Tevan Poghosyan: Armenia experiences no positive results from EEU membership

Beeline continues cooperation with Nakashian Children's Home

Actor Vardan Petrosyan will be serving his sentence at prison with open regime

Economist: Armenia can refuse single currency of EEU if it wants

Two years of Armenia's Eurasian path have deteriorated situation in almost all areas, Union of Informed Citizens says

A fragment of ceramic boiler has been found in the lake Issyk Kul with Armenian and Syrian letters in the seals

Study: Vacation budget of the RA citizens does not exceed USD 500

Beeline "Twins" Service - unlimited Internet at home and on the phone

Parliament Speaker: PACE should prevent Baku's non-democratic actions

Expert: Monopoly in fuel market will not allow reducing fuel prices in Armenia

Expert: Hybrid form of governance is best possible option for Armenia

VTB Bank (Armenia) keeps supporting improvement of School No.21 of Russian Defense Ministry

MP: During Lavrov's visit to Baku, Azerbaijan used all mechanisms to get concessions in Karabakh peace process

10,000-year-old bison bone found at bottom of Lake Sevan, Armenia

Armenian Foreign Ministry disclaims reports on seizure of Armenian quarters in Damascus by ISIL

Personal income tax for Armenian citizens in Russia is 13%

"No To Plunder! and "Rise Up, Armenia!" movements to be fighting against electricity price hikes in Armenia together

"No To Plunder!" movement to march against electricity price hikes on Sept 11

Vatican beatifies catholic bishop murdered during 1915 genocide

Union: Armenian government has made a decision to ease the consequences of electricity price hike, unaware of how much it will cost the country

Head of SCRW: the dynamic of safety assurance indicators improved twice

The new Turkish Minister for the Affairs with the EU: Massacre of the Armenians happened and it is recognized by all countries

Detained activists of No To Plunder! Movement set free

Defense Ministry: Two Armenian soldiers wounded as Azerbaijan breaches ceasefire on Armenian- Azerbaijani border

Five activists were arrested on Baghramyan Avenue

Konstantin Kazenin: Turkey and Iran have no technologies to increase their influence in the North Caucasus so far

Galust Sahakyan: Armenian authorities fear no movements coming out against constitutional reforms

Hovik Abrahamyan expects to receive a high post following constitutional reforms

Azerbaijan breaches ceasefire for about 120 times

Defense Minister: Armenian detachments control the situation

Prime Minister: Economic situation in Armenia depends on EEU countries' economies

40 students of internship program to work at Beeline

CIS countries to do without USD

Criminal case instituted over fact of police's violence against demonstrator

Prime Minister: Arpine Hovhannisyan is one of the probable candidates for justice minister's post

Azerbaijani MFA to "Blacklist" those Foreigners who Attend Lubov Kazanorvskaya's Concert in Stepanakert

Ara Papyan: In geopolitical perspective by having quite favourable conditions to conduct foreign policy, Armenia is not ready to make use of it

Constitutional Court Member: Regardless Drawbacks New Draft Constitution is Considered a Step Forward

Political expert: Turkish authorities make a miscalculation by calling snap parliamentary elections

Head of Russian Sports Federation: Sports laws oblige Azerbaijan to permit Henrikh Mkhitaryan's entry to Azerbaijan

LOT (Poland) to resume flights to Yerevan on 1 Jan 2016


02/09 18:31 VTB Bank (Armenia) keeps supporting improvement of School No.21 of Russian Defense Ministry

VTB Bank (Armenia) keeps supporting the improvement of secondary school No.21 of the Russian Defense Ministry. The school is located in Kanaker administrative district, Yerevan.

29/08/2015 10:01

To mark the 150th anniversary HSBC will allocate US$150m in community projects and local charities

To mark the 150th anniversary HSBC wants to allocate US$150m fund available to community projects and local charities over three years (2015- 2017) says the press service of the bank. The US$150m fund is in addition to the US$114 million HSBC makes available to community investment programmes globally each year.

29/08/2015 09:57

Jermuk branch ensured three-fold increase of capture portfolio and became the winner of the contest among the VTB Armenia Bank

Jermuk branch ensured three-fold increase of capture portfolio and became the willer of the contest among the VTB Armenia Bank. The press service of the bank told ArmInfo, that the competition was held during 3 months among employees of 65 branches of VTB Bank (Armenia) to ensure the maximum the percentage of growth of the portfolio of term deposits of physical entities in AMD.

27/08/2015 08:47

VTB Bank (Armenia) most recognizable bank brand in Armenia

Institute for Poling and Marketing - IPM Research Armenia - conducted a survey in the first half of 2015 to find how recognizable the VTB Bank is on the local market. Eventually, IPM Research called VTB Bank (Armenia) as most recognizable bank brand across the country.

26/08/2015 11:19

Anelik Bank implemented a joint Hotel Express VISA Gold card

Anelik Bank has implemented joint Hotel Express VISA Gold card, allowing cardholders to travel safer and more pleasant. The press service of the bank told ArmInfo, that Hotel Express VISA Gold includes a package of special privileges provided for travel, holiday, visits to restaurants and shopping. Holders of this card are the privileged members of the travelers club and receive a special discount of 80 thousand hotels in 140 countries around the world.

26/08/2015 11:15

Applications for "Certification of Organic Agricultural Product" Contest now Available on ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank Website

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) are holding a contest on the joint project "Certification of Organic Agricultural Product". Those who would like to participate in the contest can download the application form the ACBA Bank website, the Bank's press office has informed ArmInfo on Aug 25.

26/08/2015 10:28

ACBA ON-LINE system is replenished with a new feature - from now on all ACBA ON-LINE users have an opportunity to make transfers from their card accounts

The bank press service informed ArmInfo that ACBA ON-LINE system is replenished with a new feature - from now on all ACBA ON-LINE users have an opportunity to make transfers from their card accounts.

25/08/2015 13:01

Newspaper: Company of former member of Republican Party, MP Tigran Arzaqantsyan turns bankrupt

Haykakan Zhamanak, a Yerevan-based newspaper, writes that Tigran Arzaqantsyan, the former member of the Republican Party's parliamentary faction, the owner of Great Valley Company, is experiencing financial problems. It has become known that his company turned bankrupt yet in February.

25/08/2015 10:34

VTB Bank (Armenia) launches Anelik-Visa Direct service - transferring money directly to Visa accounts

VTB Bank (Armenia) has launched a new service - Anelik-Visa Direct service - transferring money directly to Visa accounts via Anelik system of money transfers without the need to visit the Bank or connect to the Call Center.

25/08/2015 10:33

Economist: The Regulator probably retains the USD agiotage

According to the observations of consumers for a few days Armenian currency exchange offices have sharply limited the US dollar sale to the population. "In all likelihood, the central bank has obliged the currency exchange offices to sell the currency in a limited number" - suggests an economist, a senior researcher at the Institute of Economics of NAS RA Vilen Khachatryan.

25/08/2015 10:21

Areximbank-GPB Group looks to develop SME finance as promising sector

Areximbank-Gazprombank (GPB) Group looks to focus on SME finance in the current year, as a promising sector, the press-office of the Bank told ArmInfo.

20/08/2015 10:11

Anelik Bank offers a new card service - revolver credit lines up to AMD 5 million or USD/EUR 15 thousand

Anelik Bank, constantly updating and expanding the range of financial instruments in accordance with the requirements of customers, offers a new card service - revolving (renewable) credit lines of up to 5 million drams or 15 thousand. Dollars / euros. According to the press service of the bank, the revolving credit facility is available in six fold amount of the net monthly income of the borrower. The limit of the credit line does not exceed 5 million Drams or 15 thousand Dollars / euros

14/08/2015 17:41

Inecobank Facilitating Money Transfer SMS or Phone Call Means

Inecobank has facilitated means for money transfers through an SMS or a phone call. Inecobank is connected to systems such as INTER EXPRESS, MONEY GRAM, UNISTREAM, INTEL EXPRESS, AVERS, ANELIK, SIGUE and CONVERS TRANSFER.

11/08/2015 20:07

Central Bank of Armenia reduces refinancing rate from 10.5% to 10.25%

The Central Bank of Armenia has reduced the refinancing rate by 0.25pp from 10.5% to 10.25% at its August 11 meeting, the press- office of the Central Bank told ArmInfo.

11/08/2015 16:47

Ahead of its 25th Anniversary Anelik Bank Offering New AMD Deposit - "Anelik 25"

Ahead of its 25th anniversary Anelik Bank is offering a new AMD deposit - "Anelik 25". The new product offers high yield and hedging from currency fluctuation risks. The bank's press-office has informed ArmInfo that the deposit interest rate does not exceed 12% rate per annum, the minimum deposit should make 500 thsd AMD.

10/08/2015 16:42

Anelik Bank organizes draw for its "Hot Summer" deposit holders

Anelik Bank has organized a draw and awarded gifts to its "Hot Summer" deposit holders. The Bank's press-office told ArmInfo the draw was held on August 7. Anelik Bank Development Director Hayk Mkirtchyan awarded prizes: a total of 16 prizes, including 3 tablets, 3 TVs, 6 smartphones, and 3 cameras. The grand prize - a ticket to Crete Island for two persons - went to Heghine Margharyan.


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