Armenia's Police alarmed over bomb in Zvartnots International Airport

One of medical workers of Ambulance service released from seized building

One of leaders of Founding Parliament Alek Yenigomshyan detained

Arrest chosen as measure of restriction for Pavel Manukyan's son: Manukyan himself launched hunger strike

Leaders of "Founding Parliament" decide to hold protests on Liberty Square

Anti-Crisis group justifies its "mistakes" with intention to avoid bloodshed

Armenian police detaining all citizens passing by Khorenatsi Street near the seized building, foreign citizens among them

National Security Service of Armenia addresses members of Daredevils of Sasoun: The possibility still exists but the time is running out

Yenigomshyan believes in success of oppositionist movement

Representatives of Armenian Ombudsman's office visit Police department in Shengavit district and meet activist Levon Barseghyan

National Assembly of Armenia has not discussed demand to meet with delegation of parliamentarians laid down by "Daredevils of Sasoun"

US Embassy to Armenia calls for immediate release of medical personnel from seized building

"Daredevils of Sasoun" group presented details of last night's firefight: there was sabotage by Police

Yenigomshyan: Doctors are not hostages they are guarantee for satisfying conditions, laid down by Daredevils of Sasoun

Armenian Healthcare Ministry considers impossible fulfillment of armed group's demand on exchange of medical workers who were taken hostages

Yenigomshyan rings alarm: Levon Barseghyan missing since early morning

Economy Ministry of Armenia sees no reasons why Single European Sky is still close for Armenia

"Daredevils of Sasoun" provide details of overnight skirmish: Police resorted to sabotage

James Warlick: Yerevan and Baku agree to expand OSCE monitoring group in Karabakh conflict zone

Medical community of Armenia condemns "Daredevils of Sasoun" for taking 4 medical workers hostage

Police ban citizens from gathering in territory adjacent to seized Police Patrol Service Regiment building in Yerevan

Forecast: No prospects for NATO's expansion into South Caucasus

Armenian human rights defender verifying reports on mass detention of citizens

Armenian human rights defender verifying reports on mass detention of citizens

Two wounded members of armed group "Daredevils of Sasoun" sent to prison hospital

U.S. Embassy in Armenia once again issues a security message for U.S. citizens in Armenia urging them to avoid daily demonstrations

Azerbaijan's drones circling above Karabakh-Azerbaijani Line of Contact

Lives of wounded members of "Daredevils of Sasoun" Pavel Manukyan and his son in danger after past night's skirmish

Police reinforce its positions at Khoreatsi Street

Policemen's actions against Daredevils of Sasoun escalate situation even more

Armenian NSS warns that it has to take stricter actions for preventing new crimes by Daredevils of Sasoun

VTB Bank (Armenia) resumes service of transfers from card to card via Visa Direct system

Ombudsman presented his position and proposals related to events in Erebuni

View from Berlin: Establishment of Turkish bases in Azerbaijan testifies to Turkey's independent geopolitical game in Eurasia

Armenia's Police urge demonstrators to find another place to hold protests

German political analyst says Western forces may be behind orange revolutions and coup attempts in post- Soviet countries

Forecast: Eradication of ISIL and other organizations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya will result in spillover of war to Southern Europe, France and Germany

German political analyst: New gold war emerged, as Russia refused to accept Western model of development

Armenian Police: "Daredevils of Sasoun" have been provided with food

Alliance Party officially joins people's movement in support of "Daredevils of Sasoun" and their demands to Armenia's leadership

"Daredevils of Sasoun" group disclaims Police reports: Skirmish occurred in area of seized building not on neutral territory

Deputy Minister of Economy does not specify final date of Armenia-EU new framework agreement

Tigran Balayan: Armenia's leadership has repeatedly commented on normalization of relations with Turkey

Wounded members of "Daredevils of Sasoun" undergo surgery

Armenian Police make statement on past night's skirmish

Armenian Police: Armed group that seized Police Patrol Service Regiment has burnt three police cars in territory of seized building

Two members of armed group "Daredevils of Sasoun" wounded overnight and taken to hospital

Rebels burn two police cars on territory of seized building

Newspaper: Zhirayr Sefilyan does not refuse from the demand of Serzh Sargsyan's resignation

Oppositionists at Khorenatsi Street demand from Armenian authorities to refute information that armed groups from Chechen Republic are arrivING in the country


25/07 13:39 TUMO Center for Creative Technologies to open in Koghb, near border village in Tavush region

The Koghb Fund for development of culture, education and sports, Simonyan Education Foundation jointly with the "Mission Childhood" charitable organization and a group of Argentinean philanthropists will implement the initiative. The memorandum on it will be signed on July 26, according to a press release.

20/07/2016 17:27

Yerevan hosts an event dedicated to 71st anniversary of atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The UN Office in Armenia and "Hikari" Japanese Scientific- Educational Centre jointly organized an event dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

15/07/2016 14:20

Fire in Arevik National Park extinguished, with nearly 5 ha of plant cover burnt out

The fire in Arevik National Park has been extinguished due to the coordinated efforts of 25 firefighters, 100 servicemen of the Armenian Defense Ministry, 20 employees of the Park, as well as a group of villagers.

14/07/2016 19:03

Fire in Arevik National Park still not suppressed

Armenia's Ministry of Emergency Situations has not managed to suppress fire in Arevik National Park yet. The press office of the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations informed that as of 1:55pm local time the total area of fire is nearly 200ha including 4ha on the territory of Arevik National Park.

14/07/2016 15:10

Yazidi Lalish to be built near Yerevan

A Yazidi temple, the second largest one after the well- known Lalish located 40 km away from Mosul, Iraq, will soon be built in Armenia. The Armenian authorities say that the temple called "Armenian Lalish" will be built at the request of the Yazidi refugees from Iraq, Baba Javish, representative of the Iraqi Lalish, has told Kurdish media.

14/07/2016 14:46

Armenia ranked 82nd on Prison Policy Initiative rating with 130 prisoners per 100,000 residents

Armenia is ranked the 82nd on the rating of Prison Policy Initiative - with 130 prisoners per 100,000 residents.

14/07/2016 14:37

Vayots Dzor among 15 wine trails worth getting sidetracked on, according to CNN

CNN puts Vayots Dzor province of Armenia on the list of 15 wine trails worth getting sidetracked on. The list includes Hunter Valley (Australia), Napa and Sonoma, California, (US), Alentejo (Portugal), Cape Winelands (South Africa), Route des Vins, Alsace (France), Santorini (Greece), Maipo (Chile), Okanagan (Canada), Tuscany (Italy), Bento Goncalves (Brazil), Mendoza (Argentina), Rioja (Spain), Moselle Valley (Germany), Bordeaux (France).

14/07/2016 13:10

Arevik National Park in Armenia on fire

Arevik National Park in Syunik province of Armenia is on fire. The press office of the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations has told ArmInfo that the Ministry received the alarm about the fire near Artashen village on July 13, around 2:43 pm local time.

12/07/2016 19:24

Earthquake on Armenian-Georgian border

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake was registered on the Armenian-Georgian border in 13 km north-east from Bavra village on July 12, 2:14pm local time, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia informs.

12/07/2016 16:47

Russia donates to Armenia another mobile diagnostic and treatment complex for testing HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C

Russia has donated to Armenia another mobile diagnostic and treatment complex for testing HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C. The press office of the Russian Embassy in Armenia has told ArmInfo that Russian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volynkin attended the opening of the complex.

12/07/2016 00:23

Georgian Interior Ministry solves Armenian family murder case

A 24-year old man has been detained on suspicion of murdering a woman and her three children in Vachiani village of Axalkalaki region; Georgia-online informs referring to Georgia's Interior Ministry. The suspect, Nodar A., entered the house for robbing.

12/07/2016 00:22

Armenian Ombudsman's Office: Issue related to Armenian businessman Levon Hayrapetyan is in center of Tatoyan's attention

The issue related to the Armenian businessman Levon Hayrapetyan, who is serving his sentence in Russian prison, is in the center of Armenian Ombudsman's attention, according to the statement of Secretary of Armenian Ombudsman Zohrab Yeganyan, received by ArmInfo.

12/07/2016 00:21

Large fire in building of Armenia's Finance Ministry

Large fire occurred in the building of Armenia's Finance Ministry.

11/07/2016 15:31

Armenian family - 37-year-old mother and three children - killed in Akhalkalaki

The bodies of 37-year-old woman and her three minor kids have been found in Vachiani village of Akhalkalaki, Georgia. The kids are reported to be 5, 16 and 18 years old. The woman's husband is a labor migrant in Russia. The reasons of the incident are not known yet. The bodies are still to be examined in Ninotsminda, according to Georgia Online.

11/07/2016 15:30

Yerevan to hold a Choco Fest on July 11

On July 11, Yerevan will hold a Choco Fest for the first time.

08/07/2016 13:18

Most ancient street discovered by Armenian-French-Iranian archeological group

Armenian-French-Iranian archeological group continued digging within the 2nd final stage of excavation program on the territory of Erebuni Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve in Yerevan.

06/07/2016 10:12

The Olympic Games in Brazil, a country that welcomes the world with open arms

“Today, one month before the world’s greatest sporting event is scheduled to begin, Brazil can say with confidence: we are ready to host the first Olympic and Paralympic Games to take place in South America.

04/07/2016 18:54

Memorial tablet dedicated to Marshal of Soviet Union Ivan Bagramyan unveiled in Vitebsk

A memorial tablet dedicated to Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Bagramyan was unveiled in Vitebsk on July 3, on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.

04/07/2016 17:08

50 citizens of Armenia are still entrapped on Georgian Military Road

According to the Armenian Embassy in Russia, 50 citizens of Armenia are still entrapped on the Georgian Military Road, because the Upper Lars checkpoint is closed.

04/07/2016 16:58

Lavrov and Kerry discuss Karabakh issue

On July 2, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke on the telephone with US Secretary of State John Kerry, at his request, the Foreign Ministry of Russia reports.

01/07/2016 17:46

Court extends arrest of editor for 2 more months

On June 30, the court took a decision to prolong the arrest of editor Ani Hovhannisyan for two more months, the editor's lawyer Liparit Hovhannisyan says.

01/07/2016 15:08

Graduation certificates given to 1,500 students of French University in Armenia within15 years

The French University in Armenia has celebrated its 15th anniversary. More than 1,500 students received higher education certificates within that period. 80% of the graduated students, specialists in marketing, finance and law have found jobs on their specialization, with another 8% are receiving post-graduate education.

01/07/2016 13:51

Yandex.Taxi launches activity in Armenia

Today, on June 1, Yandex.Taxi has launched activity in Yerevan. This is an opportunity to quickly place an order for an official taxi without calling a dispatcher. One can order a taxi online via the website or a special mobile app. The Yandex.Taxi is available in three languages: Armenian, Russian, and English.

01/07/2016 13:50

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry's aircraft delivers 51 Armenian citizens trapped on Upper Lars checkpoint to Yerevan

On June 30, at 7:02 pm, an AN-148 aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations delivered 51 Armenian citizens trapped on the Upper Lars checkpoint from Beslan Airport in South Ossetia to Zvartnots Airport in Armenia. This was the fourth special flight of the Russian Ministry's aircraft to Armenia.

30/06/2016 11:54

Armenian Emergency Ministry: Russian rescue plane transporting Armenian citizens from Upper Lars border crossing makes emergency landing in Mineralniye Vody

The Russian rescue plane transporting the Armenian citizens traveling from Vladikavkaz and trapped at Upper Lars border crossing made emergency landing at the Mineralniye Vody airport yesterday in the evening due to unfavorable weather.

27/06/2016 17:59

UNICEF Armenia launches a breast feeding campaign in Armenia

UNICEF Armenia is launching a breast feeding campaign in Armenia, the press office of the organization has told ArmInfo. The campaign will be held in Yerevan, as well as in Lori, Shirak, Armavir and Ararat provinces of Armenia. To participate in the project, one should submit a photo on the breastfeeding topic and a story about the advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding, the source says.

25/06/2016 14:01

Arsen Khojoyan, who was taken captive in Azerbaijan, kills a 17-year-old girl in Armenia

Arsen Khojoyan, 25-year-old shepherd from Tavush province of Armenia, who had been taken captive in Azerbaijan, has killed a 17-year-old girl in Armenia.

24/06/2016 21:03

Charge pressed against commander of serviceman driven to suicide

Charge was pressed against the commander V. Balayan of one of the Armenia's Armed Forces' units, in which serviceman Hrant Grigoryan was found with gunshot deadly wound in head on June 17.

24/06/2016 20:37

Souvenir sheet and mini-sheet with four stamps dedicated to visit of Pope Francis to Armenia put into circulation

On 24 June 2016 "Haypost" closed joint stock company puts into circulation a souvenir sheet with one stamp and four postage stamps designed into a mini sheet in a form of a cross, dedicated to the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Armenia.

23/06/2016 13:33

Pope Francis makes message ahead of his landmark visit to Armenia on June 24

Pope Francis sent a message ahead of his visit to Armenia scheduled for June 24. Below is the full text of the Papal message. "Dear Brothers and Sisters: In a few days I will have the joy of being with you, in Armenia. Starting from this moment I invite you to pray for this apostolic journey. With the help of God, I am coming to you to undertake what the motto of my journey says - the "visit to the first Christian nation".

22/06/2016 14:43

Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin confirms: Aram Ateshian not to arrive in Armenia

Archbishop Aram Ateshian, General Vicar (Acting Patriarch) of the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople, will not travel to Armenia, according to Vahram Melikyan, the head of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin press-office.