunik governor's son released, with no new measure of restraint chosen

The pretrial investigation body has changed the measure of restraint against Syunik governor Suren Khachatryan's son Tigran Khachatryan, who was arrested for beating the Zakaryan brothers in Sdghi Gyol.

30/09/2015 18:31

Monument dedicated to 70th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War unveiled in Yerevan

A monument dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War has been unveiled in Victory Park in Yerevan.

29/09/2015 20:26

Five people charged under criminal case of MC Kajaran patients' infection with Hepatitis C

As the Investigation Committee informs, in January of the current year information spread that several citizens got Hepatitis C after receiving treatment in Kajaran medical center. In the terms of the criminal case about 50 examinations have been held. 200 citizens, who were under medical treatment in the MC Kajaran in 2014, have undergone examination.

29/09/2015 20:20

World and European champion Youri Djorkaeff to play for ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank's team in October charity football match

Europe and World champion, French footballer of Armenian origin Youri Djorkaeff will play in a charitable football match between bank employees and journalists for the ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank's team. According to the Bank's press-service, the match will take place on October 2 at 17:30pm, at the "Pyunik" Club stadium.

28/09/2015 20:58

"Golden keys" and "rusty locks" awards ceremony held in Yerevan

On the occasion of the International Rights to Know Day, nine awards recognizing the freedom of information were presented to the most open government bodies in Armenia, while the most closed government body was given a less-prestigious accolade in a ceremony today supported by the OSCE Office in Yerevan.

28/09/2015 17:18

The Zakaryans do not withdraw the charge against Syunik governor's son

Harutyun Zakaryan, the aggrieved party in the Sdghi Gyol case, who lost his eye after being severely beaten by Syunik governor Suren Khachatryan's relatives, is not going to change his initial evidnce, in which he accuses the governor's son Tigran Khachatryan of having beaten him.

23/09/2015 19:30

Moscow Parajanov Theatre's Armeniada staged in Yerevan

As part of Beeline and Moscow Parajanov Theatre cooperation, Armeniada performance dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial was staged at the K. Stanislavski Russian Dramatic Theater in Yerevan.

23/09/2015 18:31

Karen Avagyan: Edgar Snkhchyan blackmails my family and me

Chairman of the Youth branch of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), MP Karen Avagyan made a statement in which he noted Edgar Snkhcyan, who had been knocked over by his brother, blackmails his family and him. He noted that after his brother had knocked Snkhchyan over, he and his family provided all the necessary help, Snkhcyan got treatment and was sent home from hospital. A month later Snkhcyan demanded fabulous sum for having treatment abroad, while there are no medical instructions for that. Avagyan added that he is ready to take all the expenses for Snkhchyan's treatment in the country's territory, if he really needs such treatment.

17/09/2015 12:26

Levon Hayrapetyan released from house arrest

Businessman Levon Hayrapetyan, defendant in the Bashneft case, has been released from house arrest. So, arrest has been replaced with recognizance not to leave, a source has told TASS, clarifying that such a decision has been taken because "the maximum period of custodial detention has expired."

16/09/2015 22:41

Investigation Committee of Armenia appoints repeated expert-examination of Permyakov

The Investigation Committee of Armenia has appointed a physiological and forensic psychiatric expert examination of Valery Permyakov, who is being accused for Avetisyans family murder in Gyumri. In the next few days, Armenian specialists will arrive in Gyumri for conducting comprehensive expert examination.

15/09/2015 20:41

Hayk Kyureghyan sentenced to 9 years in jail

The general jurisdiction court of Kentron and Nork-Marash communities of Yerevan has sentenced Hayk Kyureghyan to 9 years in jail.

11/09/2015 14:07

Ecumenical service commemorating Armenian Genocide Centenary to be held at Westminster Abbey

During a meeting with UK Secretary of State for Culture Mr. John Wittingdale, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian thanked him for visiting Yerevan to attend the April 24 events commemorating the Armenian Genocide Centenary.

10/09/2015 20:25

Ministry of Health: Hot dog became the cause of school children poisoning

All poisoned children from the school of the village of Baghramyan of Ararat region were buying sausage hot-dog in the school canteen, the press service of the Ministry of Health says.

10/09/2015 12:56

Chess World Cup-2015 about to start in Baku

The FIDE Chess World Cup 2015 will be played in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 10 September to 4 October 2015. It will be a 128-player knockout chess tournament. The finalists will qualify for the 2016 Candidates Tournament. The Chess World Cup 2015 has a prize fund of 1,6 million USD.

09/09/2015 14:53

Fresh graduates mostly displaced from Syria and Ukraine to be offered paid internships in Armenia

60 fresh graduates, mostly displaced from Syria and Ukraine, will be offered paid internships to smoothly enter the labor market in Armenia, the UNDP in Armenia Office reports. The source says that around 60 fresh graduates, mostly displaced youth from Syria and Ukraine, will be offered six-month paid internships in private companies in Armenia as a result of a tripartite partnership between the UNDP and UNHCR Representations in Armenia, and the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA).

07/09/2015 14:27

Criminal case opened over suicide attempt of Armenian Government security guard

A security of guard of the Armenian Government, Ludwig Hovhannisyan (32) made a suicide attempt on September 7 in the morning. According to the Police press-office, the Investigation Committee is in charge of the case. The officer was hospitalized in grave condition.

04/09/2015 09:55

Mass Media: Armenian criminal lords prefer lobbying their interests at highest state level

Armenians are the third on the list of the top three world leaders by the number of crowned kingpins, according to Prime Crime, which has analyzed the quantity, demography and national structure of the criminal lords.

03/09/2015 16:54

Actor Vardan Petrosyan will be serving his sentence at prison with open regime

Famous Armenian actor Vardan Petrosyan will be serving his sentence at a prison with open regime, according to the Kotayk region court's decision dating back to Sept 2 2015.

03/09/2015 16:52

A fragment of ceramic boiler has been found in the lake Issyk Kul with Armenian and Syrian letters in the seals

The International complex historical and archaeological expedition including specialists of Tomsk State University found at the bottom of the pond a settlement 2,500 years of age in the Lake Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan) Rosnauka reported.

02/09/2015 15:08

10,000-year-old bison bone found at bottom of Lake Sevan, Armenia

Armenian divers have found a 10,000-year-old bison bone at the bottom of Lake Sevan. Nina Manaseryan, PhD in Biology, told reporters on Sept 2, bones of ancient bison have already been found in Sevan earlier, which means that there were forests around the lake, as bison inhabited in forests only. This time, the backbone of the Caucasian bison has been found.

02/09/2015 11:46

Vatican beatifies catholic bishop murdered during 1915 genocide

Bishop Michael Melki, a Syrian Catholic cleric martyred during the Assyrian Genocide of 1915 for refusing to convert to Islam, has been beatified, according to the Catholic Heralnd.

01/09/2015 14:24

Criminal case instituted over fact of police's violence against demonstrator

A criminal case was has been instituted against the policeman, who slapped an elderly man in the face during the August 21 rally.

31/08/2015 13:57

Head of Russian Sports Federation: Sports laws oblige Azerbaijan to permit Henrikh Mkhitaryan's entry to Azerbaijan

The sports laws oblige Azerbaijan to permit Henrikh Mkhitaryan's entry to Azerbaijan, Nikita Simonyan, Acting President of the Russian Sports Federation says.

29/08/2015 10:00

Official investigation of the case against the policeman who had hit an elderly man, is suspended

Official investigation of the case against the policeman who had hit an elderly man, is suspended due to the fact of submittal of the materials to the Special Investigation Service. This was reported by the press service of the police.

28/08/2015 02:05

VII PanArmenian Barbeque Fest to Take Place on Sep 12

Sedrak Mamulyan, the chairman at "ARMENIAN COOKERY TRADITIONS DEVELOPMENT AND PROTECTION"NGO, has told ArmInfo that more than 20 participants (restaurants, individuals and private organizations, as well as reps of villages adjacent to Akhtala) will attend the event this year. Foreign gastrologists have also shown interest in the fest.

26/08/2015 13:26

Armenian Foreign Ministry has no data so far if there are citizens of Armenia among affected people in storm-stricken Batumi

Foreign Ministry of Armenia has no data so far if there are citizens of Armenia among the affected people in the storm-stricken Batumi. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tigran Balayan told ArmInfo the Armenian Embassy in Georgia is verifying this information.

26/08/2015 11:18

Expert: The new RA Constitution shall affirmatively authorize the same-sex marriage

According to European standards, same-sex marriage in the new Constitution of Armenia should be authorized. It was said by a member of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission), Christoph Grabenvarter at the press conference in Yerevan on August 25.

26/08/2015 11:17

Prosecutor General's Office: No criminal case will be opened on the matter of beating of Air Armenia owner

In the disseminated statement, Prosecutor General's Office lists the circumstances of the incident, there is a report on the examination and inspection of the scene, the testimony of Arsen Avetisyan's wife, Isabella Melkumyan. There are presented evidences that Arsen Avetisyan has been beaten by Ruben Hayrapetyan and his guards, but Avetisyan could not specify who of the guard was beating. The message about the abduction has been refuted by Avetisyan, saying that he went there according to the agreement with Hayrapetyan, accompanied by the relatives. They also testified.