European Union's foreign policy chief to travel to Armenia

Forecast: Ilham Aliyev will quit "Minsk format" only after Russia or the West gives him guarantees about his power retention

Defense Minister of Armenia recommends former contract officer to keep political neutrality

Swedish Foreign Minister sure Karabakh conflict cannot be settled by force

VivaCell-MTS in cooperation with The Fuller Center for Housing Armenia improve housing conditions of three families in borderland village of Khachik

VivaCell-MTS is the first mobile operator sending SMS messages to its subscribers in Armenian

Hovhannes Sahakyan: Solution to many electoral problems raised by European experts and public will be found in new Electoral Code

Edward Nalbandian: Armenia seeks further cooperation with OSCE/ODIHR

Yerevan: Armenia and OSCE MG co-chairs are interested in change of status quo in Karabakh peace process

Rostelecom (Armenia) launches online payment program on its website

Armenian parliament speaker says the stand of Serbia's delegation to PACE runs contrary to the Armenian-Serbian cooperation

Zaruhi Postanjyan submits documents for nomination for post of Ombudsperson

Mateusz Piskorski: Most of EU countries have played the role of Washington's "useful idiots" and "bandogs"

Civil Contract Party not to create any blocs to run for parliament in 2017

Two employees of State Service for Food Safety face bribery charges

Court rejects request to transfer Vahan Shirkhanyan to a medical institution

Minsk Group process for Nagorno-Karabakh provides a framework to prevent violations along line of contact from degenerating too far, ICG says

Russian lawmakers suggest annulling 1921 treaty of friendship with Turkey

Azerbaijan fires at a near-border Armenian village in Tavush Province

Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine intends to increase output by 10% in 2016

Australian Senator delivers a speech in Senate, supporting independence of Nagorno-Karabakh

Republican: Control Chamber of Armenia will be changed into Audit Chamber

Adam Schiff urges James Warlick to abandon false parity in Karabakh problem

Adversary fired at Armenian positions from rocket-artillery systems overnight

Arman Tatoyan: I will be able to withstand pressure on the post of Ombudsperson

Ralph Yirikian's personal support to people living in borderland village of Khachik

New Armenia Front urges world community to impose sanctions on Armenia's government

INECOBANK explains: One of key prerequisites of merger with ProCredit Bank was similarity of corporate governance culture and availability of professional teams

Vache Gabrielyan's brother-in-law arrested for bribery attempt

Yerevan: Ankara's statements that Vatican renounces Pope's April address have nothing to do with the reality


15/12 23:41 Environmentalists publicize deplorable findings of monitoring of small-scale HPPs

On December 15, the first results of the project entitled "Support to the Reforms of SHPPs through a Dialogue between the Public and the Ministry of Nature Protection of the RA for the Purpose of River Ecosystem Use" were publicized in Yerevan.

14/12/2015 12:20

WWF intends to merge Ijevan and Gandzakar partial reserves

WWF Armenia and "ArmForest" SNCO are implementing a joint project to improve the management of Ijevan partial reserve. WWF Armenia Head Karen Manvelyan has told ArmInfo that the boundaries will be optimized and a management plan will be worked out. "We are going to merge two partial reserves - Ijevan and Gandzakar, as well as to optimize the boundaries and study the importance of territories in terms of biodiversity.

11/12/2015 13:13

Sevan whitefish reserves grow again

Bardukh Gabrielyan, Director of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, said at a press conference on December 11 that by the data of 2005 the whitefish reserve in Lake Sevan made up 400-450 tons. Last year that indicator was about 300 tons. The expert hopes that if the population keeps growing, it will be possible to lift the ban on whitefish fishing in the Sevan in several years. The minimum whitefish reserve is 1 thsd tons.

01/12/2015 11:25

Armenian President urges all countries to combine efforts to address climate change

On November 30, in Paris President Serzh Sargsyan participated at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Conference, which is presided over by France, is attended by the Heads of state and government from 150 countries and by thousands of delegates, the president's press-office said.

29/10/2015 15:07

Minister: Armenia to take all possible measures towards mitigation of climate changes

Armenian Minister of Nature Protection Aramais Grigoryan met with representatives of a number of diplomatic missions in Armenia, as well as the EU Delegation to Armenia.

14/10/2015 16:47

WWF: Sevan and Dilijan National Parks do not meet Category II of IUCN

Sevan and Dilijan National Parks do not meet Category II (National Park) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), WWF-Armenia Head Karen Manvelyan has told ArmInfo.

07/10/2015 19:22

Tension on border with Azerbaijan becomes obstacle for WWF-Armenia activity

Tension on the border with Azerbaijan becomes an obstacle for WWF- Armenia activity. As it was informed earlier, several species of leopards have settled in the south of Armenia. WWF trail cameras installed in the borderline area help to trail the life of leopards. In March of the current year 8 cameras were located but recently at a result of the tension on the Azerbaijani border WWF Armenia staff cannot approach the territory.

06/10/2015 13:54

WWF: Small-scale HPPs in Armenia do not prove their worth

The small-scale hydropower plants (HPPs) in Armenia do not prove their worth, Head of WWF-Armenia Karen Manvelyan has told ArmInfo. "The calculations are wrong. Even those who invest in the small-scale HPPs realize that they cannot obtain the designed electric power output," says Manvelyan. The outcome of such a situation is desperate. "To recover the investments, they route all the water into the pipes without leaving an environmental flow," he says.

22/09/2015 16:07

Ministry of Nature Protection refutes rumors about use of Sevan water for restoration of Lake Urmia

The Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection is again refuting the rumors about the use of Sevan water for restoration of Lake Urmia on Iran.

17/09/2015 12:27

Ozone layer in Armenia improved due to crisis of 1990s

As compared to the 1990s, Armenia is experiencing improvement of the ozone layer, Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association for Sustainable Human Development NGO, said at a press conference on September 16.

16/09/2015 22:28

Amulsar. Myths and Reality

In an article several months ago I highlighted the myths about mining industry in general. Today I want to focus on Amulsar specifically and separate myths from concerns. Many questions voiced have been addressed continuously for years by different means of communications and those constituencies that had valid concerns have been satisfied by the answers. By this said, I do not want to imply that there should not be any further questions. They are welcome and any further concerns will be addressed properly. However when the same unfounded claims, that received comprehensive answers, still continue to be circulated, they stop being concerns and turn into myths.

26/08/2015 11:16

So far the environmentalists have no response from the Prime Minister on restoration of the Iranian Urmia lake at the expense of Sevan

It is already 10 days, as the "Environmental Public Alliance" is waiting for a response from the Prime Minister of Armenia on the issue of pumping water from Sevan Lake to Urmia in Iran.

11/08/2015 20:24

Ministry of Nature Protection of RA denies there was transaction to trasfer Sevan fresh water to Iran

The Ministry of Nature Protection of RA denies the information on that Iran intends to purchase water from lake Sevan in order to restore the water resources of lake Urmia, which is near extinction. This has been communicated by Temina Arzumanyan, the press secretary of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA.