Shenik community kindergarten renovated with support of Beeline and COAF

Seyran Ohanyan: Baku should pay for its provocations

Yerevan has been negotiating with Russia on opening of a separate terminal for the cargo companies of Armenia at "Verkhniy Lars" check point

Jirayr Sefilyan: The reason of Baku's impudence is unwillingness of the Armenian parties to start the war

VivaCell-MTS implemented the November draw "365"

UNESCO puts an end to the arguments between Armenia and its neighboring states around lavash.

Armenian Parliament Commission for Economic Affairs endorses agreement of Armenia's accession to EEU

Gagik Minasyan: International community's no-address statements on Mi-24 helicopter incident will have serious consequences

Local producers in Armenia face problems as purchasing power in Russia falls and the Russian ruble depreciates

Orange Kino service now available as well in Cinema Star

Human rights defender: "Armenia shouldn't rush into responding to Azerbaijan "

Yerevan: The sooner Baku realizes impossibility of military resolution of Karabakh conflict, the faster the talks will lead to its final resolution

Human rights defender: Azerbaijan is colony of British Petroleum

Snow blocks Sotk-Karvachar road

Magnitude 2.6 earthquake hits Armenia

Central Bank of Armenia sees no serious inflation risks with changing national currency rate

Artsakh Defense Minister: Official investigation will give answers to all questions about downing of Armenian helicopter by Azerbaijan

Views from Moscow: Russian-Abkhazian treaty shot down project of railway to Armenia via Abkhazia and Georgia

Russian expert: Small countries should be maximally neutral in the cold war between the West and Russia

Russian expert: Project of unblocking of Armenia still has all chances to succeed

Russian expert: Format of military-political and economic union with Russia is convenient for ensuring Armenia's multi-level security

Beeline launches NON-STOP service

Russian expert: The US pressure upon Tbilisi hinders opening of the railway to Armenia

Elbat CJSC is planning to increase output by 30% in 2014

Beeline announces some changes in a number of mobile tariff plans

More than 21'000 people have visited website and more than 4'100 shared their ideas for future

Putin stresses the need to open Abkhaz railway section

Experts: Sharp growth in USD exchange rate in Armenia is of adjusting nature

Taner Akcam sees connection between Genocide in Turkey 100 years ago and similar acts today committed by contemporary Islamist terrorists in Syria and Iraq

Expert: Turkey may ratify one of the Zurich Protocols in 2015

Zdzislaw Raczynski: The Association Agreement with EU would open more opportunities for Armenia

Defense Ministry: Military Honors Funeral to pilots of downed Mi-24 helicopter scheduled for 24 November

Armenia's deputy minister of defense informs Ambassador Kasprzyk of details of latest special operation to recover bodies of Mi-24 helicopter crew

Zdzislaw Raczynski says Poland remains committed to its principles in NK problem, that is, not to arm conflicting parties

System of a Down to perform in Yerevan in 2015

Fundamentally, Armenia may be pro-Russian but it does not mean that it may be pro-Putin, Richard Giragosian says

Ex-defense minister of Armenia: NKR Defense Army brilliantly conducted a risky special operation

Seyran Ohanyan: Parts of Armenian helicopter downed by Azerbaijan to be submitted for examination

Armenia confirms it will participate in Baku 2015 European Games, Patrick Hickey says

OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs' Nov 19 statement changed due to Azerbaijan's hysteria

Armenian Defense Ministry hints at big losses in Azerbaijani army due to special operation of NKR Special Forces

Armenia's banks have opportunity to expand their customer base in regions

Armenian Special Forces' actions excite admiration but they do not justify the criminal negligence of Armenian leadership, Artsakh war veteran says

26/11 10:30 Central Bank of Armenia sees no serious inflation risks with changing national currency rate

The national currency rate correction bears no serious inflation risks. Neither it threatens to the financial stability, Armenak Darbinyan, a member of the Armenian Central Bank Council, said in a statement, Tuesday. He explained the national currency rate correction with external factors such as slackening of the economic growth and devaluation of the national currencies of the partner-states as well as commodity market trends in a range of countries.

24/11/2014 20:05

Experts: Sharp growth in USD exchange rate in Armenia is of adjusting nature

The average growth of the USD exchange rate in Armenia from 419.5 to 435 AMD/1USD over the past weekend is most likely of adjusting nature. Independent market analysts have expressed such an opinion on the condition of anonymity.

22/11/2014 16:18

Armenia's banks have opportunity to expand their customer base in regions

Armenian banks have an opportunity to expand their customer base in the regions overwhelmingly due to potential customers in peasant farms, say the results of a public opinion poll conducted by the Economic Development and Research Center (EDRC) at the request of the USAID as part of The Finance for Economic Development (FED) project. Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) and peasant farms throughout Armenia were polled.

21/11/2014 20:10

Ameria Management Advisory enlarges geography of its activities

Ameria Management Advisory has successfully completed its annual program to develop the internal control and internal audit capacities of Kyrgyzstan's public administration system.

20/11/2014 20:32

Cooperation agreement between ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and VTB Bank (Armenia) opens up new opportunities for their cardholders

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK and VTB Bank (Armenia), which are in the lead in the number of ATMs, have signed a cooperation agreement. Due to the agreement, from now on the MasterCard and Visa cardholders of the specified banks will be able to withdraw cash from the partner bank's ATMs whereas the commission fee of the issuing bank will be charged.

20/11/2014 15:13

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank, World Vision Armenia and Hayastan All Armenian Fund open Education Center in Gavar

An education center for children has been opened in Gavar thanks to cooperation of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank, World Vision Armenia and Hayastan All Armenian Fund. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank told ArmInfo World Vision Armenia managed to open the center due to the plastic card "VISA Barerar" (VISA Charitable) that was issued as part of a three-year joint project of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and Hayastan All Armenian Fund with a budget of 41 million drams.

19/11/2014 18:49

First mobile bank in Armenia - mConverse - is already available for Converse Bank customers

The first mobile bank in Armenia - mConverse - officially launched its services on November 18, Raffi Kassarjian, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Member of the Management Board at Converse Bank, said at a press conference on Wednesday. mConverse is an absolutely unprecedented offer for the Armenian market of e-commerce.

19/11/2014 13:24

Armenia to raise minimum wage

Parliament of Armenia passed amendments to the Law 'On national minimum wage' in first reading at the extraordinary meeting on 19 November. The amendments look to raise the minimum wage in Armenia by 5,000 drams starting 1 July 2015.

19/11/2014 10:59

Parliament of Armenia amends scandalous Law On Turnover Tax

Armenian Parliament amended the scandalous Law on Turnover Tax in the second and final reading at an extraordinary meeting on 19 November, Vakhtang Mirumyan, Deputy Finance Minister, said no proposals were received by the second reading. He recalled that starting 1 October 2014, the turnover tax for economic entities engaged in the field of trade will be reduced from 3.5% to 1%. A status of the family business will be introduced. The Law sparked a wave of discontent of SME representatives who are not ready to hire accountants to submit the necessary documents to the tax agencies. In this light, the Government suggested postponing the deadline for submission of the documents till 1 Feb 2015.

19/11/2014 01:20

Ameriabank receives Commerzbank Award for Excellence

Ameriabank was awarded Commerzbank STP Award 2013 for excellence in processing international transactions based on 2013 results.

15/11/2014 10:19

Winner of Converse Bank's contest to be awarded with a Samsung Galaxy S5

The winner of Converse Bank's contest will be awarded with a Samsung Galaxy S5. The press service of the Bank has told ArmInfo that the contesters will need to give a correct answer to the question on digital technologies on the Facebook page of Converse Bank.

14/11/2014 07:32

Ardshininvestbank renamed back to Ardshinbank

Ardshininvestbank has been renamed back to Ardshinbank. The press service of the Central Bank of Armenia reports that the CB approved the renaming on Thursday.

12/11/2014 18:11

Employees of Areximbank-Gazprombank Group support residents of borderline villages in Tavush marz

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group has taken part in the benevolent campaign to support the residents of the borderline villages in Tavush marz, Armenia. The campaign is organized jointly with the editorial staff of Armenia Turisticheskaya (Tourist Armenia) magazine, the press service of the Bank has told ArmInfo.

11/11/2014 21:22

Chairman of Armenia's Central Bank: Depreciation of RUR will not have a direct effect on Armenia's economy

The Central Bank of Armenia is attentively watching the situation on the currency market and will interfere in case of sharp fluctuations, Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia Artur Javadyan said in the Armenian Parliament on Tuesday.

11/11/2014 21:17

Visa cardholders of VTB Bank (Armenia) can make three card-to-card transfers free of charge

The Visa cardholders of VTB Bank (Armenia) can make three free transfers from any Visa card of VTB Bank (Armenia) to a Visa card of other local or foreign bank via 150 ATMs of the Bank before 28 February 2015.

11/11/2014 17:39

Servers of Armenia's Central Bank strongly protected from hacker attacks

The servers of Armenia's Central Bank are strongly protected from hacker attacks, the CB said on Tuesday in response to media reports that some of its servers were hacked.