Rostelecom to hold events enhancing computer literacy in Armenia

Ameriabank signs 25 mln USD syndicated loan agreement with FMO and OeEB for financing of SME and renewable energy

Ucom subscribers can pay for services at VTB Bank (Armenia) round the clock

Baku criticizes Russia24 channel

Prosecutor General's Office institutes a criminal case based on files submitted by Levon Zurabyan

Beeline Armenia CEO presented "Success Path" lecture for Leaders' Club members

National Philharmonic Orchestra has marked closing of concert season 2015, emphasizing role of VivaCell-MTS in implementation of initiatives of orchestra

Court upholds motion of Armenia's National Security Service to arrest Arthur Vardanyan

All countries of CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, except Azerbaijan, condemn downing of Russian plane by Turkey

National Security Service of Armenia: Detained citizens start giving evidence

Naryshkin to Ankara: Crimes of the past should be condemned properly

Raffi Hovannisian's political passivity reason is two weddings and several funerals

Expert: Promises of paradise in Armenia "roam" from one constitutional referendum to another

Yerevan: Selective approach to principles and elements in Karabakh peace process will make settlement impossible

Illegitimate regime that seized power in Armenia must leave: Raffi Hovannisian

New Armenia Front: Zhirayr Sefilyan's wife attacked

Zhirayr Sefilyan: KGB-style government in the country remained in the past

INECOBANK launches "InecoQuest" adventure contest under "Open the cashbox full of millions" motto

Geoteam CJSC invested 240 thousand USD in its social projects in 2015

VivaCell-MTS: From now on "Personal", "City Talks" and "Special" tariff plans are also available to non-residents living in Armenia

German Ambassador: Terror attacks in Paris were aimed not only against France but all Europe and pan- European values

Armenian National Congress: Information that one of criminal group's detainees is connected with opponents of Constitutional reforms is dirty propaganda

Call Center of VTB Bank (Armenia) daily serves an average of 3000 incoming and outgoing calls

Beeline "Call Me +" service subscribers can send messages abroad requesting to call back

Levon Zurabyan to provide Prosecutor General with video showing attempts to bribe "No!" Front proxies

Minister says situation around Football Federation of Armenia will come to light soon

SCR achieves profitability due to rigid balance between revenues and expenses and launch of resource- saving projects

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia welcomes possible criminalizing of Armenian Genocide denial by Russia

Deputy Foreign Minister: Use of Russian military base in Armenia should be agreed with Armenia

Hovhannes Sahakyan to Levon Ter-Petrosyan: Profound Constitutional reforms will help Armenia to counter external challenges

Beeline announces sales of Beeline Smart Dual, Beeline Smart 2 and Beeline Smart Pro ahead of New Year holidays

Syunik governor's son appointed assistant to director of "ArmForest" SNCO

Levon Ter-Petrosyan: It appears that the advocates for the Constitutional amendments have nothing to do but swear up and down

Eduard Sharmazanov to tell Russian lawmakers about Armenia's positive opinion on Russian bill criminalizing Armenian Genocide denial

Levon Ter-Petrosyan: It appears that the advocates for the Constitutional amendments have nothing to do but swear up and down

Sharmazanov: Incidents of downing of Armenian helicopter over Karabakh and Russian plane over Syria have the same modus operandi

Nikolay Silayev: Risk of deployment of a "third front" around Karabakh is rather high

VivaCell-MTS invests 7.9 bln AMD in cultural projects over past 10 years

Rostelecom Armenia: Awarding ceremony of "Thank You, Internet 2015" contest to be held on November 30

VivaCell-MTS has invested 23.6 bln AMD into social projects during 10 years

Orange Foundation to invest 51 mln AMD in Zangakatun border village

Beeline Child Development Corners opened in Aragatsotsn region

Bill on establishing responsibility for not recognizing Armenian Genocide by Turkey introduced into State Duma

Political expert: Russia will not involve its 102nd base in Armenia in conflict with Turkey

New Armenia refutes information that the detained criminals have ties with New Armenia Front

NSS: Organized criminal group intending to commit grave crimes in Armenia disclosed

US official says final status of Nagorno-Karabakh subject of OSCE Minsk Group-led international negotiations

Emergency situation in Yerevan: National Security Service and Police prevent possible terror attack

ARARATBANK announces 10th jubilee issue of coupon bonds guided by investors' high demand for currency dealing

Sociologist: 75% of Armenian women undergo violence

26/11 23:46 Geoteam CJSC invested 240 thousand USD in its social projects in 2015

In 2015 Geoteam CJSC under the corporate social responsibility program (CSR) has invested 240 thousand USD in development of social educational structures, improvement of urban infrastructure and support of small businesses in the communities of its operational activities.

26/11/2015 17:24

SCR achieves profitability due to rigid balance between revenues and expenses and launch of resource- saving projects

It is not correct to directly compare the railways of Armenia and Russia, Vardan Aloyan, head of the Public Relations Department of the South Caucasus Railway (SCR) CJSC, says in an interview with ArmInfo when commenting on the remarks that the transportation tariffs in Armenia are much higher than in Russia.

24/11/2015 18:23

Qatar Airways to enter Armenian market

Qatar Airways will start operating Yerevan-Doha regular flights in 2016. "Armenia" International Airports" CJSC has successfully completed negotiations with Qatar Airways. Recently the negotiations were most active after "Etihad" Airlines announced its intention to suspend flights to Armenia.

24/11/2015 18:16

Air Armenia intends to appeal against court decision on recognizing company as bankrupt

Air Armenia intends to appeal against the court decision on recognizing the company as a bankrupt, the press secretary of the airline company Sirakan Hambardzumyan told ArmInfo.

23/11/2015 16:39

Eurasian Economic Commission to cancel tax-free international online-trade

Eurasian Economic Commission Board will study possible restrictions on the tax-free international online trade, according to the Russian newspapers Vedomosti and Kommersant.

23/11/2015 16:34

Vardan Bostanjyan: 2016 to become a year of possible positive changes and successful start-ups for Armenia

The authors of Armenia's basic economic document for 2016 have displayed restraint and realism when drafting the budget of 2016, Doctor of Economics, Professor Vardan Bostanjyan said at a press conference on November 23.

23/11/2015 16:28

Expert: Reducing upper ceiling for tax-free online trade within EEU is quite logical

Reducing the upper ceiling for the tax-free import into the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) countries from foreign online shops from the current 1,000 EUR to 150 EUR is quite logical and is aimed at stimulation of turnover growth among the EEU member countries, economist Vardan Bostanjyan expressed such opinion in his talk with journalists.

23/11/2015 16:25

Aram Karapetyan: "Let's Live till Monday" - this is the key idea of budget 2016

"Let's Live till Monday" - this is the key idea of the budget 2016, Leader of the New Times Party Aram Karapetyan said at a press conference on November 23. He added that over the past few years everything has been built on this principle in Armenia.

20/11/2015 13:28

China takes a positive view of possible bilateral cooperation within Silk Road Economic Belt initiative

China and Armenia maintain a high level of political confidence and the countries are ready to discuss the prospects of promotion of the cooperation in the context of the Silk Road project, Mr. Luo Shixiong, Political Advisor at the Chinese Embassy in Armenia, told reporters at the opening of the forum "Silk Road of XXI Century: Prospects of Cooperation".

19/11/2015 14:32

Geoteam CJSC Undertakes Comprehensive Preserve Program for Potentilla porphyrantha

The Institute of Botany recently opened a new glasshouse and outdoor rockery at Sevan Botanical Garden. The press office of Geoteam CJSC has told ArmInfo that this is the first visible step in a comprehensive program to preserve Amulsar population of Potentilla porphyrantha. The work is being undertaken by Geoteam CJSC in cooperation with the Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Treweek Environmental Consultants (UK) and Cambridge University Botanical Garden (UK).

19/11/2015 12:52

Yervand Zakharyan: It is impossible to review electricity tariffs at the moment

Decline in losses in energy system cannot be considered as basis for reducing the tariffs on electricity, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Yervand Zakharyan said at the parliament on November 18.

18/11/2015 17:57

Hrant Bagratyan: Given inflation, it will be impossible to ensure targeted 2.2% economic growth in 2016

Given the inflation, it will be impossible to ensure the targeted 2.2% economic growth in 2016, lawmaker from the opposition Armenian National Congress Faction, ex-prime minister of Armenia Hrant Bagratyan said.

17/11/2015 14:47

Armenia has real opportunities for development of U.S. business, Ambassador Mills says

The goal of the discussions is to create a favorable investment environment in Armenia, U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills told reporters during the opening of the first meeting of the U.S.-Armenia Council on Trade and Investment on November 17.

17/11/2015 14:46

Economy Minister: To fight corruption means to eliminate the reasons of corruption

Fighting corruption and ensuring equal competition depend on systemic changes, Minister of Economy Karen Chshmarityan told reports on sidelines of the first meeting of the U.S.-Armenia Council on Trade and Investment, in Yerevan, on Nov 17, when commenting on U.S. Ambassador Richard Mill's statement in an interview with RFE/RL Armenian Service on overall corruption in Armenia.

16/11/2015 13:11

Ambassador of China: It will be possible to speak of expediency of Iran-Armenia project after prepartion of feasibility study

It will be possible to speak of real investments and dates of implementation of the Iran-Armenia railway project after the feasibility study of the project is prepared, Chinese Ambassador to Armenia Tian Erlong told reporters on November 16, on the sidelines of the workshop on Chinese-Armenian cooperation in the light of creation of the Silk Road Economic Belt. He stressed that at the current stage two Chinese companies are conducting the feasibility study of the project on a non-repayable basis to see the expediency of the Iran-Armenia railway project.

12/11/2015 12:23

SRC CJSC General Manager: Freight activity shows downward trend

Freight activity at the South Caucasus Railway (SCR) CJSC has been showing downward trend since the beginning of the year, Sergey Valko, General Manager at SCR said during a conference call on Nov 9, the Company's press-office said. Sergey Valko said the company shows improvement of a range of qualitative indicators, including reduction of the train delay by 134 hours or 40%. "Our goal is to ensure a 100% scheduled running," Valko said.

11/11/2015 14:38

ENA Technical Director: Losses in energy system show downward trend

Losses in the energy system has showed downward trend by late October, David Grigoryan, Technical Director at Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) told ArmInfo on November 11.

09/11/2015 19:33

Transport Ministry: State budget of 2016 to allocate 350 mln AMD to compensate for damage related to traffic of South Caucasus Railway

In 2016, the state budget of 2016 will allocate 350 mln to compensate for the damage related to the traffic of the South Caucasus Railway (SCR) CJSC (versus 588 mln AMD in the previous year), Armenian Minister of Transport and Communication Gagik Beglaryan said at today's parliamentary hearings on the draft state budget of 2016.

03/11/2015 13:24

Hrant Bagratyan recommends not feeling too much inspired with 100% switching to program budgeting

Shifting from the clause-by-clause state budgeting to program budgeting is one of the key measures to increase the efficiency of budget expenditures. Hrant Bagratyan, politician, economist, former prime minister of Armenia, made such statement commenting to ArmInfo on the statement by Deputy Minister of Finance Pavel Safaryan saying that in 2018 Armenia will fully switch to a program budgeting system. At the same time, Bagratyan recommends not to smarten up with the idea too much.

03/11/2015 10:09

EEC Minister Ara Nranyan: "The EEU should eventually become one of global economic centers"

"The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) should eventually become one of the global economic centers," Ara Nranyan, member of the Board (Minister) of the Eurasian Economic Commission, said during the First Youth Economic Forum "Russia and Armenia: New Drivers of Integration."

03/11/2015 09:47

Minister: Renovation operations at Stepanavan Airport to be over in 2016

The renovation operations at the Stepanavan Airport will be over in 2016, Armenian Minister of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan told journalists on November 2.

03/11/2015 09:36

Vartan Oskanian: Despite external factors, it is possible to ensure high rates of economic growth in Armenia

The draft 2016 state budget is defeatist, former Foreign Minister of Armenia, MP Vartan Oskanian thinks. "I followed today the discussions of the budget in the National Assembly of Armenia and I agree with MP Hrant Bagratyan's opinion, that this is a defeatist budget. I also agree that it has already become boring that the Armenian Government since 2008 has been trying to impose its failures and nonfeasance on external factors.

31/10/2015 19:49

Expert: Government should invest in re-activation of Nairit Plant

Government should not stay aside and leave the development of the most important sectors of economy to the discretion of economic entities, Vazgen Safayan, the head of the Union of Local Manufacturers of Armenia told ArmInfo.

30/10/2015 14:23

Expert: Communication technologies "Giraffe is big! He knows best" squashing idea of EEU single information space

Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) has failed to explain clearly why the information partners of the ongoing 10th International Conference for Eurasian Economic Integration in Moscow are only the Russian mass media and whether such a stance of the Bank does not run contrary to principles and goals of integration processes.

29/10/2015 16:45

Armenian Government approves decision on subsidizing tariffs of electricity on a parity basis with Tashir Foundation

Tashir Foundation on a parity basis with the Armenia's Government will compensate for the rising tariff of electricity at the price of 6.93 AMD for KWh till July 31, 2016, Yervand Zakharyan, Minister of Energy and Natural resources announced at the Armenian Government's session on October 29. According to the Minister, the compensation, which was approved today, will come into force post factum from August 1, from the moment of price hike and will last till July 31, 2016.

29/10/2015 16:44

Armenian Government: North-South highway to receive new financial injections

The Armenian Government has approved a draft agreement with the Asian Development Bank. Under the agreement, the country is to receive a $112.97 mln tranche for the North-South transport corridor project.

29/10/2015 15:37

Karen Chshmarityan: Armenia improves its positions in WB Doing Business 2016 report by 10 points, retaining its leadership position in CIS

Armenia improves its positions in WB Doing Business 2016 report by 10 points, taking the 35th place out of 189 countries. Armenia has been the leader among the CIS countries in the given rating for a second year already, Minister of Economy Karen Chshmarityan briefed on media on October 29.

27/10/2015 13:40

SCR invests over 1.2 bln AMD in Yerevan depot and rails a renovated Czech diesel-powered loco

The South Caucasus Railway (SCR) has repaired the first of the 14 ChME3 shunting diesel locomotives and this is the first successful practice of depot repair of such kind of locomotives at the material and technical facilities in Armenia.

27/10/2015 12:28

Armenian NPP resumes electric power supply

The Armenian Nuclear Power Plant has resumed the electric power supply in the republic, the press office of the Armenian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources reports.

16/10/2015 16:49

Samvel Karapetyan: We plan to modernize infrastructure of power distributing networks

President of Tashir Group Samvet Karapetyan, the new owner of the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) CJSC, has made a statement unveiling the strategy of upcoming reforms at ENA.

16/10/2015 16:46

Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC has new director general

Karen Haroutiunyan has been appointed Director General of the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA), Spokesperson of the company Natalia Sarjanyan told ArmInfo.