27/07 16:50 4-5-point earthquake registered in north of Armenia

The Seismic Protection Service of the Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations reports that a 4-point earthquake occurred in Georgia. It was registered at 10:58 am (06:68 GMT) in Rustavi, Georgia. The hypocenter was at the depth of 10 km. The quake intensity in the epicenter was 5-6 points.

27/07/2015 16:27

Charges filed against Syunik governor's son

On July 27, the Investigative Committee of Armenia filed charges against Syunik province governor's son Tigran Khachatryan, who was arrested on July 25 over the incident that took place near the Sdghi gyol site.

20/07/2015 13:56

Investigative Committee institutes a criminal case over shooting at Lori governor's son

The Investigative Committee has instituted a criminal case over the shooting at Levon Nalbandyan, the son of Lori province governor Arthur Nalbandyan, under Article 120 Part 1 of the Armenian Criminal Code (reckless infliction of grievous bodily harm) and Article 235 Part 1 (illegal keeping of fire weapons). The Investigative Committee has told ArmInfo that on July 19, at 0:40 am, the Alaverdi Medical Center reported that Levon Nalbandyan (born in 1993) was brought to the Medical Center with gunshot wounds.

07/07/2015 14:47

Drinking Water Tariff to Remain Unchanged in Yerevan and Adjacent Villages

According to the July 7 decision of Public Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Armenia (PSRC), drinking water tariff will remain unchanged (170, 256 AMD/ 1cu m - including the VAT) in Yerevan and several adjacent villages. PSRC's decision will take effect starting Aug 9. 2015.

06/07/2015 11:21

Ara Budaghyan faces arrest

General Court of Yerevan Center and Nork Marash communities ruled applying arrest as a measure of restraint against Ara Budaghyan who stands accused of assassination attempt on Syunik Governor Suren Khachatryan.

27/06/2015 17:10

"No to Plunder!": Wedding at Baghramyan Ave

Baghramyan Avenue, that is currently hosting the protest rally against the energy rate increase, evidenced a wedding on June 27. Karine and David, the just married couple, are saying they have come to the Avenue for they are also a part of the Armenian nation.

22/06/2015 18:05

Karine Minasyan to Awarded the Order of Friendship for Promoting Armenian-Russian Cooperation

On June 24 Minister of the EEC Karine Minasyan is to be awarded the Order of Friendship at Russian Embassy. The minister will be decorated for her contribution to the development of the Armenian- Russian trade, economic and cultural relations.

17/06/2015 12:56

A four-year-old child dies from diarrhoeal disease in Armavir region, Armenia

The girl was taken to the Medial Center of Armavir Tuesday, from the local village of Jrashen. According to the website of the Health Ministry of Armenia, the child's health was assessed as moderately severe. Later on the same day, the child's health sharply deteriorated and the doctors were not able to save her life.

16/06/2015 22:24

American businessman of Armenian descent Kirk Kerkorian passes away

On June 16, American businessman of Armenian descent Kirk Kerkorian passed away at the age of 98, USA Today reports.

16/06/2015 21:53

Chess Tournament Kicks off in Jermuk

On June 15, a Chess Tournament in memory of late Armenian chess champion Karen Asrian started in Jermuk, the press office of Geoteam CJSC has told ArmInfo.

16/06/2015 16:00

Record-holder rifleman from Armenia 5th place at Baku 2015 European Games

Hrachik Babayan, the record-holder rifleman from Armenia, Silver medalist at Youth Olympic Games and World Youth Championship, set a European record among the youth and took the 5th place advancing to the final.

15/06/2015 13:33

Yerevan Zoo employees leave for Tbilisi

Four employees of the Yerevan Zoo have left for Tbilisi to help Georgia liquidate the aftermath of the natural disaster. Earlier the Tbilisi Zoo reported that of the Zoo's 600 residents, including fish and birds, about half were missing on Sunday.

10/06/2015 11:52

Two people arrested on suspicion of implication in incident involving Syunik governor's son

On June 9, the Investigation Committee of Armenia arrested two persons on suspicion of implication in the May 2 incident in Goris.

09/06/2015 12:32

Energy rate will be increased by 7 drams per kWh on Aug 1 2015

Energy rate will be increased by 7 drams per kWh for final consumers on Aug 1 2015, according to the draft decision of the public services watchdog. The decision is available on the website of the Public Services Regulatory Committee (PSRC).

05/06/2015 19:17

South Caucasus Railway Company attending Tenth International Rail Business Forum 1520 Strategic Partnership

Director General of South-Caucasus Railway CJSC Victor Rebets is attending the Tenth International Rail Business Forum 1520 Strategic Partnership in Sochi on June 3-5, the company's press-service told ArmInfo. The Strategic Partnership 1520 (SP1520) is a bespoke international forum dealing with rail issues and is the largest business meeting of all major stakeholders across the wide gauge area.

05/06/2015 12:50

Newspaper: Electric power rate in Armenia may not rise

The authorities in Armenia weigh two options of the power rate: either to raise it by 7 drams or leave unchanged and find other sources to compensate for losses of the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) CJSC, a local newspaper "Zhoghovurd" writes citing reliable sources.

02/06/2015 14:21

Battered Mayoral Candidate for Abovyan not Precluding being Attacked by Supporters of his Political Opponents

Karapet Israelyan, the battered mayoral candidate for Abovyan, does not preclude that the attack has been mounted by supporters of his opponent Vahan Gevorgyan, informs "168 Zham" newspaper.

02/06/2015 13:00

Armenia's public services watchdog to submit its final decision on power rate on June 9-10

The Public Services Regulatory Committee of Armenia will submit its decision on the application of the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) CJSC for raising the energy rate on June 9-10, the public services watchdog Robert Nazaryan told reporters. He did not say how much the public watchdog will increase the rate, adding that the unreasonable expenses of ENA (rent of expensive cars, mansions etc.) will not be reflected in the new power rate. "Armenian consumers will not have to pay for those unreasonable expenses," Nazaryan said.

02/06/2015 10:22

Save the Children: There is absolutely no social integration of children in Armenia

Most children in Armenia undergo both physical and psychological violence at school and even in their families. Very often this makes the children miss classes, Iren Sargsyan, Senior Manager, Program Implementation at Save the Children International, has told ArmInfo.

29/05/2015 15:21

Minister for Labor and Social Affairs disclaims reports on "renting" orphans to beggars

Minister for Labor and Social Affairs Artyom Asatryan disclaimed the reports that orphanages "rent" kids to beggars. Talking to reporters on May 29, the minister said the parliamentarians who raise such issues must submit facts, if they have any, to the law enforcement. The minister said he will discuss the issue with Naira Zohrabyan, the head of the Prosperous Armenia Party faction in the parliament, who raised the issue earlier.

29/05/2015 15:19

New Rates for Energy by Renewable Power Generation Enterprises to come into force in Armenia starting July 1, 2015

New rates for energy generated by renewable power generation enterprises will come into force in Armenia starting July 1, 2015. During the May 29 meeting Public Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Armenia has taken the decision to levy 23.631 AMD/1kWh (exc. VAT) tariff for natural flow power generation facilities. The tariff for irrigation water power stations will be 15.751 AMD/1kWh (exc. VAT) and 10.502 AMD/1kWh (exc. VAT) for small hydro-electric power stations that operate on drinking water. The tariff for wind turbine generators will total 42, 42 AMD/1kWh (exc. VAT) and 42,426 AMD/1kWh (exc. VAT) for stations that operate on biofuel. The decision will be in force till July 1, 2016.

29/05/2015 15:09

Labor Minister: Technical service of inexpensive vehicles more costly than luxurious cars

Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan has charged the members of the Government to spare funds, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Artyom Asatryan told reporters, on May 29, when asked about acquisition of expensive cars for the Government members and Municipality.

26/05/2015 20:23

View from Moscow: By Taking Reprisals on Civil Society Baku Tests the West

Baku takes reprisals on civil society pursing one goal only - to test the Western response on the fact that numerous journalists, human rights activists and just people whose opinions differ being apprehended, Sergey Markedonov, a famous Russian analyst, said during Caucasus-2014 International Conference in Yerevan on May 26.

25/05/2015 18:09

Anti-corruption measures in education fail to give tangible results

There are still corruption elements in the education system, Armenian Minister of Armen Ashotyan said at a press conference on May 25. He added that it is impossible to resolve that problem promptly.

25/05/2015 12:42

Citizens of Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have the right to receive insurance benefits along with Russians

The citizens of Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, who work in Russia, now have the right to receive insurance benefits along with the Russians, Tomsk News Agency reports, citing Vera Timofeyeva, representative of the Tomsk Department of the Russian Social Insurance Fund.

21/05/2015 15:22

Human rights defender: To fight tortures of suspects, legislative reform is needed in Armenia

To fight tortures of suspects at the stage of preliminary investigation, a legislative reform is needed in Armenia, Avetik Ishkhanyan, the head of the Helsinki Committee Armenia said at public discussions on the topic "Efficient Investigation in Tortures: Problems in Armenia and International Experience," on May 21.

21/05/2015 15:15

European Organizations to Allocate about 8.07 Mln EUR to Armenia for Garbage Collection

During the May 21 meeting National Assembly of RA ratified a set of agreements regarding the "Kotayk Sold Waste Management Project". Following the programme European organizations will allocate about 8.07 mln EUR to Armenia for providing municipal organizations with support on garbage collection.

20/05/2015 21:06

Shootings Towards Syunik Governor's Car

Shots have been fired towards the car of Syunik governor Surik Khachatryan. The police has confirmed to ArmInfo that shots were fired in Goris administrative district at about 18:15 local time. Surik Khachatryan has told the media that shots were fired towards his car - he has not been injured.

19/05/2015 13:58

Man Attacked by Syunik Governor's Son Loses His Eye

Harut Zakaryan, who was attacked in the fight with the involvement of Syunik governor's son Tigran Khachatryan, has been operated on his eye in Moscow. However, the situation was so grave he lost eye, the victim's father Gagik Zakaryan has told ArmInfo journalist. He is currently at Russian hospital with his son.

18/05/2015 15:42

Gagik Tsarukyan's guard pressing Abovyan residents protesting against oligarch's actions

Situation in the town of Abovyan has been tense since early morning today, as owners of small stores are concerned over their businesses. The point is that oligarch Gagik Tsarukyan has opened a great mall "Arinj" in the town impeding the trade turnover of small stores.

15/05/2015 19:26

Children of YMCA Hiroshima send Japanese lanterns to Armenia to honor memory of Armenian Genocide victims

This year the children of the YMCA Hiroshima Center have sent traditional lanterns made by the hands of Japanese children to honor the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims.