Six American States Adopting a Joint Resolution on Armenian Genocide Centennial

Political Analyst: Process of International Recognition of Armenian Genocide to be Expanded

Cem Terzi: Turkish Society Ripening for the Recognition of Armenian Genocide

Expert: April 24 Showing Scientific and Political Consensus on the Indisputability of the Armenian Genocide

U.S. State Department Representative Does not Know If the U.S. Fear Turkey

Mayor of New York commemorates centennial of Armenian Genocide - "one the worst atrocities of the 20th century"

European Movement adopts a resolution on Armenian Genocide

Ankara: Turkish nation will not forget and forgive Joachim Gauck's statements

Hollande and Aliyev discuss Karabakh conflict

Official Ankara criticizes Obama's stand on events of 1915

The Kremlin: Putin's participation in memorial events in Yerevan cannot be negatively interpreted by Ankara

Eiffel Tower and Coliseum went dark in memory of Armenian Genocide victims

Ankara strongly criticizes Francois Hollande's visit to Yerevan

Central Council of Jews in Germany advocates calling events of 1915 genocide

Ankara's Second Response to Putin's Statement on the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Vladimir Putin: Armenia and Russia Have Always Been, Are and Will Be Close Allies

Knesset Member Criticizing Israeli Government for Denying Armenian Genocide

Georgian Armenians Demonstrating in Front of Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi

Canadian Prime Minister Calling upon Yerevan and Ankara to Resume Negotiations on Normalization of Relations

Serzh Sargsyan: Ankara made vein attempt to resist or affect larger process related to recognition of genocide

First Commemorative Demonstration on the Armenian Genocide to Take Place in Rome since 1975

Erdogan: Turkey shares Armenians' pain

President of Armenia: I refuse to believe that transitory interests can shatter humanity's dreams of freedom and peace cherished for centuries

Serzh Sargsyan: "Turkey's proposal of establishing the so-called commission of historians has only one goal, which is to delay the process of the Armenian Genocide recognition"

Turkey's Labor Party (EMEK) and some local human rights organizations condemn Genocide of Armenians

Russian expert: Putin's participation in Armenian Genocide Centennial events not to edit Moscow's geopolitical maneuvering

Vladimir Putin: 1.5 mln Armenians were killed, 600 thsd were deported, unique historical monuments and invaluable books and manuscripts were destroyed in 1915

Serzh Sargsyan: "We are ready to embark upon a constructive dialogue with Turkey in case it faces its own history"

Francois Hollande: World community must remember Genocide to prevent it in future

Serbia President: "We have no moral right to forget the Armenian Genocide victims and the shocking facts of the past"

ANCA: Sad spectacle of President Obama playing word games with genocide falls beneath dignity of American people

Foreign Minister of Armenia: German President's statement important contribution to prevention of new genocides

Serzh Sargsyan: Armenia has never declared any territorial claims either to Turkey, or to any other country

Armenian president's interview with Hurriyet: "Turkish authorities taking burden of responsibility for crime perpetrated by authorities of Ottoman Empire"

Presidents of Russia, France, Serbia, and Cyprus arrive at Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan honors memory of Armenian Genocide victims

High-ranking representatives of various countries 'forming' a forget-me-not of peace near Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan

Serj Tankian calls on Armenia's leadership to create egalitarian civic society, to get rid of institutional injustices and stop depopulation of Armenia

Obama breaks his word again

Founding Parliament Movement looks to change power in Armenia

Vladimir Putin arrives in Yerevan to commemorate Armenian Genocide martyrs

Bulgarian MP: Bulgaria has refused to discuss the draft resolution on Armenian Genocide under Ankara's pressure

Congressman Schiff Reads Names of 1,000 Armenian Genocide Victims on House Floor

Nalbandian: Recurrence of genocides in XX century was result of international community's hesitation and inconsistency

Cardinal Curt Kokh: Faith Helped Armenians Survive the First Genocide of 20th Century

Turkish Politician: Turkish Society Desires the Opening of Borders with no Preconditions

Ankara responds to Austria's resolution recognizing Armenian Genocide

Ambassador: German Policy Cannot be Affected by Phone Call from Turkey

Deutshe Welle: German parliament's decisiveness and new debate about term "genocide" gained momentum thanks to Pope Francis and President Gauck

System of a Down starts a concert in Yerevan in heavy rain


Gayane Novikova: The South Caucasus states are trapped by the Ukrainian crisis

Ashot Manucharyan: Russia Does Not Need Parliamentary Armenia

Samvel Farmanyan: Turkey will recognize Armenian Genocide and will do it under pressure of its own public

Yana Amelina: "Weapon strategy" of Moscow will stop only after world geopolitical balance is restored

Vardan Voskanyan: Iran assumes functions of "a gendarme" to remove chaos in Middle East

“Angels” and “Demons” of Film Director Hovhannes Galstyan

Andrey Areshev: Karabakh-related humanitarian initiatives from Russia could be useful

Sevak Sarukhanyan: Concerns about possible emergence of ISIS in Azerbaijan focus Tehran's attention on Baku

Alexander Zinker: Israel has never before been so close to recognition of Armenian Genocide

Andrey Yepifantsev: Russia and Armenia have what to keep silence about

Promise to convict Permyakov at 102nd Russian military base in Armenia is already a big gesture of Russia

Ruben Safrastyan: Turkey fears consequences of Armenian Genocide denial

Serious trends of geopolitical changes in South Caucasus lead to clashes and redrawing of borders

Armenian Men are Also Eager to Look Young

Karine Danielyan: The women who prefer being mothers deserve the same respect as female politicians

Georgian political expert: Putin has put his mind on implementing Primakov Doctrine

Gagik Mkrtchyan: Our country not only can but also should develop industrial production

Arthur Ashughyan: Future of lapidary industry depends on how competitive and efficient it is

Avaz Hasanov: OSCE MG, Russia, EU, or U.S. can impose no pressure upon Armenia and Azerbaijan in the matter of Karabakh

22/04 14:04 Armenian banks continue to resist external shocks

Armenia's banks continue resisting external shocks, while the interval between the "shocks" is decreasing. This limits the opportunity to develop a complete system of permanent resistance to crises and prepare to repel the next shock.

22/04/2015 10:28

ArmSwissBank expects loan book to grow by 10-20% at yearend of 2015

ArmSwissBank expects its loan book to grow by 10-20% at the yearend of 2015, Gevorg Machanyan, Executive Director of "ArmSwissBank" CJSC, has told ArmInfo.

21/04/2015 19:51

Head of ArmSwissBank points out favorable conditions for activation of corporate securities market

The Armenian corporate securities market has favorable conditions for new issues, says Gevorg Machanyan, Executive Director of "ArmSwissBank" CJSC. He says that "now some stabilization in interest rates is observed and investors benefit from it". At the same time, the market faces a collateral liquidity problem, which considerably reduces the possibility of new issues of corporate securities today.

21/04/2015 19:48

ARMSWISSBANK announceS new Issue of Foreign Currency Denominated Bonds

Today, on April 21, at a special ceremony held at NASDAQ OMX Armenia ARMSWISSBANK announced the placement of the third issue of its USD denominated bonds, as well as introduced the first and the second placements of the bonds by the Bank, the press office of NASDAQ OMX Armenia reports.

21/04/2015 17:40

VTB Bank (Armenia) Evolving a New "National" Deposit Type for Non-Resident Individuals

VTB Bank (Armenia) has evolved a new - "National" deposit type for non-resident individuals of Armenia. The bank has reported to ArmInfo that one can open a deposit in AMD at the interest rate of 17.75%, USD - 6.25%; EUR - 5.45%; RUR - 11%. The deposit period is 90, 180 or 365 days. The minimum deposit sum is 500000 AMD/1000 USD or EUR/50000 RUR.

17/04/2015 08:38

1st and 2nd Issue of Foreign Currency Denominated Bonds by ARMSWISSBANK Placed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia

On April 16, 2015 placement of the first and the second issues of foreign currency denominated bonds by "ARMSWISSBANK" CJSC took place at NASDAQ OMX Armenia, the press office of NASDAQ OMX Armenia has told ArmInfo.

15/04/2015 12:27

VTB Bank (Armenia) and MasterCard announce winners of "At the Wheel with VTB" joint campaign

VTB Bank (Armenia) and MasterCard have summed up the results of the joint campaign "At the Wheel with VTB". The press service of the Bank has told ArmInfo that the campaign participants were holders of Cirrus/Maestro and MasterCard Standard cards, as well as holders of Gold MasterCards of VTB Bank (Armenia).

14/04/2015 19:59

Ameriabank launches Ameria Mobile Banking app for remote users

Ameriabank has launched an Ameria Mobile Banking app for remote users. The application allows using the key services of the Bank and managing the accounts by means of smartphones and tablets.

14/04/2015 18:18

AMD depreciation and lending reduction affect Armenia's securities market

The Armenian market of government and corporate securities faces a difficult situation, Karen Turyan, Director of the Investment Department at ArmSwissBank, has told ArmInfo.

14/04/2015 18:12

ArmSwissBank Intending to Enter the Market of Corporate Bonds

In April ArmSwissBank is intending to issue bonds and launch three disbursements of 10 million USD bonds on the market. ArmSwissBank's Management Board Member and Deputy CEO-Director of Investment Department Karen Turyan has told ArmInfo journalist that the corporate bonds are to be placed on the IPO platform of NASDAQ OMX Armenia. "ArmSwissBank" CJSC is to carry out the placement, while another member of the stock will carry out the responsibilities of the marketmaker after the listing. The CBA registered the IPO prospectus on April 7 2015. The bonds are inconvertible with the right to free-floating.

14/04/2015 00:28

RESO Company makes international medical insurance accessible in Armenia

RESO Company is implementing an international medical insurance project "Health Sector" - a unique project for the Armenian market, says Samvel Grigoryan, RESO Executive Officer, in an interview with ArmInfo.

14/04/2015 00:14

ProCredit Bank is certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard compliance certificate

ProCredit Bank press-office reports to ArmInfo that the On 07.04.2015 ProCredit Bank received certificate on compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards by Certification International UK Limited. The aim of certification is to upgrade the information security system compliance to the defined standards and policies. According to the audit check-up ProCredit Bank fully corresponds to all requirements of information security management system. The Certificate is issued for 3 years.

11/04/2015 15:16

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank Introducing the New "Saving Credits" Product for the Implementation of Energy-Saving Projects

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank has launched the new "Saving Credits" product. The presentation of the product took place on April l10 during the conference "By Saving Energy We Save Money".

10/04/2015 11:22

2 New Money Transfer Systems in Ardshinbank Starting 3rd of April, 2015

Starting from 03.04.2015 Ardshinbank offers its customers 2 new money transfer systems "Best" and "ConversTransfer", which are served in 56 branches of the Bank on the territory of RA and Nagorno-Karabakh.

10/04/2015 11:18

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank: New prospects for online trade in Armenia

To foster online trade in Armenia, ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank offers a new service. The press service of the Bank has told ArmInfo that on the websites of the companies interested in the given service, the integration of the modules will be free of charge and this condition will be in force till May 5. To make use of the service, one can apply to any branch of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank or fill in an online application on the Bank's website.

10/04/2015 11:13

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank facilitates issuance of certificates on bank accounts

The press office of the Bank has told ArmInfo that from now on the customers are only to fill in an online application on the Bank's website to receive the certificate. So, to receive the certificate, the customers will have to visit the Bank only once - on the next day after filling in the application. The certificate is issued at a relevant tariff.

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