Rostelecom (Armenia) initiated free trainings for improving senior citizens' computer literacy

Frontier Department of Russian Federal Security Service is always ready to defend state border of Armenia

Dashnaktsutyun: Many in power circles oppose constitutional reforms because they benefit from current situation

Zhirayr Sefilyan: Most of armed group members detained by National Security Service are victims

President of Football Federation of Armenia says no one should edge into his talk with national football team

In Armenia people prefer sons to daughters, acoording to a UN survey

Republican Party says forces opposing parliamentary system of government once advocated for it

Zhirayr Sefilyan: Serzh Sargsyan will have to choose between fate of Ceausescu and Yanukovic

Armenian MP: Downing of Russian plane draws world's attention to problem of Turkey's cooperation with terrorists

Yevgeny Kaspersky: Armenia has to enlarge quantity of skilled specialists through advanced educational programs

Hovik Abrahamyan is sure that 30% of Shirak's population will vote "for" constitutional amendments

Union of Armenians of Russia supports Russian lawmakers' bill penalizing Armenian Genocide denial

Players of Armenian football team deny accusations by Ruben Hayrapetyan

New Armenia Front ready to assist law enforcers in public order and national security enforcement

Maria Zakharova: Turkey's stab in the back of Russia will not be left without response

Russian experts: Turkey will not go beyond inflammatory rhetoric in Karabakh issue

FPWC and VivaCell-MTS provide street lighting to Gomq community of Vayots Dzor region,

Sociologist: One-third of enterprises registered in SME segment of Armenia do not function

Defense Ministry: Nothing threatens Armenian peacekeeper's life in Mali

Syunik Governor says residents in his region will sure vote for Constitutional amendments

Rostelecom to hold events enhancing computer literacy in Armenia

Ameriabank signs 25 mln USD syndicated loan agreement with FMO and OeEB for financing of SME and renewable energy

Ucom subscribers can pay for services at VTB Bank (Armenia) round the clock

Baku criticizes Russia24 channel

Prosecutor General's Office institutes a criminal case based on files submitted by Levon Zurabyan

Beeline Armenia CEO presented "Success Path" lecture for Leaders' Club members

National Philharmonic Orchestra has marked closing of concert season 2015, emphasizing role of VivaCell-MTS in implementation of initiatives of orchestra

Court upholds motion of Armenia's National Security Service to arrest Arthur Vardanyan

All countries of CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, except Azerbaijan, condemn downing of Russian plane by Turkey

National Security Service of Armenia: Detained citizens start giving evidence

Naryshkin to Ankara: Crimes of the past should be condemned properly

Raffi Hovannisian's political passivity reason is two weddings and several funerals

Expert: Promises of paradise in Armenia "roam" from one constitutional referendum to another

Yerevan: Selective approach to principles and elements in Karabakh peace process will make settlement impossible

Illegitimate regime that seized power in Armenia must leave: Raffi Hovannisian

New Armenia Front: Zhirayr Sefilyan's wife attacked

Zhirayr Sefilyan: KGB-style government in the country remained in the past

INECOBANK launches "InecoQuest" adventure contest under "Open the cashbox full of millions" motto

Geoteam CJSC invested 240 thousand USD in its social projects in 2015

VivaCell-MTS: From now on "Personal", "City Talks" and "Special" tariff plans are also available to non-residents living in Armenia

German Ambassador: Terror attacks in Paris were aimed not only against France but all Europe and pan- European values

Armenian National Congress: Information that one of criminal group's detainees is connected with opponents of Constitutional reforms is dirty propaganda

Call Center of VTB Bank (Armenia) daily serves an average of 3000 incoming and outgoing calls

Beeline "Call Me +" service subscribers can send messages abroad requesting to call back

Levon Zurabyan to provide Prosecutor General with video showing attempts to bribe "No!" Front proxies

Minister says situation around Football Federation of Armenia will come to light soon

SCR achieves profitability due to rigid balance between revenues and expenses and launch of resource- saving projects

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia welcomes possible criminalizing of Armenian Genocide denial by Russia

Deputy Foreign Minister: Use of Russian military base in Armenia should be agreed with Armenia

Hovhannes Sahakyan to Levon Ter-Petrosyan: Profound Constitutional reforms will help Armenia to counter external challenges

27/11 19:01 Ameriabank signs 25 mln USD syndicated loan agreement with FMO and OeEB for financing of SME and renewable energy

Ameriabank signed a 25mln USD syndicated loan agreement with Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) and Development Bank of Austria (OeEB). As the bank's press-service informed ArmInfo on November 27, these funds are aimed at crediting small and medium businesses, financing of renewable energy and projects of energy efficiency.

27/11/2015 19:00

Ucom subscribers can pay for services at VTB Bank (Armenia) round the clock

From now on one can pay for Ucom services at the branches of VTB Bank (Armenia). The press office of the Bank has told ArmInfo that individuals can pay for the following Ucom services: IP television, internet, digital fixed telephony, as well as package services.

26/11/2015 23:48

INECOBANK launches "InecoQuest" adventure contest under "Open the cashbox full of millions" motto

INECOBANK launches InecoQuest adventure contest under "Open the cashbox full of millions" motto. The winner of the quest will be the person, who will have the code of the cashbox, containing 3 mln AMD. As the bank's press-service informed ArmInfo, one should start traveling in the virtual reality and overcome the given tasks by using the up-to-date mobile banking applications. As a result the password of the cash box may be found.

26/11/2015 23:39

Call Center of VTB Bank (Armenia) daily serves an average of 3000 incoming and outgoing calls

The Call Center of VTB Bank (Armenia) is a qualitative and effective way of communicating with clients. The Center daily serves 3000 incoming and outgoing calls at an average. As the Bank's press-service informed ArmInfo, serving of such a large number of calls related to different business areas would be impossible without a professional and motivated team. The number of the Call Center's staff has grown to 20 high-qualified employees and the number of average monthly observed sales is 1700 various products/services.

24/11/2015 19:17

ARARATBANK announces 10th jubilee issue of coupon bonds guided by investors' high demand for currency dealing

On November 24, 2015 during a press conference held at NASDAQ OMX Armenia ARARATBANK announced the 10th issue of coupon bonds by the Company. ARARATBANK issued 80,000 coupon bonds with nominal value of USD 25, coupon rate of 7.00% and maturity of 2 years. David Haruthunyan, Deputy CEO, ARARATBANK, noted that the first placement of these bonds is scheduled from November 25 to December 1 , and the secondary placement of the bonds on NASDAQ OMX Armenia stock exchange will start on January 11, 2016 and finish on December 1, 2017.

24/11/2015 18:17

VTB Bank (Armenia) team takes 2nd place in Amateur Chess Blitz Championship in Armenian banking system

VTB Bank (Armenia) team took the 2nd place in the 8th Amateur Chess Blitz Championship in the Armenian banking system, the Bank's press-office told ArmInfo.

23/11/2015 19:06

Anelik Bank calls for its depositors to participate in "New Year in Dubai" campaign

On the threshold of New Year Anelik Bank provides its depositors with an opportunity to participate in "New Year in Dubai" campaign, during which the package tour to UAE for two persons and a lot of valuable prizes (phones, tablets, TV sets) will be drown. The winner of the tour package to Dubai will also receive Visa Gold Hotel-Express card.

20/11/2015 17:51

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank holds regular business seminars for SMEs

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank was the first bank to launch business seminars for small and medium enterprises. The businessmen learn how to promote and develop business in all stages at the regular business seminars. As the press-service of the Bank informed ArmInfo, the next seminar will be held between November 24 and 27. At the last seminar the participants were presented the five most actual topics, and through these topics the participants were shown how to upgrade their theoretical and practical knowledge of business process management and use of marketing tools.

20/11/2015 17:14

VTB Bank (Armenia) funds construction of "Strawberry Field" energy efficient greenhouse

VTB Bank (Armenia) has funded the construction of the "Klubnichnaya Polyana" LLC energy efficient greenhouse facility. The facility occupies an area of 3 hectares in Nor Geghi village (Kotayk province of Armenia). The press office of the Bank has told ArmInfo that the greenhouse will grow strawberries by means of up-to-date technologies that secure high yield and high quality of the product.

10/11/2015 16:53

VTB Bank (Armenia) issues 500.000th jubilee card

VTB Bank (Armenia) issued 500.000th card. As the press-service of the Bank informs, 27-year-old Ani Pashikyan became the jubilee cardholder. She is a salary client of the Bank and currently teaches informatics in a school of Saralandj village in Shirak region. The 500.000th cardholder was awarded in the VTB Bank headquarters. The CEO of VTB Yuriy Gusev gave Ani Pashikyan a certificate of 500.000 AMD and this sum was transferred to the client's salary card at the same day.

10/11/2015 15:55

Rosgosstrakh Armenia makes its one millionth MTPL policy

Rosgosstrakh Armenia Insurance Company made over 1 million motor third party liability (MTPL) policies by October 1, 2015. It is the only insurance company in Armenia to make its one-millionth MTPL policy. According to Rosgosstrakh Armenia press- office, this fact speaks of the high level of consumer trust that company has been enjoying during the five years of its operation in the country.

03/11/2015 16:55

Armenian MPs do not show off, Hrayr Tovmasyan thinks

National Assembly's Chief of Staff Hrayr Tovmasyan thinks that expenditures of the National Assembly are calculated maximum correctly and the Mps do not show off, he told journalists on November 3. Particularly, he noted that MPs, administration staff and even the vice speakers of the parliament fly by economy class for working visits.

03/11/2015 09:44

Areximbank and VEGA GROUP conduct a joint pre-New Year campaign

On November 2, Areximbank-Gazprombank Group and VEGA GROUP, a chain of electric and electric equipment stores, launched a joint pre-New Year campaign. The campaign is called "Boomerang" and it will last till December 10, 2015.

31/10/2015 19:52

Survey by Ameria: Internet access in Armenia grew 36-fold in 2000-2013

43.6% of Armenia's population have internet access, according to the survey "Internet and On-line Banking: Development Prerequisites in Armenia" conducted by Ameria Management Advisory Services. The survey findings were presented on Octobe

31/10/2015 19:42

Bank Anelik: 3D Secure system upgrades security of e-commerce with Visa and MasterCard

3D Secure system has upgraded security of e-commerce for holders of Visa and MasterCard of Anelik Bank, the Bank's press-office told ArmInfo. E-payments at online shops are now more secure thanks to the security systems Verified by Visa ad MasterCard Secure Code.

27/10/2015 19:39

ACBA Leasing is the first in Armenia to launch consumer leasing for individuals

ACBA Leasing is the first in Armenia to launch consumer leasing for individuals. The press office of the company has told ArmInfo that due to the novelty, the individuals will be able to acquire consumer goods (including bicycles, solar energy collectors) at prices ranging from 200 thsd to 15 mln AMD. The redemption period ranges from 3 to 84 months. Along with the consumer leasing, the company also provides an Express Car Leasing service.