In corporate strategy for 2014 Araratbank gives special priority to activities of businesswomen

Rostelecom provides a number of educational establishments in Abovyan with free superhigh- speed Internet services starting from March 1

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group to provide customers with free non-chip MasterCards under a campaign for motorists

MasterCard holders among VTB Group's Armenian customers can withdraw cash from VTB Group's ATM network at the same tariffs as at VTB Bank (Armenia)

Orange offers an innovative solution for internet and fixed phone services

Lyova Khachatryan: Prosperous Armenia Party will not demand resignation of Armenian President

Political expert rules out an external factor in Tigran Sargsyan's resignation

Edward Nalbandian and Seyran Ohanyan reappointed

Armenian political expert skeptical about viability of "the union of the four"

Moscow: Fulfillment of "road map" will allow Armenia to join Customs Union and Eurasian Economic Union

Gagik Makaryan: Appointment of Hovik Abrahamyan as Prime Minister is intended to ease political and social tension in Armenia rather than deepen reforms

Tatul Manaseryan: Hovik Abrahamyan is able to find a common language even with the opposition

Naira Zohrabyan: The new premier of Armenia should not continue the programme of his predecessor

Deputy Head of Heritage Party: Appointment of Hovik Abrahamyan as prime minister aims to tie Prosperous Armenia Party's hand and foot

Member of the parliament: Hovik Abrahamyan is a compromising man at the position of Armenia's prime minister

Boris Navasardyan: Appointment of Hovik Abrahamyan as prime minister meets oligarchs' aspirations

Hovik Abrahamyan starts forming the new Cabinet

Stepan Safaryan: Conflict of business-interests of Tsarukyan and Kocharyan is not ruled out in the near future

Moscow: One should draw no parallels between Crimea and Nagorno-Karabakh

Tigran Urikhanyan: Prosperous Armenia Party does not consider joining ruling coalition

Serzh Sargsyan: State budget is inviolable and bribery is forbidden

Sources: Along with prime minister’s post, RPA determined to make some other staff reshuffles – Sharmazanov taking parliament speaker’s position, Haroutiunyan going back to the justice ministry, while Sargsyan to engage in diplomacy

Ruling Party entrusts Hovik Abrahamyan with power of prime minister

Yerevan Brandy Company is number one brandy producer in Armenia and number one exporter, Henri Reynaud says

Sargsyan-Abrahamyan-Tsarukyan meeting underway at Armenian President's palace

Activist of "I'm Against" initiative calls on citizens to make no utility payments until the mechanism automatically transferring pension interest to funds is cancelled

"I'm Against" civic initiative intends to apply to court against State Revenue Committee

Ivan Volynkin: Annual Conference of Russian Compatriots makes an invaluable contribution to development of relations between Armenia and Russia

CJSC "South Caucasus Railway" to participate in the Caucasus Tourism Fair - 2014

Turkish FM: The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee has acted beyond its competence by adopting a hastily and ineptly prepared draft resolution

Converse Bank goes on upgrading its offices

Orange continues making smartphones more available

ANC: Draft of constitutional reforms has been published because Serzh Sargsyan wants to divert public attention from political crisis

Turcologist: If Turkish lobbyists don't do a "dirty" job, US Senate will recognize Armenian Genocide

Staff of Anelik Bank joins Jinishian Memorial Foundation's charitable action in support of Kessab Armenians

ARFD: One of reasons why US Senate Committee has passed an Armenian Genocide resolution is spoiled relations between Turkey and US

Ruling party of Turkey: Turkish-U.S. relations can deteriorate if the U.S. doesn't take into consideration Turkey's interests in the Armenian genocide issue

VTB Bank (Armenia) enlarges network of ATMs

Arshak Sadoyan: The RPA determines the PAP's position at "barricades"

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group mulls increasing loan portfolio growth target in 2014

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group mulls increasing loan portfolio growth target in 2014

U.S. Department rep parries question about recognition of Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire

Yerevan welcomes adoption of Armenian Genocide resolution by US Senate Committee

Gagik Tsarukyan tells Serzh Sargsyan he has no intention to join ruling coalition

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Adopts Armenian Genocide Resolution


Vice-Speaker of Israeli Knesset to Deliver in Tbilisi Lecture on Israeli-Arabic Relations

German Chancellor Invites Garibashvili to Visit her Country

Georgian Foreign Minister to Visit Germany

Georgian Foreign Minister Attends International Conference in Vilnius

President to Have Exclusive Right to Grant Georgian Citizenship

NATO Week in Georgia Starts Today

Discussion of the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations on Culture and Tourism

Chief of General Staff of the RF to visit Baku

Ilham Aliyev will visit NAR

Georgian Premier Starts his Regional Tour

Georgian President to Hold Talks in Poland

Georgian Prime Minister Meets with EU Special Adviser

Erdogan is arriving in Baku

Simplification of the visa regime between the EU and Azerbaijan may occur in the summer

U.S. Embassy: Any allegations that US government representatives are trying to foment a revolution in Azerbaijan are absolutely absurd

Foreign Minister of Afghanistan to Pay Official Visit to Georgia

Georgian Foreign Ministry Makes Strict Statement, Concerning Referendum in the Crimea

President Margvelashvili Meets Georgian Troops, Deployed in Afghanistan

Georgian Premier and Afghan Foreign Minister Discuss Two Countries' Relations

Georgian Premier Holds Official Dinner in Honor of Romanian Prime Minister

Analyst: The USA invested $5 billion to directly support Maidan

Georgian Ambassador to Japan Hands over Credentials to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito of Japan.

Tbilisi Hosts Annual PDP Conference

NATO May Accelerate Georgia's Integration and Grant it MAP because of the Crimea Problem

Georgian Ambassador to Lithuania Addresses Seimas

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister in Baku

Gerhard Schroeder will make a speech in Baku

Putin is unable to persuade the leader of the Crimean Tatars

Georgian Defence Minister Attends NATO Defence Ministerial

Saakashvili is Offered High Post in Kiev


Sergey Markedonov: People living in Crimea and Karabakh saw no future for the countries they were attached to

Vahram Avanesyan: It is impossible to achieve serious results by means of standard and framework reforms

Wayne Merry: Situation around Ukraine is a serious alarm that the South Caucasus political nucleus must be seriously revised

Dariusz Prasek: EBRD demands absolute transparency from companies

Sargis Hatspanyan: When it comes to the change of regime in Armenia, the West washes hands of it

Andrey Yepivantsev: Only time may show if we have opened Pandora's box in the Crimea or not

Giorgi Tarkhan-Mouravi: Confrontation around the Crimea will speed up Ukraine's European integration

Ivan Kukhta: Ukraine has received a chance to be totally reset

Vaidotas Verba: Eastern Partnership project is not directed against anybody, it is simply for open opportunities

Vladimir Yevseev: The only way out of the situation in Ukraine for the West is through negotiations with Russia

Edward Sharmazanov: The principle of peoples’ right to self-determination tends to dominate in the world

Gevorg Poghosyan: Armenia is on an explosive-timing device and may explode at any moment

Sergey Grinyayev: Armenia has just to realize its status of an essential partner for Russia

Grigory Tishchenko: Strengthening of Russia’s positions in the South Caucasus will contribute to peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Artak Shakaryan: Armenia and Diaspora should be ready for Turkey’s imitative policy in the matter of Armenian Genocide recognition

Hovhannes Igityan: Only reason why they 'invited' Armenia into the Customs Union was to show Europe who wears the pants in the post-Soviet area

Alexander Voronin: ANELIK has almost 20% of all money transfers in the CIS

Arsen Avetisyan: We were right when we decided to start flying at winter season

07/04 20:10 Andranik Arzumanyan appointed as Director of Yerevan Opera Theater

The press service of Armenia's Culture Ministry reports that nine people applied for the post. Only two of them qualified for the second round. Andranik Arzumanyan and Gagik Manasyan.

01/04/2014 19:00

Unknown painting by I. Aivazovsky found in Yerevan

An unknown paining by Ivan K. Aivazovsky has been found during construction activities in the garret of a residential building in Yerevan, Armenia.

21/03/2014 12:50

"Parajanov" film co-director Olena Fetisova boycotts Armenia's State Award

"Parajanov" film co-director Olena Fetisova has boycotted Armenia's State Award because of Armenia's stance on the Crimean referendum.

18/03/2014 12:31

Sculptor Ara Shiraz dies at 73

Ara Shiraz was born in 1941 in Yerevan. In 1966 he graduated from Yerevan Theatrical Institute. He participated in different exhibitions in Armenia and abroad. From 1968 he was member of Armenia's Artists Union. His works were exhibited in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, Beirut, Los Angeles, Chicago, Montreal, New York, London, Paris. Ara Shiraz is characterized with his monumental sculptural works of art such as the monuments of Baruyr Sevag (Yerevan, 1974), Yeghishe Charents (Charentsavan, 1977), Alexander Miasnikyan (Yerevan, 1980), and William Saroyan (Yerevan's Pantheon, 1991).

12/03/2014 10:05

Public figures around the world request Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 to author of "Stone Dreams"

A number of public figures around the world requested the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 to Akram Aylisli, an Azerbaijani writer "who demonstrated amazing courage in the cause of overcoming hostility between the peoples of Azerbaijan and Armenia", APA reports.

12/03/2014 09:48

ArmenTel and British Council Armenia announce regional start to 12th British Film Festival

ArmenTel (Beeline trademark) and British Council Armenia have announced regional start to the 12th British Film Festival. Throughout March people in Gavar, Goris and Gyumri will be able to watch the best British films.

10/03/2014 16:49

French singer Patricia Kaas visit Yerevan Brandy Company

The company's CEO Artak Barseghyan showed the guests the Peace Cask, a barrel built in 2001 on the occasion of the visit of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and containing brandy produced in 1994 – the year when the cease-fire in Nagorno-Karabakh was declared. The cask is supposed to be opened on the day the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is settled.

10/03/2014 14:49

Patricia Kaas: I have shared my love for legendary Piaf with Armenian spectators

I have shared my love for legendary Piaf with Armenian spectators, Patricia Kaas, French singer and actress told reporters in Yerevan on 10 March. French singer Patricia Kaas performed in Yerevan on Sunday, on the eve of the official opening of a Two- Month Francophonie Season in Armenia. She performed her last album "Kaas Chante Piaf" as tribute to legendary Edith Piaf.

06/03/2014 17:16

Hayk Demoyan and Jacques Fredj agree to hold exhibitions about Armenian Genocide and Holocaust in France and Armenia

On 4th March a meeting was held between Secretary of the State Commission on the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Director of Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute Hayk Demoyan and Jacques Fredj, Director of the Shoah Memorial in Paris.

03/03/2014 16:50

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: Armenia's successes in chess result of consistent work

It is not accidentally that such small country as Armenia has become the World's Chess Champion for three times, said Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Head of FIDE, at the opening of the European 15th Individual Chess Championship to be held on March 2-15 in Yerevan. The Championship is dedicated to the memory of the World 9th Champion Tigran Petrosyan.

03/03/2014 16:44

Construction debris from cafe near Garni Temple delivered to building of Culture Ministry

According to Pre-Parliament public interest group, several dozens of people visited Garni, collected the debris in bags and delivered it to Yerevan leaving the debris near the building of the Culture Ministry. Activists threaten with more serious steps unless the construction is stopped. Activists Yeghia Nersisyan and Gevorg Safary6an were taken to the Police for soiling the territory of the Ministry and then set free in 1.5 hour.

28/02/2014 16:34

Historian: Construction of cafe near Garni Temple is illegal

The project to build a cafe near Garni Temple is illegal, historian Vahe Atanesyan told journalists on Friday.

10/02/2014 23:25

Narek Duryan: The Soviet Union wanted to make us mutton-heads but failed, and the West reached the target

ArmInfo’s interview with Narek Duryan, well-known Armenian actor and director

07/02/2014 20:06

Armenian Culture Minister comes out for construction of a cafe near pagan temple of Garni

Armenian Culture Minister Hasmik Poghosyan has come out for construction of a cafe near the pagan temple of Garni. "Why not if the construction of the cafe does not imply damaging the cultural layer?" said Poghosyan at today's press conference. "No bad project will become a reality", she said.

07/02/2014 20:02

Legendary Armenian sportsman Shavarsh Karapetyan's feat to be filmed

The legendary Armenian sportsman Shavarsh Karapetyan's feat will be filmed. The project is being worked out by Logos Film Company (Russia). The company's official website says that the film will be entitled "The Twenty Lives".

01/02/2014 19:53

Two-volume book "The Times of the Armenian Genocide" presented in Beirut

The two-volume book "The Times of the Armenian Genocide" by Katia Peltekian was presented in Beirut on January 31. The press service of the Armenian Foreign Ministry reports that the book includes over 2,000 articles and reports in the British press of 1914- 1923.