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Yerevan: Issue of the sale of Russian military hardware to Azerbaijan is always on agenda of Armenian- Russian relations

Political expert: Ukrainian crisis is re-occurrence of conflicts of early 1990s and 08.08.08 war

View from Yerevan: Ukraine and its two regions are like a suitcase without a handle

Armenia's Deputy FM: As long as Azerbaijan continues to be non-constructive, there will be no progress in Nagorno- Karabakh peace talks

Till Dec 31 2014 Ameriabank will offer 1% bonus for mortgage loan transferred from another bank

AmCham elects Tigran Jrbashyan as its President

Owner of Old Erivan Holding: From moral point of view, my letter to the President is the last step in my fight against Unibank

Expert: Oligarchs and corruption are an even bigger threat for Armenia's national security than Turkey and Azerbaijan combined

Gevorg Kostanyan: The Shant Harutyunyan case is not politically charged

ProCredit Bank reopens renovated Artashat branch

Sharmazanov: In today's interview Gagik Tsarukyan repeated its speech at Oct 24 rally but in an easily defined form

Nikolay Ryzhkov: Nagorno-Karabakh may join EAEU after its final status is determined

Prices for meat products may grow in Armenia

Ardshininvestbank reopens its new and reconstructed Shengavit Branch

Prosperous Armenia Party has not yet determined its position regarding Armenia's joining Eurasian Economic Union

Elmar Mammadyarov: Azerbaijan is ready to start the work on the project of a great peace treaty

Azerbaijani diversionists blame their liquidated comrade Hasan Hasanov for murdering Karabakh civilian

Armen Gevorgyan appointed Head of IDeA Foundation

ArmSwissbank and Management Mix intend to set up an investment management company

Winners of "Open Game 2014" Championship of Computer and Mobile Games already announced

Ameriabank confidently strengthens its leading positions

VivaCell-MTS provides a diesel generator set to Ministry of Emergency Situations for uninterrupted operation of backup server

New garbage dump to be opened in Yerevan

The UK would not like Simferopol-Yerevan flights to be launched

Beeline and Edward Mirzoyan String Quartet announce extension of their cooperation.

Air Armenia suspends passenger operations

Head of Armenian CEC unaware of opposition's plans to organize snap parliamentary elections

Armenia's deputy finance minister does not rule out growth of prices after Armenia's joining Eurasian Economic Union

British and German Ambassadors hope Ankara will make a step towards normalization of relations with Armenia in future

David Harutyunyan: Bi polar political system is being formed in Armenia

Ukraine's Ambassador refutes reports on opening of Yerevan-Simferopol flight

Washington not commenting on Azerbaijani saboteurs' trial

Newspaper: Armenian National Congress and Heritage Party fail to persuade Leader of Prosperous Armenia Party to launch sit-down strike in Liberty Square

Edward Nalbandian says Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting in Paris was a step towards rapprochement of the two countries' positions

Analyst: There are no idiots in Russia today

Handset, tablet and internet modem repair and service center is now available in the Orange Flagship store

"Beeline Child Development Centers" opened in Ararat region of Armenia

Monitoring Report on the Agreement between EU and Armenia on Facilitation of Issuance of Visas presented in Yerevan

VivaCell-MTS implements the 6th draw "365"

Eduard Sharmazanov: It is impossible to speak of compromises if Baku rattles the sabre

Ivan Kukhta: 70% of citizens of Ukraine in Armenia supported the course of the president and government of Ukraine

Special Investigation Service of Armenia initiates criminal case regarding incident that occurred to ASALA veteran

Results of Sargsyan-Aliyev Paris meeting summed up

VTB Bank (Armenia) - the leader by the credit investments according to the results of the 3Q 2014

Cemal Pasa's grandson advocates eliminating nationalism and taboo on the term "genocide" in Turkey

Daughter of Yunus appeals to the French president

Plane flying from Tehran to Yerevan makes an emergency landing

Azeri raider Shahbaz Guliyev gives details of murder of Armenian youth

The Chkalov village community has started the construction of the water supply network


Ashot Manucharyan: It is very much dangerous and senseless to lead Russia to war readiness

Tigran Khzmalyan: Armenia has linked its Noah's Arc to Russia's sinking Titanik that is still selling tickets

Alexander Iskandaryan: Peace and war are the two things Russia does not need in the South Caucasus

Ariel Cohen: Putin may be compensating for reputational damage to Russia in the conflict in Ukraine by trying to resolve the Karabakh conflict

Hovhannes Igityan: Serzh Sargsyan’s geopolitical choice is an obstacle for investments in Armenia’s economy

Andrey Areshev: Russia wants to see Armenia as its strong and dynamically developing ally in the South Caucasus

Vahan Vardapetyan: October 10 will become the day of culmination of consolidation of the society around the Armenian centrist parties

Manvel Sargsyan: The myth of Russia's importance for Armenia is based on the formula "We will defend you"

Thomas De Waal: The society and power in Armenia and Azerbaijan are strongly linked by a vicious circle

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Armenia: The next phase of development of the Ukraine-EU relations may be only Ukraine's EU membership

Hakob Andreasyan: Current reforms are as important as those conducted in privatization period

Hakob Andreasyan: We try to ring-fence farmers from untypical risks

Giorgi Gvimradze: Russia's fate hangs in the balance in Ukraine

In NK peace, it is necessary to pay attention to other processes in Scotland and Catalonia

Armenia’s ex Defense Minister: We have enough options to advance to the north of Azerbaijan

30/10 16:14 Prices for meat products may grow in Armenia

Armenian government has been tightening requirements to the buffalo meat import from India. At the same time, it worries about the expected growth of prices for the meat products.

29/10/2014 17:16

Air Armenia suspends passenger operations

Air Armenia, the sole Armenian air carrier, has suspended the passenger operations till December 20, 2014, the company's press release says.

24/10/2014 17:01

CJSC Armenian Copper Programme reduces blister copper production 9,8% for nine months of 2014

CJSC Armenian Copper Programme reduced blister copper production 9,8% for nine months of 2014 - to 7,312 thsd tons versus 8,103 thsd tons for the same period of 2013, press-secretary of Vallex group of companies, Vahram Avagyan, told Arminfo correspondent.

23/10/2014 17:25

Former premier of Armenia calls on the government to change methodology of GDP calculation

The parliament member from the opposition Armenian National Congress faction, former premier of Armenia, Hrant Bagratyan, has called on the government to change methodology of GDP calculation.

23/10/2014 17:10

Parliamentarian: On 2 Jan 2015, Armenia will find itself in quite new economic environment, something that Government is absolutely not ready for

On 2 Jan 2015, Armenia will find itself in quite new economic environment - something that the Government is absolutely not ready for. The statement came from Gurgen Arsenyan, parliamentarian from Prosperous Armenian Party Faction, in the Parliament, Thursday. The parliamentarian meant the country's accession to the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

23/10/2014 12:11

"Grozniy-Avia" airline to launch Simferopol-Yerevan flight

"Grozniy-Avia" airline plans to launch a Simferopol-Yerevan flight starting November 16, Interfax said, citing Anatoly Tsurkin, Minister of Transport of Crimea. According to the minister, it will be the second international flight from the Simferopol Airport after Crimea joined Russia. Tsurkin says tickets to the new destination are already available.

21/10/2014 21:56

Delegation of IFC and EBRD visits Amulsar Gold Project site

Geoteam worked with experts from the International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group (IFC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), who visited the Amulsar Gold Project area last week to perform their annual review of the project development, the Company says in a press release.

21/10/2014 13:28

A delegation of South Caucasus Railway to attend 61st meeting of CIS Rail Transport Council in Baku

A delegation of the South Caucasus Railway will attend the 61st meeting of the CIS Rail Transport Council to be held in Baku Oct 21-22. The press service of the company reports that their decision to attend the meeting has been approved by Armenia's transport and communication and foreign ministries.

18/10/2014 11:53

Tatul Manaseryan: Armenia must not cherish hopes that EEU membership will give it more investments

Armenia must not cherish hopes that its membership to the Eurasian Economic Union will give it more investments, economist, Head of Alternative Research Center Tatul Manaseryan said at a forum on the prospects of Armenia's membership to the EEU on Friday.

17/10/2014 16:43

Lydian International expected to launch gold recovery in Armenia in first half of 2017

Lydian International Limited plans to launch gold recovery from Amulsar Gold Deposit in the Southern Armenia in the first half of 2017, Lydian International Limited President and CEO Howard Stevenson said in a press briefing on 16 October.

17/10/2014 16:40

Howard Stevenson: Amulsar Gold Project will change "bad reputation" of mining industry in Armenia

With launch of the Amulsar Gold Project in Southern Armenia, Lydian International Limited will be able to change the 'bad reputation' of the mining industry in Armenia, Lydian International Limited President and CEO Howard Stevenson said in a press briefing in Yerevan on 16 October.

16/10/2014 16:56

Cronimet Mining Company plans $200 million investments in construction of tailings disposal facility in south of Armenia

Cronimet Mining Company plans $200 million investments in the construction of mine tailings disposal facility at the Zangezour copper and molybdenum combine (ZCMC) in the south of Armenia

15/10/2014 16:40

Survey: 56% of family business entities in Armenia are pessimistic about business environment prospects in the country

56% of the family business entities in Armenia are pessimistic about the business environment prospects in the country, according to the survey conducted by the Corporate Governance Center. The survey findings were presented on October 10 by Narine Melikyan, Director of the Corporate Governance Centre.

15/10/2014 16:32

Lydian International to launch development of Amulsar gold-bearing deposit in Armenia in early 2015

Development of the Amulsar gold-bearing deposit project will be launched at the beginning of 2015, Minister of Economy Karen Chshmarityan told reporters, Wednesday.

10/10/2014 18:50

"Mika cement" pays off its debts and resumes production

The "Mika cement" plant that has not been functioning since April of the current year, started production. It will produce 100 thsd tons of cement till the end of 2014, Director of the plant, Naira Martirosyan, told Arminfo correspondent.

09/10/2014 20:56

Ruben Vardanyan sees no reasons why Armenia should not consider Russia as a funding source

"I see no reasons why Armenia should not consider Russia as a funding source", Ruben Vardanyan, a well-known Russian businessman of Armenian origin, said to ArmInfo when commenting on some experts' opinion about possible impact of the anti-Russian sanctions on Armenia.

09/10/2014 20:49

Ruben Vardanyan: Consolidation is inevitable for Armenian banks

Consolidation will shortly become inevitable for Armenian banks, Russian businessman of Armenian origin, member of the Board of Directors of Ameriabank Ruben Vardanyan said on Thursday, when asked what an impact the anti-Russian sanctions will have on Armenian banks.

09/10/2014 18:42

Some local media outlets create problems for Air Armenia by disseminating misinformation

The company's statement says that the company faces no threat of bankruptcy, has no accumulated debts and has not lost any planes. Two planes of Air Armenia are currently being modernized in Holland. Aircraft maintenance is a compulsory and planned measure, which is taken in line with the aircraft lease agreement.

09/10/2014 18:23

Armenia's government makes temporary concessions to small and medium-sized business

Armenia's government has made temporary concessions to small and medium-sized business. Today the RA Government has decided to do changes in Turnover tax law: the law won't be empowered until February 2015.

09/10/2014 12:05

Victoria Silver Company seeks to recover 11 tons of gold in Lori region, Armenia

Victoria Silver LLC seeks to recover 11 tons of gold from Martsiget gold-polymetallic deposit located in Lori region, Armenia. Gagik Khojayan, Director of Victoria Silver LLC said at public hearings in Lori, EcoLur reports.

08/10/2014 21:42

Reasons of derailment in Shorzha-Vardenis section being found out

On October 7, 10 rail cars got off the rails in Gegharkunik province in Shorzha-Vardenis section. The train was carrying gold ore. No casualties have been reported.

08/10/2014 21:41

Artur Atoyan: Government pays no proper attention to fish farms of Armenia

The Government of Armenia pays no proper attention to the fish farms of the republic, Artur Atoyan, Head of the Armenian Union of Fish Breeders, said at a press conference on Wednesday.

08/10/2014 18:20

Air Armenia operates flights according to schedule

Air Armenia CJSC says it is operating all flight according to the flight schedule. It also operates freight services to destinations in Russia and European country.

07/10/2014 14:39

"VIM-Avia" to open new flight Yerevan-Moscow

"VIM-Avia" will open a new flight Yerevan-Moscow, Domodedovo airport, AVIA Shop. ru reported. The first flight on this route will be implemented on 17 October by Airbus A319.

07/10/2014 13:19

Prime Minister of Armenia charges postponing inventory requirements for small business till Feb 1 2015

Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan has charged postponing inventory requirements for small business till 1 Feb 2015, the Government's press- service told ArmInfo.

06/10/2014 17:18

Expert: Armenia needs investments but not transfers

To ensure economy development, today Armenia needs direct investments but not transfers, an expert of the European Business Association, Hovanes Igityan, said during today's discussions organized by "Civilitas" foundation in Yerevan.

06/10/2014 15:46

SME representative: Hovik Abrahamyan is ready to solve the problems caused by the new turnover tax law

Armenia's Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan is ready to support SMEs and to solve the problems caused by the amendments to the turnover tax law, President of the SME Union of Armenia Stepan Aslanyan said after a meeting with the Premier on Monday.

05/10/2014 11:29

MP from Prosperous Armenia Party: Armenian Government has set tax officials against SMEs again

By adopting the new Law on Turnover Tax, the Armenian Government has actually toughened the tax administration of small and medium enterprises again, MP from the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) Faction Mikayel Melkumyan said at today's press conference. According to the law, the document control has become compulsory for these entities.

30/09/2014 17:06

Turkish Construction Company launches activity in Armenia

'Ozturkler Holding' becomes the first Turkish company to launch activity in Armenia. 'Ozturkler Holding' is engaged in housing construction.

30/09/2014 16:53

Air Armenia becomes regular air carrier from Novosibirsk to Yerevan

Air Armenia is appointed as regular air carrier from Novosibirsk-Yerevan, RBC reported. According to the source, S7 Airlines is the only company making passenger transportation Novosibirsk- Yerevan-Novosibirsk. The Foreign Ministry of Armenia confirmed the appointment of Air Armenia CJSC with an appropriate note.

29/09/2014 19:03

Opinion: SCR plays an important role in communications

The South Caucasus Railway plays an important role in the field of communications, Nikoghayos Ter-Karapetyan, the guide of the Railway Museum of Armenia, has told ArmInfo's correspondent during the Yerevan-Gyumri excursion.