Deputy chief of Yerevan Police urges protesters to lift barricades and go home

Areximbank-Gasprombank Group Propelling its Statutory Capital to a Leading Position

Free SMS for Orange prepaid and monthly subscription customers

Volume of VTB Bank (Armenia) "VISA VTB Cosmopolitan" Non-Cash Operations Increased by more than 40%

ROSGOSSTRAKH ARMENIA Shortening the OSAGO Reimbursement Dates

Georgian Political Expert: Georgia to Gladly Accept USA's Offer to Host Military Objects and Forces

Press conference dedicated to the 9th International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians.

Electric Networks of Armenia keen to ensure its receivables through court action

Special Investigation Service of Armenia initiates criminal case over Police use of force to disperse protests against electricity price hikes

Expert: Nationalization of ENA will halt investments and reduce donations to Armenia

Ambassador: Yerevan's new differentiated foreign policy line bringing fruits

"City Talks": the embedded airtime can also be used for calling to 374 97 and 374 47 networks, USA, Canada and Russia

Stratfor: "Any change in tactics to protesters could enflame the protests and escalate the situation in Armenia"

Andrey Areshev: Forces demonstrating preconditions for Maidan-like revolution in Armenia should not push things too far

Joint Offer from INECOBANK, ARAY and Technolife - 15% Return of Non-Cash Payment to Cardholders

Founding Parliament says its members suffering political persecutions

Foreign Minister of Armenia: Authorities taking measures to establish dialogue with protesters

Deputy Demanding to Explain the Situation on Russian Loan and Energy Rate Compensation Funds

Ministry of Defence of Armenia: no Penny from Russian 200-mln-USD Loan to be Allocated for Energy Rate Compensation

Deputy-General Threatening to Kick Those who are Responsible for Fraud at "Electric Networks of Armenia"

Armenian Police Withdrawing Special Vehicles from Baghramyan Ave

Newspaper: Within Soft Loan Russia is to Procure Armenia with "Iskander M" Missile Complexes

Armenian parliament speaker calls on protesters to put an end to climate of distrust in country

Zaruhi Postanjyan says no justice possible unless Permyakov is transferred to Armenian law-enforcement

Peskov: Presidents of Armenia, Russia have not discussed electricity price in Armenia


03/07 16:13 Electric Networks of Armenia keen to ensure its receivables through court action

Natalia Sarjanyan, Spokesperson for ENA CJSC, told ArmInfo Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC has filed petitions for bankruptcy of such companies as Vanadzor Chemical Industry CJSC that owes 1.429 billion drams to ENA, Nairit Plant CJSC - 1.060 billion drams, Glendale Hills CJSC - 121 million drams. Among ENA's debtors also such companies as Hrazdan Cement CJSC (over 404 million drams), Garni Drinking Water Company (467 million drams), Dzoraghbyur Drinking Water Company (32.6 million drams).

30/06/2015 14:08

Newspaper: Americans and Europeans want to buy Electric Networks of Armenia

The list of those who seek to buy the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) is getting bigger, Zhamanak ("Time") newspaper says, citing sources close to the Armenian authorities.

30/06/2015 13:47

Newspaper: High electricity and gas tariffs will hamper re-launch of Nairit Plant

The re-launch and the operation of Nairit Plant are inexpedient and one of the reasons is the high gas and electricity tariffs in Armenia, unlike the countries producing competitive products. This is the conclusion of the experts who have conducted a World Bank- funded survey. The experts' report was made public a few days ago, Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Time) daily says.

29/06/2015 13:44

Inter RAO refutes reports on sale of its Armenian subsidiary

Inter RAO UES refutes reports on Company's negotiations for sale of Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA). "We are not holding any negotiations at the moment," the Company's official representative told Interfax.

29/06/2015 13:37

EBRD Office confirms: it has not filed a claim against Electric Networks of Armenia

EBRD Office confirms that it has not filed a claim against Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC for early loan repayment. EBRD Yerevan Office confirms ArmInfo's earlier reports that Electric Networks of Armenia (subsidiary of Inter RAO UES) has never had any overdue debt to the EBRD, and, consequently, it has entered no trials with the Bank.

29/06/2015 12:40

Minister: Audit of Electric Networks of Armenia may take 3-6 months

Audit of Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) may take 3-6 months, David Haroutiunyan, Minister-Chief of the Government Staff, said on Armenian TV.

29/06/2015 12:37

Minister: Public Services Regulatory Committee will also undergo international audit

Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC as well as the Public Services Regulatory Committee will undergo international audit, Vache Gabrielyan, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of International Economic Integration and Reform, said on the Public Television of Armenia.

25/06/2015 15:53

Yerevan-Tbilisi Flights to be Resumed Starting June 29

Georgian Airzena Airlines will resume Tbilisi-Yerevan- Tbilisi flights starting June 29, informs "Novosti Gruzia". Flights will take place 4 times per week. The fare price starts from 55 EUR. The Armenia-Georgia air connection was suspended in 2011. Back in the day Armavia Armenian Airlines conditioned the suspension by the low cost-effectiveness of the itinerary in winter.

24/06/2015 14:06

Geoteam CJSC has already invested over USD 2 million in corporate social responsibility programs

Since 2007, Geoteam CJSC has invested $2.1 million in corporate social responsibility programs on the margins of the Amulsar project. The gold extraction in Amulsar has not yet started; however, Geoteam is already implementing its projects aimed at promoting education, sports, culture, infrastructure and agriculture in Gorayk, Jermuk, Saravan and Gndevaz communities adjacent to Amulsar.

22/06/2015 18:16

Armenia to announce measures to be implemented under embattled Iran-Armenia project

The Iran-Armenia railway and motorway are two unrelated projects, First Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Armenia Arthur Arakelyan said in the parliament on June 22 in response to the question by MP Tevan Poghosyan as to whether the railway is necessary considering that a motorway connecting the two countries is currently being built.

22/06/2015 12:22

Parliament of Armenia ratifies investment program on re-treatment of tailings of Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine

National Assembly of Armenia has ratified the investment program on re-treatment of the tailings of the Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine (ZCMC) in the second reading on June 22.

20/06/2015 14:52

Deputy Minister: Armenia has no real alternative to Nuclear Power Plant

Armenia has no real alternative to the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). So, the NPP operation will be continued, Areg Galstyan, Armenian Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, said during the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's Rose-Roth Seminar in Yerevan on June 20.

20/06/2015 14:18

Expert: Non-involvement of Armenia in regional energy projects destabilizes situation in South Caucasus

The non-involvement of Armenia in the regional energy projects is destabilizing the situation in the South Caucasus, Tracy German, expert at King's College, London, said during the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's Rose-Roth Seminar in Yerevan on June 20.

20/06/2015 14:17

Deputy energy minister of Armenia does not guarantee prevention of another growth in electric power tariffs in 2015

Armenian Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Areg Galstyan thinks that the demands of the "No to Robbery!" civic initiative are groundless.

18/06/2015 14:05

New owner of Vorotan Cascade of HPPs granted license for 25 years

Contour Global Hydro Cascade (U.S.) has been granted a license to run the Vorotan Cascade of HPPs for 25 years. The relevant decision was taken at today's meeting of the Public Services Regulatory Commission of Armenia (PSRC).

16/06/2015 22:21

EBRD has never sued Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC

"Electric Networks of Armenia" (ENA) CJSC has never had any debt arrears to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Consequently, the EBRD has never sued the ENA, Natalya K.Sarjanyan, Head of the Department for Media and Public Relations at ENA CJSC, has told ArmInfo, when commenting on the Armenian media reports.

16/06/2015 22:16

Dmitry Atbashyan: It is necessary to immediately stop "open skies" policy in Armenia

It is necessary to immediately stop the "open skies" policy in Armenia, Dmitry Atbashyan, Head of the Civil Aviation Department of the Nagorno-Karabakh Government, has told ArmInfo.

16/06/2015 22:10

World Bank Experts: Armenia Should put into Operation New Thermal Capacities to Prevent Energy Shortage in the Country

If Armenia does not enhance generating capacities through thermal energy in the coming 3-4 years the country will face serious shortages of energy, Laura E. Bailey, the Country Manager for Armenia, Europe and Central Asia, said during the June 16 press conference when presenting World Bank experts' report on energy field situation in Armenia.

16/06/2015 21:52

Armenia increased fish export from 1600 to 2700 tons over three years

Due to the state support to export, Armenia has tangibly increased fish production and export, Armenian Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan said at a regional three-day workshop on fish breeding problems. The workshop kicked off in Yerevan on June 16.

16/06/2015 12:42

South Caucasus Railway summer passenger transportation launched

The South Caucasus Railway Company's "Armenia" train running Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan left on 15 June opening the summer season of passenger transportation.

16/06/2015 12:39

Deputy Minister: Russian Side's Comments on Iran-Armenia Railway Construction Speak for the Stance of Private Company

Russian side's comments on the Armenia-Iran railway construction speak for the stance of a private company, not the Russian Federation itself, Suren Karayan, first deputy minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms, said on June 15 at National Assembly commenting on "Heritage" faction deputy Zaruhi Postanjyan's statement on RA partner Russia's obstacles regarding Armenia's entry into international markets, including the EEU ones.

15/06/2015 15:47

Vazgen Safaryan casts doubt on results of Nairit Plant audit

Talking to reports on June 15, Safaryan said reactivation of the Armenian plant is not in favor of the World Bank, as it donor countries - USA, Germany, France, and Japan - have rubber producing plants and do not need another competitor - Nairit Plant.

11/06/2015 18:08

Armenia’s power industry needs structural changes

On May 8, Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) CJSC submitted an official application to the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) of Armenia to raise the electric power tariffs, which sparked public protests. ENA Director General Yevgeny Bibin about the reasons why ENA seeks to raise the energy costs and about the situation at the company at large.

10/06/2015 11:54

Energy minister promises to pay Nairit Plant's arrears of wages by late July

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia Yervand Zakharyan met with the former employees of the Nairit Plant who were picketing the Government building on June 9. The minister promised to pay the arrears of wages by late July 2015.

08/06/2015 15:45

Agreement on sale of Vorotan Cascade of HPPs signed

According to the Government press-office, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia Yervand Zakharyan, Director General of the Vorotan Cascade of HPPs Sasun Khachatryan as well as the authorized representative of Contour Global Hydro Cascade and ContourGlobal Terra Holdings - Executive Officer of CG Solutions Global Holding Company Joseph Brandt.

08/06/2015 15:28

MP: Nairit Plant idling due to embezzlements by government members

Yerevan-based Nairit Plant as government members abuse their powers, Levon Zurabyan, the head of the Armenian National Congress (ANC) opposition faction in the Parliament said addressing Attorney General Gevorg Kostanyan in the Parliament on June 8.

08/06/2015 11:28

Vladimir Yakunin: Iran-Armenia railway project completely inefficient

Iran-Armenia railway project is completely inefficient, says Vladimir Yakunin, the President of the Russian Railways OJSC in response to ArmInfo's question as to whether it is reasonable to build the railway. Yakunin is sure the project is absolutely unpromising: "it is like opening a window to nowhere, to the wall of the neighboring building."

06/06/2015 14:32

Founding Parliament movement: Sale of Meghri-Kajaran section of Iran-Armenia gas pipeline high treason

Sale of the Meghri-Kajaran section of the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline and all the deals on sale of other energy utilities under Serzh Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan is high treason, says the Founding Parliament (FP) movement in a statement.

06/06/2015 13:38

Timur Suleymanov: Many integration issues so far lack compliance practices

Interview with Timur Suleymanov, Eurasian Economic Commission Board Member-Minister of Economy and Financial Policy

06/06/2015 12:46

Newspaper: Inter RAO UES says company's profit from Armenian segment in 2015 has reached 5.7 billion rubles

Russian Inter RAO UES of Armenia, the parent company of Electric Networks of Armenia, has published a report saying the company's profits from the Armenian segment has totaled 5.7 billion rubles for the current year versus 3.4 billion rubles of the previous year. According to the report, the profits of Inter RAO UES's Armenian subsidiary grew 65.3%.

04/06/2015 15:52

Leading French producers seek cooperation with Armenian partners

The world-known French garment producer Saint James. TecSom commercial textile floor covering provider, Biogenie Aesthetics & Electrolysis, and winemaker Group Valentim seek business partners in Armenia, says Anna Hakobyan, Business France representative, who organized a business tour for the representatives of the given brands.


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