Mayor of New York commemorates centennial of Armenian Genocide - "one the worst atrocities of the 20th century"

European Movement adopts a resolution on Armenian Genocide

Ankara: Turkish nation will not forget and forgive Joachim Gauck's statements

Hollande and Aliyev discuss Karabakh conflict

Official Ankara criticizes Obama's stand on events of 1915

The Kremlin: Putin's participation in memorial events in Yerevan cannot be negatively interpreted by Ankara

Eiffel Tower and Coliseum went dark in memory of Armenian Genocide victims

Ankara strongly criticizes Francois Hollande's visit to Yerevan

Central Council of Jews in Germany advocates calling events of 1915 genocide

Ankara's Second Response to Putin's Statement on the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Vladimir Putin: Armenia and Russia Have Always Been, Are and Will Be Close Allies

Knesset Member Criticizing Israeli Government for Denying Armenian Genocide

Georgian Armenians Demonstrating in Front of Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi

Canadian Prime Minister Calling upon Yerevan and Ankara to Resume Negotiations on Normalization of Relations

Serzh Sargsyan: Ankara made vein attempt to resist or affect larger process related to recognition of genocide

First Commemorative Demonstration on the Armenian Genocide to Take Place in Rome since 1975

Erdogan: Turkey shares Armenians' pain

President of Armenia: I refuse to believe that transitory interests can shatter humanity's dreams of freedom and peace cherished for centuries

Serzh Sargsyan: "Turkey's proposal of establishing the so-called commission of historians has only one goal, which is to delay the process of the Armenian Genocide recognition"

Turkey's Labor Party (EMEK) and some local human rights organizations condemn Genocide of Armenians

Russian expert: Putin's participation in Armenian Genocide Centennial events not to edit Moscow's geopolitical maneuvering

Vladimir Putin: 1.5 mln Armenians were killed, 600 thsd were deported, unique historical monuments and invaluable books and manuscripts were destroyed in 1915

Serzh Sargsyan: "We are ready to embark upon a constructive dialogue with Turkey in case it faces its own history"

Francois Hollande: World community must remember Genocide to prevent it in future

Serbia President: "We have no moral right to forget the Armenian Genocide victims and the shocking facts of the past"

ANCA: Sad spectacle of President Obama playing word games with genocide falls beneath dignity of American people

Foreign Minister of Armenia: German President's statement important contribution to prevention of new genocides

Serzh Sargsyan: Armenia has never declared any territorial claims either to Turkey, or to any other country

Armenian president's interview with Hurriyet: "Turkish authorities taking burden of responsibility for crime perpetrated by authorities of Ottoman Empire"

Presidents of Russia, France, Serbia, and Cyprus arrive at Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan honors memory of Armenian Genocide victims

High-ranking representatives of various countries 'forming' a forget-me-not of peace near Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan

Serj Tankian calls on Armenia's leadership to create egalitarian civic society, to get rid of institutional injustices and stop depopulation of Armenia

Obama breaks his word again

Founding Parliament Movement looks to change power in Armenia

Vladimir Putin arrives in Yerevan to commemorate Armenian Genocide martyrs

Bulgarian MP: Bulgaria has refused to discuss the draft resolution on Armenian Genocide under Ankara's pressure

Congressman Schiff Reads Names of 1,000 Armenian Genocide Victims on House Floor

Nalbandian: Recurrence of genocides in XX century was result of international community's hesitation and inconsistency

Cardinal Curt Kokh: Faith Helped Armenians Survive the First Genocide of 20th Century

Turkish Politician: Turkish Society Desires the Opening of Borders with no Preconditions

Ankara responds to Austria's resolution recognizing Armenian Genocide

Ambassador: German Policy Cannot be Affected by Phone Call from Turkey

Deutshe Welle: German parliament's decisiveness and new debate about term "genocide" gained momentum thanks to Pope Francis and President Gauck

System of a Down starts a concert in Yerevan in heavy rain

President of Germany: Ethnic cleansing, massacre, mass killing of Armenians in 1915 are a clear example of Genocide

MP: Some delegates from Turkey support PACE's declaration on Armenian Genocide

German parliamentarian calls on Turkey to show courage and face black pages in its history

PACE adoptes written declaration "Commemoration of the Centennial of the Armenian genocide"

Catholicos of Great House of Cilicia brings relics of Armenian Genocide martyrs to Armenia


Gayane Novikova: The South Caucasus states are trapped by the Ukrainian crisis

Ashot Manucharyan: Russia Does Not Need Parliamentary Armenia

Samvel Farmanyan: Turkey will recognize Armenian Genocide and will do it under pressure of its own public

Yana Amelina: "Weapon strategy" of Moscow will stop only after world geopolitical balance is restored

Vardan Voskanyan: Iran assumes functions of "a gendarme" to remove chaos in Middle East

“Angels” and “Demons” of Film Director Hovhannes Galstyan

Andrey Areshev: Karabakh-related humanitarian initiatives from Russia could be useful

Sevak Sarukhanyan: Concerns about possible emergence of ISIS in Azerbaijan focus Tehran's attention on Baku

Alexander Zinker: Israel has never before been so close to recognition of Armenian Genocide

Andrey Yepifantsev: Russia and Armenia have what to keep silence about

Promise to convict Permyakov at 102nd Russian military base in Armenia is already a big gesture of Russia

Ruben Safrastyan: Turkey fears consequences of Armenian Genocide denial

Serious trends of geopolitical changes in South Caucasus lead to clashes and redrawing of borders

Armenian Men are Also Eager to Look Young

Karine Danielyan: The women who prefer being mothers deserve the same respect as female politicians

Georgian political expert: Putin has put his mind on implementing Primakov Doctrine

Gagik Mkrtchyan: Our country not only can but also should develop industrial production

Arthur Ashughyan: Future of lapidary industry depends on how competitive and efficient it is

Avaz Hasanov: OSCE MG, Russia, EU, or U.S. can impose no pressure upon Armenia and Azerbaijan in the matter of Karabakh

17/04 16:48 Encyclopedia Britannica renames article "Armenian Massacres" into "Armenian Genocide"

The Turkish-Armenian history section includes an Armenian Genocide article, which points out that that it was a "brutal campaign conducted against the Armenian subjects of the Ottoman Empire by the Young Turk government during World War I (1914-18).The hundreds of thousands of deaths that occurred are the subject of intense debate between scholars and governments. Armenians charge that the campaign was a deliberate attempt to destroy the Armenian people and, thus, an act of genocide."

14/04/2015 00:37

Vladimir Spivakov to give three concerts in Yerevan to commemorate Armenian Genocide Centennial

The National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia headed by Vladimir Spivakov will perform in Yerevan on April 14-16. The "Vladimir Spivakov Invites" Festival will be dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial.

13/04/2015 13:13

Kayne West's surprise concert in Yerevan wraps up Kim Kardashian's visit to Armenia

American rapper Kayne West's surprise concert near Swan Lake in the heart of Yerevan overnight wrapped up Kim Kardashian's 8-day visit to her historical motherland. During the concert, Kanye West Jumped into the Lake, fans follow him in, giving him hugs. Kardashian reflected on the event on Twitter, calling the night epic.

04/04/2015 20:38

“Angels” and “Demons” of Film Director Hovhannes Galstyan

ArmInfo’s interview with film director Hovhaness Galstyan, the winner of Hayak Armenian National Film Award 2012 and international film festivals for the film “Bonded Parallels.”

01/04/2015 13:49

Historian: As many as 27,000 Armenian culture monuments demolished in Nakhijevan in 1998-2006

As many as 27,000 Armenian culture monuments were demolished in Nakhijevan in 1998-2006, Argam Ayvazyan, Armenian historian and expert in cultural studies, has told ArmInfo.

27/03/2015 16:05

"Never Again" - Films telling about Genocide of Armenians screened at Sofia Film Festival

Films telling about the Genocide of Armenians were screened at the 19th Sofia Film Festival in a special program "Never Again." The program is implemented by the Golden Apricot International Film Festival with the support of the Culture Ministry of Armenia and the Committee to coordinate events commemorating the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

24/03/2015 23:07

Valery Gergiev's concert in Yerevan postponed

The concert of well-known conductor Valery Gergiev and the Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra has been postponed. Sona Hovhannisyan, general manager of the "Yerevan Prospects" festival, has told ArmInfo that the concert was to open the festival on March 28. However, Gergiev asked the festival administration to postpone the concert due to the changes in his tour schedule.

24/03/2015 23:06

Beeline supports screening of "Komitas: Crane of Melancholy" film-performance

Within the frames of cooperation of Beeline and All-National Trust Board, "Komitas: Crane of Melancholy" will be screened, the press office of Beeline Armenia reports.

16/03/2015 20:12

Italian Films Festival to Take Place inYerevan

Italian Films Festival will take place in Yerevan on March 23-27.

13/03/2015 13:55

Eurovision-2015: Inga Arshakyan becomes the sixth member of Genealogy

Inga Arshakyan has become the sixth member of Genealogy to represent Armenia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with the "Dont" Deny" song. To recall, in 2009, the singer participated in the contest together with her sister Anush Arshakyan and gained the 10th position.

09/03/2015 15:52

Eurovision-2015: Official presentation of Genealogy's "Don't Deny" to take place on March 12

The official presentation of Genealogy's "Don't Deny" will take place on the Public Television of Armenia and on on March 12 at 9:30 pm. On that day, the name of the sixth member of the band will be made public, the band's official page on Facebook says.

05/03/2015 15:53

Expert: Law "On cinematography" to give a fresh impetus to development of Armenian film industry

The Law "On cinematography" will give a fresh impetus to development of Armenian film industry, Raffi Movsisyan, a movie critic, a member of the expert commission for elaboration of the bill "On Cinematography", has told ArmInfo. To note, the commission has been set up by the order of Armenian Culture Minister Hasmik Poghosyan.

05/03/2015 12:59

XII IFF "Golden Apricot" to Take Place in Yerevan on July 12-19

"Golden Apricot" projects coordinator Raffi Movsisyan told ArmInfo, a special project dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide would be implemented within the framework of this year's festival. Fiction and documentary films on the 1915 tragedy, as well as other genocides will be screened at the event. According to Movsisyan, directors of the films to be screened have already been invited to the festival.

04/03/2015 16:21

British Film Festival 13th Love Edition to be held in provinces of Armenia

The British Film Festival 13th Love Edition will be held in the provinces of Armenia. The movies will be shown in Dilijan on March 5. Afterwards the festival films will be shown in Ararat province (Artashat, Vedi and Kharberd) on March 16-18, and in Armavir on March 20-22. The admission is free.

03/03/2015 18:31

World-Known Pianist Evgeny Kissin is to Perform in Yerevan

World-known pianist Evgeny Kissin will put on a concert in Yerevan on April 2. Kissin will perform within the framework of the music festival "Yerevan Perspectives". Works by Beethoven, Chopin, Prokofiev and Liszt are to be performed.

03/03/2015 17:24

Eurovision-2015: Mary-Jean O'Doherty Vasmatzian the Fifth Participant of "Genealogy"

Opera singer Mary-Jean O'Doherty Vasmatzian from Australia has become the fifth member of the band "Genealogy". Her limpid soprano has been heard in a number of famous opera houses all over the world.

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