Rostelecom holds two seminars on sidelines of Hartak Festival

Paul Stronski: Yerevan’s security alliance with Moscow will not impede Armenia’s good ties with NATO

Armenian President: Armenia expects wider recognition of Genocide after German vote and pope's remarks

Nikol Pashinyan: Consensus on Electoral Code is ridiculous

Turkey's foreign ministry reacts to Pope Francis' visit to Armenia

By beginning of tourism season Areximbank-Gazprombank Group offers significant discounts of premium class chip cards

Geoteam CJSC is sure that mining industry is compatible with agriculture and small business

UNICEF Armenia launches a breast feeding campaign in Armenia

Activist hits parliamentarian Hrant Bagratyan during picket in front of Parliament against Joint Air Defense system with Russia

Ankara: Turkey wants speedy settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which will meet all requirements of Azerbaijan

Turkologist: Ankara has used up all its possibilities to deny Armenian Genocide

Heritage Party: Joint Air Defense with Russia is an attempt to surrender the last elements of Armenia's sovereignty

David Harutyunyan: Next conference of donors will take place in Yerevan on June 29

Frank-Walter Steinmeier to travel to Armenia on June 29

Armenians and Azerbaijanis should take efforts towards peace, Pope Francis says

Opposition MP condemns political persecution against Zhirayr Sefilyan

Ancient Armenian city Ani may become UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tickets for Russian trains can be acquired at Yerevan railway station

"We Are the Owners of Our Country" initiative picketing Parliament building opposing ratification of agreement on joint air defense system with Russia

Pope Francis: "I am happy to have visited Armenia"

Sharmazanov: OSCE MG should react very strongly to Aliyev's refusal to implement arrangements made in Vienna and St. Petersburg

Pope Francis leaves Armenia ending his pastoral visit

Pope Francis and Catholicos of All Armenians visit Khor Virap Monastery at the foot of Ararat and launch doves of peace

Aliyev says Azerbaijani armed forces seized part of Karabakh districts during April aggression

Serzh Sargsyan: Pope Francis' calls for peace and tolerance are a powerful signal for peaceful settlement of regional problems

Serzh Sargsyan: I am sure we will find the best possible option of settlement for Nagorno-Karabakh people

President of Armenia calls on Armenians worldwide to unite to settle the three fundamental issues of the Armenian people

Karekin II and Pope Francis sign Common Declaration: "We express our hope for a peaceful resolution of the issues surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh"

Armenian President: We are grateful to Pope Francis for visiting Armenia and showing warm attitude to Armenian people

Vatican reacts to Turkey’s criticism: “Pope has never been on a Crusade, he tries to build peace rather than to wage war”

Pope Francis: “May the Armenian Church walk in peace and may the communion between us be complete.”

Karekin II: The processes of secularism are intensifying, spiritual and ethical values and views are distorted, and the family structure, established by God, is being shaken

Pontifical Divine Liturgy underway in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin at the St. Trdat Open Air Altar

Ilham Aliyev: Nagorno-Karabakh will never get independence

Karekin II: More practical steps must be taken by Christian churches on the road to searching for peace

Pope to Armenian people: Your sufferings are our own

Pope Francis participates in ecumenical meeting with Patriarch of Armenian Apostolic Church, Karekin II, in Yerevan

Police make statement over recent detentions in Yerevan

Police confirm reports on detention of activist Shant Haroutiunyan's son

Detentions continue in Yerevan

Pope Francis sends telegram to Turkish president

Pope Francis visits Church visits Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of the Seven Wounds and the Holy Martyrs Armenian Catholic Cathedral in Gyumri.

Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J. says Pope Francis speaks about past tragedies not to inflame wounds, but to help create grounds for reconciliation

Federico Lombardi says Pope Francis enjoyed magnificent view of Biblical Mount Ararat

Pope Francis visits Our Lady of Armenia Catholic Educational Center in Gyumri, Armenia

Pope Francis expresses his gratitude to religious and civil authorities of Armenia

Pope Francis talks to the faithful

Pope Francis delivers a homily in Gyumri

Venice Commission experts make remarks about new proposals on Electoral Code of Armenia

Arsen Khojoyan, who was taken captive in Azerbaijan, kills a 17-year-old girl in Armenia


27/06 21:12 By beginning of tourism season Areximbank-Gazprombank Group offers significant discounts of premium class chip cards

By the beginning of the tourism season, Areximbank- Gazprombank Group offers significant discounts of premium class chip cards. The Bank has told ArmInfo that from June 27 till September 30 all Areximbank-GPB Group customers, who acquire insurance policies to leave abroad, will be offered premium class chip cards - MasterCard Gold and VISA Gold - with a 50% discount in the currency indicated by the customers (USD, EUR, RUR, AMD).

17/06/2016 21:41

ARARATBANK to increase capital by 8.5 bln drams

In the nearest future ARARATBANK will hold additional closed issue of stocks, as a result of which the amount of total capital will increase by 8.5 bln drams from the current 22.7 bln drams.

17/06/2016 17:47

Business associations of Armenia raise alarm: Draft Tax Code to seriously hinder business in Armenia

The business associations of Armenia, particularly, American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia, Union of Banks of Armenia, Union of IT Enterprises, Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies, Taxpayers Rights Protection NGO, European Business Association Armenia, are concerned over the fact that the Armenian Government approved and the Armenian Parliament adopted the draft Tax Code in the first reading. In a letter addressed to the President and the Heads of the Government and the Parliament, they say that the draft code levels the main idea of the tax legislation, i.e. the idea of improving the investment environment in Armenia.

14/06/2016 13:53

Armeconombank to launch 13th issue of shares in amount of 5 bln AMD starting from June 17

Armeconombank will launch its 13th issue of shares in the amount of 5 bln AMD by market value or 856.2 mln AMD by nominal value starting from June 17. The press-service of the bank has told ArmInfo, that 342466 of ordinary shares will be issued. The nominal value of each share is 2,500 AMD, offer price 14600 AMD. It is planned to finish placement of shares on September 30, 2016. The Central Bank of Armenia has registered the prospectus on June 8.

07/06/2016 22:40

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and Export Insurance Agency of Armenia sign memorandum of cooperation

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and Export Insurance Agency of Armenia (EIA) sign memorandum of cooperation based on which the bank will finance the enterprises exporting products via insurance declarations issued by the EIA (in case of export on condition of payment delay), the press-service of the bank informs.

07/06/2016 13:47

EBRD plans to invest up to CAD 10.5 million to purchase Lydian International's shares as part of its capital increase

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) plans to invest up to CAD 10.5 million to purchase Lydian International's shares as part of its capital increase. The funds will be used to finance the Environmental and Social Mitigation Measures (ESMM) undertaken as part of the Amulsar Gold Project in Armenia.

27/05/2016 16:10

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank launches ACBA Ticket free mobile app aimed at ensuring efficient customer service at branches

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank has launched an ACBA Ticket free mobile application (, aimed at ensuring efficient customer service at the branches of the Bank. The press office of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank has told ArmInfo that with the help of this application a customer can choose a specific branch in Yerevan, select the necessary service, indicate the convenient date and hour of service and visit the branch on that very day and at that very time. The coupon number will appear on the screen under the letter "M". The given app will allow the customer to save time.

25/05/2016 18:14

Areximbank-GPB Group sums up results of "8 gifts by March 8" campaign conducted jointly with MasterCard

Areximbank-GPB Group has summed up the results of "8 gifts by March 8" campaign conducted jointly with MasterCard. The press office of the Bank has told ArmInfo that prizes were raffled off among the female cardholders whose shopping made with cards from March 9 till May 5 totaled the biggest sums.

24/05/2016 16:37

Central Bank: By 1 April 2016 overdue loans in Armenian banks grew by 22.5% over year

By 1 April 2016, the amount of the overdue loans in Armenian banks grew by 22.5% over year to 45.4 bln AMD. According to the Armenian Central Bank's data provided to ArmInfo by the National Statistical Service of Armenia, the amount of extended loans totaled 114 bln AMD, with a 12.9% year-over-year decline.

23/05/2016 20:45

Two-fold growth of loan restructuring applications registered in VTB Bank (Armenia)

Two-fold growth of applications for restructuring of loan debt has been registered in VTB Bank (Armenia) in Q1 2016 versus Q1 2015. As the press-service of the bank told ArmInfo, the two-fold growth was registered also in terms of approved applications, while the number of refusals from restructuring by the clients reduced to 57%. This testifies that more and more number of borrowers realizes that solving problems on the early stages is one of the most efficient mechanisms of financial recovery.

23/05/2016 17:59

Bostanjyan calls for reducing all expenses having no crucial significance to state

20% of the expenditures of the state budget 2016 (1 trillion 373.7 bln AMD) will be spent on serving the state machine's needs. It is inexpedient and it is necessary to put an end to it, economist Vardan Bostanjyan told reporters on May 23, when commenting on Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan's statement about the need to save public funds.

21/05/2016 12:53

ACBA Leasing participates in "Week of Economic Capacities" as financial partner

ACBA Leasing company is participating as financial partner in the Week of Economic Capacities, which is being held in Yerevan on May 19-22 within the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) "Private Sector Development in the South Caucasus. Economic Integration of Syrian Armenians" Program, Marketing Specialist of ACBA Leasing Julia Nickoghosyan told ArmInfo's correspondent on May 20.

19/05/2016 18:21

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and NABU: Names of four winners of "Certification of Organic Agricultural Product" contest are known

Names of four winners of "Certification of Organic Agricultural Product" contest are known. ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank and Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) held the contest. As the press-service of the bank informed ArmInfo, "Mer Sarer" LLC (production of honey), "Mega Ararat" company (gathering of mountainous fruits and plants, production of tea), "Armberry" (raising of raspberry) and private entrepreneur Vahagn Hakobyan (raising of blackberry) are the winners.

18/05/2016 19:18

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank to hold a free business seminar for heads of SMEs on May 24-27

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank will hold a free business seminar for the heads of SMEs on May 24-27, the Bank's press-office told ArmInfo. According to the source, the seminar will cover 5 key topics, offering theoretical knowledge and practices for optimal business management and use of a number of marketing instruments. The upcoming seminar will be dedicated to "Optimization of Business Management" and "Practical Marketing", but the list of the topics will shortly be expanded.

18/05/2016 15:41

VTB Bank (Armenia) retains leadership on plastic cards market in terms of both number of cards and amount of transactions

VTB Bank (Armenia) retains leadership on the plastic cards market in terms of both the number of cards and amount of transactions. By 1 April 2016, the number of active cards of the Bank totaled 496.6 thsd, with the total amount of transactions exceeding 210.3 bln AMD. The press office of the Bank has told ArmInfo that the Bank retains leadership by not only the total number of plastic cards but also by Visa cards - over 418.2 thsd as of 1 April 2016. At the same time, the Bank is among the TOP-3 by the number of MasterCards - over 78.3 thsd.

06/05/2016 19:27

VTB Bank (Armenia) funds restorative treatment for 60 children suffering ICP

Under its corporate social responsibility program, VTB Bank (Armenia) has provided financial assistance to 60 children suffering from infantile cerebral palsy (ICP). These children are from vulnerable families and under care of "Hay Mayrer" ("Armenian Mothers") public organization. The Bank's press-office told ArmInfo, the Bank funds restorative water therapy for the children.