"No!" movement to hold a rally in Liberty Square on October 30

Prosperous Armenia Party to discuss its "disobedient " MPs at Political Council's upcoming session

Rostelecom provides services to New Wave International Song Contest

Viktor Soghomonyan: Eduard Sharmazanov comments on what Robert Kocharyan did not say

Rostelecom extends application deadline for "Thank You, Internet 2015" contest up to October 15

Eduard Sharmazanov to Robert Kocharyan: Who founded the evil system the second president is speaking about?

WWF: Small-scale HPPs in Armenia do not prove their worth

Robert Kocharyan: Constitutional reforms to have rather dangerous consequences for future of Armenia

Israeli expert: Tel Aviv always acts with due regard for its own interests

Israeli expert: Tension in Karabakh conflict zone to subside following parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan

RPA dissatisfied with OSCE Minsk Group's statements on Karabakh conflict

Levon Zurabyan urges Armenian President to put off constitutional reforms

As many as 18 protesters, including MP Aram Manukyan, detained

Parliament of Armenia passes draft amendments to Constitution of Armenia with 104 votes

Views from Moscow: Those who think Russia is interested in Karabakh conflict should "disappoint" Russia with mutual concessions and conflict settlement

Situation outside Armenian Parliament growing tense

Gianni Buquicchio says Constitutional amendments of Armenia drafted in line with Venice Commission recommendations

Edward Nalbandian: Karabakh conflict should be resolved within OSCE MG format

NKR Defense Ministry: Azerbaijan breached ceasefire for over 150 times over weekend

Kazakhstan's plenipotentiary at CSTO says Collective Peacekeeping Force exercises have demonstrated high training ratio of officers

Seyran Ohanyan: Tasks of The "Indestructible Brotherhood-2015" military exercise for the CSTO Collective Peacekeeping Forces successfully implemented

Naira Zohrabyan reminds Azerbaijan of demolition of Armenian khachkars in Old Jugha

Bordyuzha urges CSTO peacekeepers to be ready for combat tasks

Newspaper: Azerbaijani foreign minister's statement about possible accession to EEU has been misinterpreted

Charitable football match between journalists and bank employees with Youri Djorkaeff's participation raises 1 million AMD

Aram Manukyan: Remembering communist times, Serzh Sargsyan decided to become committee secretary

Settlement of conflicts in South Caucasus to become one of priorities for Germany's OSCE chairmanship

German ambassador to Armenia evades "genocide" term when speaking of events of 1915

Aghasi Yenokyan: Azerbaijan wants to seize a piece of Karabakh land with Russia's help

Aliona Stratan: VTB (Armenia) revises its “risk appetite” and reorganizes business processes

Diplomat: Germany concerned over tension escalation in Karabakh conflict zone

Questions about release of Syunik governor's son remain unanswered

Armenian armed forces prevent one more Azerbaijani sabotage attack

Forecast: Syria faces no prospect of "second Afghanistan"

Forecast: Russia's military operations in Syria pursue one thing - not to let Assad's regime fall

02/10 17:19 Aliona Stratan: VTB (Armenia) revises its “risk appetite” and reorganizes business processes

Situation with loan defaults or, as professionals say, with their classification in the banking system of Armenia is not so favorable. The portfolio of non-performing loans (NPL) has increased by 52% over the year accounting for almost 10% of the total volume of bank loans. Most banks providing retail loans are aware that the general economic situation in the country is worsening, the real incomes of the population are falling making the population less solvent, and the foreign transfers - key factor of our economy – are shrinking. Eventually, they have fundamentally changed their credit policy, seriously curtailed their “risks appetites” and increased risk-management activities. ArmInfo’s correspondent had an opportunity to look into the risk-management activities of VTB Bank (Armenia), one of the biggest banks in the country. In an interview with ArmInfo, Aliona Stratan, Deputy CEO- member of the Management Board of VTB Bank (Armenia) speaks about the situation in the loan market, the crisis-induced behavior of customers, and how the Bank organizes its business process not to lose customers and minimize the risks at the same time.

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29/09/2015 15:26

VTB Bank (Armenia) offers small businesses more affordable loans at reduced interest rate

VTB Bank (Armenia) offers small businesses more affordable loans at reduced annual interest rate - starting from 13%, as well as loan facilities at the annual interest starting from 14%. A business loan for replenishment of the key assets is provided for a period of up to 5 years. Loans for replenishment of the circulating assets have a maturity of up to 3 years.

23/09/2015 00:01

Climate is favorable: US companies are interested to invest in franchise businesses in Armenia

American companies are interested to invest in franchise businesses in Armenia and are ready to introduce interesting and beneficial projects to the Armenian businessmen, U.S. Charge d'Affaires Clark Price said during a forum dedicated to the growing of Armenian-US commercial ties. "I know there are many successes waiting to be born today," U.S.

22/09/2015 20:08

Armenian Central Bank leaves refinancing rate at 10.25%

The Central Bank of Armenia has left the refinancing rate unchanged - 10.25%, the press- office of the Central Bank told ArmInfo on September 22.

22/09/2015 12:35

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank presents a new service for SMEs

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank presents a new unprecedented service in the banking system of Armenia. The service aims to support the small and medium-sized enterprises at all stages of their activities.

17/09/2015 18:20

Armenia to be presented to potential investors in New York in September 2016

With the financial support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and in collaboration with the international consortium headed by Ameria Management Advisory Company (with Pragma advisory company being a member of the consortium), the Armenian Government initiates "Armenia Investment Forum 2016" to be held in New York in September 2016. Prior to the forum, Armenia's investment programs will be presented in road-shows on different continents. The forum organizers point out that Armenia is a country with big investment prospects.

17/09/2015 16:24

VTB Bank (Armenia) offers new service "Buyout of loans for consumption"

VTB Bank (Armenia) offers a new service "Buyout of loans for consumption" which enables a customer to redeem his loan/loans in another bank/banks/credit organization/credit organizations through one loan from VTB Bank (Armenia) to minimize the monthly payments for several loans and, maybe, borrow an amount bigger than the existing borrowing from other banks/credit organizations.

17/09/2015 16:23

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank launches ACBA Mobile and Phone Banking services

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank has launched an ACBA Mobile app for iOS and Android-based devices. The Bank has also launched a Phone Banking service for individual customers. The service allows the customers to promptly make banking transactions without visiting the Bank. The official presentation of the new services took place on September 16.

17/09/2015 12:30

Ameriabank offers SMEs business loans in Armenian dram at 13.5% annual interest

Ameriabank offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) business loans in terms of the Armenian dram (AMD) at 13.5% annual interest. The bank looks to help legal entities and private businessmen get circulating and fixed assets necessary for development. Ameriabank's press-office told ArmInfo loans are provided under GAF SME finance projects.

15/09/2015 20:44

The foster children of Gavar Boarding School won the top of Armagan mountain

Foster children and teachers of Gavar Boarding School, as well as children from poor families, together with the staff of the ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and Armenian representation of the "World Vision Armenia" international charity organization climbed to the top of the mountain Armagan of Geghama mountain ranges (Gegarkunik region), acsending more than 2800 meters on September 11.

11/09/2015 20:18

VTB Bank (Armenia) facilitates procedure of public utility charges - automatic charging from accounts

VTB Bank (Armenia) offers its customers contracts on automatic charging of public utility payments per month, which is timesaving. According to the Bank's press-office, the customer can mention the charging date in the contact and maximum limits per type of the public utility charge. Customers will be receiving short messages about the public utility charges on the 12th of every month to make sure that the amount subject to automatic charging is right.

10/09/2015 20:50

Ameriabank launches new online card transfer system

In the frames of distant banking services Ameriabank has introduced a new system of card-based online money transfers, which requires only internet connection and card/account number registration.

05/09/2015 13:29

Rosgosstrakh-Armenia Insurance Company launches charitable campaign for Children Care and Protection Center in Gyumri

Rosgosstrakh-Armenia Insurance Company representative visited the Children Care and Protection Center after F. Nansen in Gyumri on September 4.

05/09/2015 13:28

It is possible to register, pay and acquire MTPL, life, accident, real estate and property insurance in VTB Armenia Bank

The insurance policy for the four classes is now possible to register, pay for and acquire in the VTB Armenia Bank, which is MTPL, insurance of real estate and property, health insurance, accident insurance. These are the insurance policies with a convenient and popular set of conditions, risks and sums insured. Convenience for the customer is that there is now no longer needed to go to the office of the insurance company for registration.

05/09/2015 13:27

Anelik Bank leader in term of retail lending growth

Anelik Bank was the leader in terms of the retail lending growth in Armenia as of July 1 2015. According to ArmInfo's Financial Rating of Armenian Banks, as of July 1 2015, Anelik Bank increased its loan portfolio by 61.5% (amid 10,7% average market growth), leaving behind the other banks. The improved its positions over the year, was up three positions in the rating to the top ten of banks in terms of retail lending.

02/09/2015 18:31

VTB Bank (Armenia) keeps supporting improvement of School No.21 of Russian Defense Ministry

VTB Bank (Armenia) keeps supporting the improvement of secondary school No.21 of the Russian Defense Ministry. The school is located in Kanaker administrative district, Yerevan.