31/07 15:28 VTB Bank (Armenia) and UNIstream Launching "Successful Transfer" Offer

VTB Bank (Armenia) and UNIstream are launching a "Successful Transfer" offer for all individuals who transfer and receive money through UNIstream system. The offer will stand starting Aug 1 till Nov 1, 2015.

29/07/2015 14:00

Winners of Ameriabank's "Banking in Incredible Situations" contest receive GoPro Hero 4 Silver cameras

Ameriabank has summed up the results of the "Banking in Incredible Situations" contest. The award ceremony took place at Ameriabank's head office on July 28. The press office of the Bank has told ArmInfo that Arthur Harutyunyan and Gor Nazaryan gained the first and the second places, respectively. They were awarded GoPro Hero 4 Silver cameras. A total of 43 people with 63 photos participated in the contest.

24/07/2015 19:08

VTB Bank (Armenia) Offering 1.8-mln-AMD worth Student Loans

VTB Bank (Armenia) is offering a loan programme to students who have got admitted to a university and have to pay a tuition fee. The bank's press office has informed ArmInfo that the loan will be allocated in AMD with a maturity of up to 10 years with 12% interest rate; Ministry of Finance will subsidize 2% of the interest rate.

24/07/2015 15:25

Successful inaugural bond issue listing on Vienna Stock Exchange encourages Ardshinbank to launch another bigger issue on Irish Stock Exchange

The successful inaugural bond issue listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange has encouraged Ardshinbank to launch a second issue on the Irish Stock Exchange. The second issue proves to be bigger than the first one. This time the issue has amounted to $100 million with a public offering. The coupon yield is 12% and the payment frequency is once every six months. The nominal value of the bonds is $100 thsd. The redemption of the second issue bonds expires on 29 July 2020. The lead manager of the second issue, like in the first case, is J.P. Morgan Securities Plc.

23/07/2015 18:06

EFSD Council Taking a Political Decision to Allocate 300-Mln-USD Loan to Armenia

Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development council has taken a decision to allocate a 300-mln-USD loan to Armenia. Interfax Agency informs that Sergey Storchak, the Deputy Finance Minister of Russia, has said that the Fund specialists are working on a programme for achieving loan purposes.

22/07/2015 21:16

Anelik Bank's "Hot Summer" Deposit Attracting 1700 more Investors

Anelik Bank's "Hot Summer" deposit has attracted 1700 more investors, it has also boosted the deposit portfolio, Hayk Mkrtchyan, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board /CEO, Business Development Director, told ArmInfo journalist during the July 22 "Hot Summer" offer prize drawing.

22/07/2015 12:58

Ameriabank launches Ameria Phone Banking for remote banking users

Ameriabank has created a new opportunity for remote banking users. The press office of the Bank has told ArmInfo that before September 30 the individual customers of Ameriabank can connect to Ameria Phone Banking free of charge.

20/07/2015 11:21

VTB Bank (Armenia) Suggesting Using Safe Boxes during Summer Recess

VTB Bank (Armenia) suggests using its safe boxes during summer recess and long-term business trips to ensure the security of money, jewellery, important documents, etc, the Bank's press-office has informed ArmInfo. The bank bears responsibility for the proper functionality of its safe boxes, ensures the inviolacy of the latter and confidentiality of customer information. For safety reasons safe boxes are placed in incombustible rooms behind armored doors. Only the client or his/her authorized representative can get access to the box.

09/07/2015 00:57

VTB Bank (Armenia) Funding the Construction of "Urban Logistic Services" Center in Yerevan

VTB Bank (Armenia) has funded the construction of the "Urban Logistic Services" - a modern, highly-qualified, multifunctional center in Yerevan, the bank's press-office has informed ArmInfo.

09/07/2015 00:56

HSBC Armenia Awards Its Trade Finance Best Customers - Glass World Company, Gold's Fitness, MAP, "Shen Holding" Ё Ucom

HSBC Armenia has awarded its trade finance best customers - Glass World Company, Gold's Fitness, MAP, "Shen Holding" Ё Ucom. The distribution of awards took place in the headquarters of the bank on July 8.

03/07/2015 20:56

Areximbank-Gasprombank Group Propelling its Statutory Capital to a Leading Position

Areximbank-Gasprombank Group is propelling its statutory capital to a leading position and its total capital into the TOP-5. The statutory capital of the bank is to be replenished by 4.7 more bln AMD or 10 mln USD. The bank's press-office has informed ArmInfo that the decision was take during the June 30 extraordinary meeting of the shareholders of Areximbank-Gasprombank Group.

03/07/2015 20:51

Volume of VTB Bank (Armenia) "VISA VTB Cosmopolitan" Non-Cash Operations Increased by more than 40%

The volume of VTB Bank (Armenia) "VISA VTB Cosmopolitan" non-cash operations has increased by more than 40%, while the number of cards increased by more than 20%, It was announced on July 3, in the course of a draw conducted by VTB Bank (Armenia), Visa International Payment System, and Cosmopolitan Armenia Magazine as part of a joint campaign. The draw involved all the VTB Cosmopolitan Visa Gold cardholders.

02/07/2015 19:31

Joint Offer from INECOBANK, ARAY and Technolife - 15% Return of Non-Cash Payment to Cardholders

INECOBANK, along with ARAY and Technolife electronic- device stores have launched a joint offer - 15% of non-cash payment is to be returned to cardholders.

30/06/2015 03:03

"Armenbrok" OJSC the Market-Maker of Armswissbank's Three Debut USD Issues of Denominated Bonds

"Armenbrok" Investment Company OJSC has become the market-maker of Armswissbank's three debut USD issues (SWISB1, SWISB2, SWISB3 stock abbreviations) of denominated bonds. The Bank's press-office has informed ArmInfo that Armbrok was assigned the status on June 26 in accordance with stock rules of NASDAQ OMX Armenia. As the creator of Armswissbank's USD bonds market Armbrok will provide constant bilateral quotation of securities thus increasing their liquidity in the second market.

30/06/2015 03:01

From Now on VTB Bank (Armenia) Cardholders can Automatically Check their Card Account Balance

VTB Bank (Armenia) is expanding its remote services. The bank's new offer will provide its clients with the opportunity to automatically check their card account balance. The bank's press-office has informed that VTB Bank payment cardholders can control their balance from all over the world at any time of day or night.

26/06/2015 22:41

Economist: Energy sector of Armenia needs the same model used in banking system

The energy sector of Armenia needs the same model used in the banking system, Bagrat Asatryan, former chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia, said at a press conference in Yerevan.