Armenia's Police alarmed over bomb in Zvartnots International Airport

One of medical workers of Ambulance service released from seized building

One of leaders of Founding Parliament Alek Yenigomshyan detained

Arrest chosen as measure of restriction for Pavel Manukyan's son: Manukyan himself launched hunger strike

Leaders of "Founding Parliament" decide to hold protests on Liberty Square

Anti-Crisis group justifies its "mistakes" with intention to avoid bloodshed

Armenian police detaining all citizens passing by Khorenatsi Street near the seized building, foreign citizens among them

National Security Service of Armenia addresses members of Daredevils of Sasoun: The possibility still exists but the time is running out

Yenigomshyan believes in success of oppositionist movement

Representatives of Armenian Ombudsman's office visit Police department in Shengavit district and meet activist Levon Barseghyan

National Assembly of Armenia has not discussed demand to meet with delegation of parliamentarians laid down by "Daredevils of Sasoun"

US Embassy to Armenia calls for immediate release of medical personnel from seized building

"Daredevils of Sasoun" group presented details of last night's firefight: there was sabotage by Police

Yenigomshyan: Doctors are not hostages they are guarantee for satisfying conditions, laid down by Daredevils of Sasoun

Armenian Healthcare Ministry considers impossible fulfillment of armed group's demand on exchange of medical workers who were taken hostages

Yenigomshyan rings alarm: Levon Barseghyan missing since early morning

Economy Ministry of Armenia sees no reasons why Single European Sky is still close for Armenia

"Daredevils of Sasoun" provide details of overnight skirmish: Police resorted to sabotage

James Warlick: Yerevan and Baku agree to expand OSCE monitoring group in Karabakh conflict zone

Medical community of Armenia condemns "Daredevils of Sasoun" for taking 4 medical workers hostage

Police ban citizens from gathering in territory adjacent to seized Police Patrol Service Regiment building in Yerevan

Forecast: No prospects for NATO's expansion into South Caucasus

Armenian human rights defender verifying reports on mass detention of citizens

Armenian human rights defender verifying reports on mass detention of citizens

Two wounded members of armed group "Daredevils of Sasoun" sent to prison hospital

U.S. Embassy in Armenia once again issues a security message for U.S. citizens in Armenia urging them to avoid daily demonstrations

Azerbaijan's drones circling above Karabakh-Azerbaijani Line of Contact

Lives of wounded members of "Daredevils of Sasoun" Pavel Manukyan and his son in danger after past night's skirmish

Police reinforce its positions at Khoreatsi Street

Policemen's actions against Daredevils of Sasoun escalate situation even more

Armenian NSS warns that it has to take stricter actions for preventing new crimes by Daredevils of Sasoun

VTB Bank (Armenia) resumes service of transfers from card to card via Visa Direct system

Ombudsman presented his position and proposals related to events in Erebuni

View from Berlin: Establishment of Turkish bases in Azerbaijan testifies to Turkey's independent geopolitical game in Eurasia

Armenia's Police urge demonstrators to find another place to hold protests

German political analyst says Western forces may be behind orange revolutions and coup attempts in post- Soviet countries

Forecast: Eradication of ISIL and other organizations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya will result in spillover of war to Southern Europe, France and Germany

German political analyst: New gold war emerged, as Russia refused to accept Western model of development

Armenian Police: "Daredevils of Sasoun" have been provided with food

Alliance Party officially joins people's movement in support of "Daredevils of Sasoun" and their demands to Armenia's leadership

"Daredevils of Sasoun" group disclaims Police reports: Skirmish occurred in area of seized building not on neutral territory

Deputy Minister of Economy does not specify final date of Armenia-EU new framework agreement

Tigran Balayan: Armenia's leadership has repeatedly commented on normalization of relations with Turkey

Wounded members of "Daredevils of Sasoun" undergo surgery

Armenian Police make statement on past night's skirmish

Armenian Police: Armed group that seized Police Patrol Service Regiment has burnt three police cars in territory of seized building

Two members of armed group "Daredevils of Sasoun" wounded overnight and taken to hospital

Rebels burn two police cars on territory of seized building

Newspaper: Zhirayr Sefilyan does not refuse from the demand of Serzh Sargsyan's resignation

Oppositionists at Khorenatsi Street demand from Armenian authorities to refute information that armed groups from Chechen Republic are arrivING in the country


19/07 14:56 Armenia and EU discuss preparation for CITES meeting

Armenian Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan and Dirk Lorenz, Head of the Political, Economic, Press and Information Section of the EU Delegation to Armenia, discussed the course of preparations for the 17th meeting of the parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

16/06/2016 14:30

Four public organizations of Kapan town appeal to Armenian President for revoking license of Geghi Gold Company

Four public organizations of Kapan town have appealed to Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan asking for revocation of Geghi Gold Company's license.

24/03/2016 13:09

Karine Danielyan: Armenia has illegal mines which are not registered officially

The intensive development of mining remains a cause of great concern for environmentalists. Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association for Sustainable Human Development, has told ArmInfo that the damage inflicted by the mining industry may be much bigger because the country also has illegal mines, which are not registered officially.

22/03/2016 17:00

Expert: Desert plants found in Ararat Valley

One can already find desert plants in the Ararat Valley, Knarik Hovhannisyan, expert on water resources, said at a press conference on March 22.

22/03/2016 16:56

Sevan whitefish may be critically endangered again

The Sevan whitefish may be critically endangered again, Bardukh Gabrielyan, the head of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, told reporters. "During the period of collapse of the Soviet Union, the whitefish was one of the few foodstuffs in Armenia and this resulted in almost full extinction of the species. The same may happen now and we should be ready to prevent that threat to the biodiversity of the unique Sevan basin," the expert said.

15/03/2016 19:59

Red Book bird species leave Armenia due to development of mining industry

Red Book bird species are leaving Armenia due to development of the mining industry. Head of the Bird Lovers' Center Silva Adamyan has told ArmInfo that the mining industry in the republic does not meet the environmental standards adopted in developed countries. The situation deteriorates even more because the mining companies are exempted from taxes for tails (mining waste) and tailing dumps.

15/03/2016 17:30

Expert: 80% of small-scale HPPs of Armenia operate on outdated machinery

80% of small-scale HPPs of Armenia operate on outdated machinery, Head of EcoLur NGO Inga Zarafyan has told ArmInfo, referring to the data of the project supporting the reforms in the sector of small-scale HPPs.

10/03/2016 17:37

Lake Sevan faces a new threat - pollution with microplastics

Bardukh Gabrielyan, Head of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, has told ArmInfo that the condition of the rivers running into the Sevan leaves much to be desired. For instance, the river Masrik is polluted with mining waste. Such factors as pollution with household and organic waste also have a negative impact on the water resources.

10/03/2016 16:15

Experts are unanimous that existence of Sevan National Park is formal

The activity of Sevan National Park undergoes criticism again. Earlier in an interview with ArmInfo, WWF-Armenia Head Karen Manvelyan pointed out the need to change the approach to the Sevan National Park. "Perhaps, we need a special protected area rather than a national park.

10/03/2016 16:14

Expert: Licensed system of fishery in Lake Sevan has undermined the stocks of almost all fish species

The licensed system of fishery in Lake Sevan has undermined the stocks of almost all fish species, Bardukh Gabrielyan, Head of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, said at a press conference on March 10.