This year's Viktor Ambartsumian International Prize to be awarded in Yerevan Sept 17

Levon Zurabyan: By regularly changing its Constitution, Armenia is beginning to resemble "banana republics"

A member of the parliament from ARFD calls to listen to the viewpoint of the 124 year old party and take part in the constitutional reforms

2,000-year-old frescoes found in territory of Greater Armenia

Ruben Hakobyan voices the conditions in case of which Heritage party will support Constitutional reforms

Archeologists find an old tomb of a high-class man on the side of Mount Aragats

Seyran Ohanyan: The countersabotage systems set at the borders of Armenia and Karabakh

OSCE MG U.S. Co-Chair: A big window has emerged in the Karabakh peace process

Eduard Sharmazanov: World community must strongly condemn destruction of Armenian cultural and historical heritage in Turkey and Azerbaijan

President of Armenia promises with a problem of citizens deceived by Tonus company and respond in two days

Head of Armenian Parliament's Committee for State and Legal Affairs to present Karabakh frontier guards with night vision devices

Edward Sharmazanov: Anakara's inefficiency is a linchpin in the matter of ensuring security in Europe

Edward Sharmazanov: Azerbaijani provocations imperil stability of the entire Black Sea region

ECHR demands explanations from Baku over refusal to repatriate body of Armenian captive Karen Petrosyan

Russian expert: The resolution of the Basque Provinces is a logical continuation of the lobbyist line on recognition of the statehood of Nagornyy Karabakh

Giorgi Gvimradze: Russia's fate hangs in the balance in Ukraine

Replenishment of authorized capital to allow Anelik Bank to multiply its achievements and launch more ambitious projects

Ashot Manucharyan: Neither the West nor the OSCE Minsk Group can settle the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

MP from Prosperous Armenia Party slums his colleagues from Republican Party for dissimulation and inconstancy

Parliament member: Prosperous Armenia Party goes to the regular election, but is ready to any force-major situations

Seven media organizations condemn attack on female reporter by Armenian Parliament's Security Head

Seyran Ohanyan: All persons responsible for omissions in military units will be severely punished

Latest models of Lenovo mobile phones are now available at VivaCell-MTS service centers

Seyran Ohanyan: Hakob Injighulyan, an Armenian captive who was handed over by Azerbaijan to a third country, is willing to return to Armenia

Levon Zurabyan: For the first time Prosperous Armenia Party says retention of power by incumbent authorities inadmissible

Gipuzkoa Province (Spain) President recognizes Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival to kick off on 1 October

NSW Legislative Council adopts motion, adding its voice to international condemnation of Azerbaijan on its aggression directed towards Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh and Republic of Armenia

Armenian DM: Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh will not accept one-sided concessions in Nagorno-Karabakh peace process

Seyran Ohanyan visits army unit where a soldier committed suicide lately

Yerevan Brewery fined $1.5mln

VivaCell-MTS and Synopsys Armenia continue successful cooperation with the European Regional Academy to provide Armenia with industry ready graduates

12/09 19:07 Replenishment of authorized capital to allow Anelik Bank to multiply its achievements and launch more ambitious projects

CreditBank S.A.L. (Lebanon), the sole owner of Anelik Bank, has replenished the authorized capital of Anelik Bank by 1 billion AMD through direct investment. The press service of Anelik Bank has told ArmInfo that CreditBank S.A.L. took the decision on replenishment of the authorized capital in May 2014. The funds will be spent on implementation of the strategic plan of the Bank, retention of the development rates, as well as expansion of the spectrum of services.

11/09/2014 16:49

VTB Bank (Armenia) finances construction of modern multi-function residential estate in Yerevan

VTB Bank (Armenia) has financed the construction of a modern multi-function residential estate in Yerevan's Malatia-Sebastia community.

05/09/2014 19:14

Anelik Bank extends the range of Simple-Fast loans

Anelik Bank is extending the range of its Simple- Fast loans. This time the Bank is launching a Simple-Fast Progress loan. The press service of Anelik Bank has told ArmInfo that the loan is provided in terms of USD for up to 5 years. The maximum amount is $2000, and the interest rate ranges from 5% to 16.3% p.a.

05/09/2014 12:37

Ameriabank offers customers to make brokerage operations via MetaTrader terminals

Ameriabank is expanding the spectrum of its financial instruments for individual customers. The Bank's press service has told ArmInfo that Ameriabank is the first in the banking system of Armenia to offer its customers to make brokerage operations via the MetaTrader terminals.

05/09/2014 12:35

Anelik Bank's branches to work on Saturdays

On Sept 1 2014 four branches of Anelik Bank (Davtashen, Baghramyan and Malatia in Yerevan and Gyumri in Gyumri) started working on Saturdays from 10:00 AM till 02:00 PM.

04/09/2014 01:32

Anelik Bank intends to replenish its capital by 1 bln AMD by late 2014 and start the year 2015 with profit

Anelik Bank intends to replenish its capital by 1 bln AMD by late 2014 and start the year 2015 with profit, Nerses Karamanukyan, Chairman of the Board of Anelik Bank, has told ArmInfo when commenting on the Bank's plans to start operating at a profit.

04/09/2014 01:30

Anelik Bank opens its 7th office in Yerevan

Anelik Bank has opened its 7th office in Yerevan, at the Malatia-Sebastia administrative district (Raffi Street 39). The office offers the full specter of the banking services.

02/09/2014 20:19

Converse Bank announces second launch of "Team of the Future" program in 2014

Converse Bank has completed the first "Team of Future" 2014 program and launched the second program for the next recruitment of young people. Within a month and a half, the leading experts of the Bank trained 25 young people under a specially elaborated program, the press service of Converse Bank has told ArmInfo.

02/09/2014 20:11

VTB Bank (Armenia) takes the lead in brand awareness among Armenia's banks

VTB Bank (Armenia) has once again taken the absolute lead in all parameters of brand awareness in Yerevan and 4 towns in marzes, according to a survey conducted by the IPM Research Institute for Polling and Marketing in the first half of 2014.

01/09/2014 22:32

VTB Bank (Armenia) funds repair and equipment of math classroom at secondary school No.21

Ahead of the new educational year, VTB Bank (Armenia) has funded and organized capital repair of a math classroom at the secondary educational school No.21 under Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. The school is located in the Kanaker administrative district in Yerevan. The Bank presented the school with computers and multimedia projector. The classroom is intended for the pupils of the secondary and high schools.

29/08/2014 19:55

VTB Bank (Armenia) presents gifts to children of Full Life NGO's Inclusive Summer Camp

On 28 August 2014, the summer camp season closing took place at the Full Life NGO's Inclusive Summer Camp (Elen Recreation Center in Stepanavan, Armenia) renovated with the support of VTB Bank (Armenia). The actors of the Yerevan Theatre for Young Audiences visited the children and gave the performance "The Musicians of Bremen".

29/08/2014 17:32

Union of Banks of Armenia hosts discussions on development problems of Armenia's financial and banking sector

On August 28, the Union of Banks of Armenia (UBA) hosted a meeting of the heads of Armenian banks and Armenian Offices of international organizations, namely, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Finance Corporation.

28/08/2014 21:21

Armenian Deputy Minister of Finance: The stadium will not pay off all debts of Armavia

Placing the Mika Stadium on auction will not pay off all the debts of Armavia air carrier, Pavel Safaryan, Deputy Finance Minister of Armenia, told journalists on Thursday.

28/08/2014 21:20

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank issues student loans within 15 minutes

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank has issued over 31 thousand student loans over the past ten years. The press service of the Bank has told ArmInfo that the lending procedure for students is considerably facilitated now - the loan is provided within 15 minutes only.

27/08/2014 18:57

VTB Bank (Armenia) consumers may now get standing orders for paying for Beeline services

VTB Bank (Armenia) is enlarging its cooperation with Beeline: from now on it will provide its card or bank account holders with standing orders for paying for Beeline services.

27/08/2014 18:56

Anelik Bank presents a new credit product - Simple-Fast Extra

On August 26 Anelik Bank launched a new card credit product - Simple-Fast Extra. The press service of Anelik Bank has told ArmInfo that the loan is provided in US dollars only. The maximum amount of the loan is 1400 USD, the interest rate is 16.8% p.a. and the redemption period is 60 months. No income certificate is required.