Head of Russian Sports Federation: Sports laws oblige Azerbaijan to permit Henrikh Mkhitaryan's entry to Azerbaijan

LOT (Poland) to resume flights to Yerevan on 1 Jan 2016

To mark the 150th anniversary HSBC will allocate US$150m in community projects and local charities

Official investigation of the case against the policeman who had hit an elderly man, is suspended

EEU: The EEU Treaty allows the authorized veterinary bodies of the member-states to unilaterally apply temporary bans and restrictions on the products

Jermuk branch ensured three-fold increase of capture portfolio and became the winner of the contest among the VTB Armenia Bank

Beeline is recruiting local sales experts

"No to Plunder!" Initiating a New Wave of Disobedience

VivaCell-MTS provides broadband Internet, IP telephony and IP TV services to Central Bank's facilities in Dilijan

Turcologist: Aggravation of domestic political situation in Turkey to increase threats to Armenian community

Armen Martirosyan: Heritage leader's stand on constitutional reforms in tune with Heritage Party's stand

Renewed commitment at the highest level needed for Karabakh conflict settlement, Warlick says

Russia is responsible fulfilling its duties in Karabakh peace process

NKR Defense Army repels one more sabotage attack of Azerbaijani troops

Turcologist: Holding Off-Year Parliamentary Elections in Turkey Seeks to Transfer the Country into Presidential Government

VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia Continue Partnership

VII PanArmenian Barbeque Fest to Take Place on Sep 12

Heritage to take no part in discussions on constitutional reforms with President

Stepanakert: NKR Defense Army keeps a tight rein on adversary

Manvel Sargsyan: Constitutional referendum is aimed at destroying the basis of Armenian statehood – the presidency institution

U.S. Ambassador: "One of the most effective drivers of cooperation is common business interests"

Gevorg Kostanyan requests his Azerbaijani colleagues to inquire into death of Armenian citizen Karen Petrosyan

Artak Zakaryan: We will be following Venice Commission's recommendations as much as they will meet our traditions and mentality

VTB Bank (Armenia) most recognizable bank brand in Armenia

Ucom not Clear about Orange Brand Future

Russian Air Carriers to Raise Air Ticket Prices again

Air Armenia Company embarks on second phase of overcoming stress period


26/08 11:16 So far the environmentalists have no response from the Prime Minister on restoration of the Iranian Urmia lake at the expense of Sevan

It is already 10 days, as the "Environmental Public Alliance" is waiting for a response from the Prime Minister of Armenia on the issue of pumping water from Sevan Lake to Urmia in Iran.

11/08/2015 20:24

Ministry of Nature Protection of RA denies there was transaction to trasfer Sevan fresh water to Iran

The Ministry of Nature Protection of RA denies the information on that Iran intends to purchase water from lake Sevan in order to restore the water resources of lake Urmia, which is near extinction. This has been communicated by Temina Arzumanyan, the press secretary of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA.

23/06/2015 13:23

Record-Keeping of Mercury-Bearing Products and Waste being Carried out in Armenia

A seminar on project directed at ratifying Minamata Convention on mercury kicked off in Yerevan on June 23. Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan has told that the project has been designed to monitor legal boundaries, as well as estimate the ratification consequences of the Convention.

22/06/2015 18:23

Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection refutes rumors about advancing Lake Sevan on pawn

The Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection refutes the rumors about advancing Lake Sevan on pawn. Earlier that information was voiced by Silva Adamyan, Head of the Bird Lovers' Center, who cited her own sources. She said that Lake Sevan was pawned at one of the largest international banks. "That information has nothing to do with the reality.

18/06/2015 17:29

Environmentalist: In some communities of Armenia orchards are irrigated with sewage water

In some communities of Armenia orchards are irrigated with sewage water, environmentalist Knarik Hovhannisyan said at a press conference on June 18.

04/06/2015 18:02

Expert: Bill "On Biosafety of GM-foods" pales into significance

Adamyan has told ArmInfo that the Government has been refusing to discuss the bill "On Biosafety of GM-foods" for a year, however, Melita Hakobyan, President of the National Association of Consumers, says that the bill has been discussed. Meanwhile, Prof. Aida Iskoyan, PhD in Law, Lia Osipyan, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, Mileta Aristakesyan, Vice Chairperson of the Academy of Protection of Consumers' Rights and other experts, who took part in the discussion of the bill, specify some inaccuracies in the document.

04/06/2015 18:01

Development of the Deposit has Caused Changes in Armenia's Landscape

The development of the deposit has caused changes in Armenia's landscape, head of Center of Bird Lovers NGO Silva Adamyan said during the June 4 press conference.

26/05/2015 20:18

Large POPs pesticide burial site in Nubarashen and residual obsolete pesticide stores in 24 locations to be eliminated

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia and the Government of the Republic of Armenia will work together to reduce the impacts of hazardous waste and related contaminated sites from Soviet times, in order to protect human and environmental health through the effective elimination of obsolete pesticide stockpiles, particularly persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in Armenia, the website of the UN Yerevan Office reports.

06/05/2015 19:56

Ecologists and Lydian International Representatives Discussing Amulsar Mine Project

Today, on May 6 ecologists, green activists, representatives, of "Geoteam" and Lydian International, Ministry of Nature Protection and Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources RA have participated in a discussion on Amulsar mine project. The discussion was held at Aarhus Center in Yerevan.

27/03/2015 16:11

Villagers address a letter to Armenian Prime Minister over a tailing dump of Akhtala Mining Plant

195 residents of Mets Ayrum rural community have addressed a letter to Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan over the situation around the tailing dump of the Akhtala Mining Plant. The letter has also been sent to all parliamentary groups of Armenia, the OSCE Office in Yerevan, Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection and the Standing Parliamentary Commission for Agriculture and Environment.

24/03/2015 16:40

Inspections Performed in Akhtala Ore Mining Plant

"EcoLur" reports that Ministry of Nature Protection RA is performing large-scale inspections at Akhtala ore mining plant. The inspections were launched after "EcoLur"'s alarm signal on the plant's heavy equipment in Mets Airum community. According to the news, hills, landscapes, community grasslands are being taken down and soil is being moved out in spades.

07/03/2015 15:09

Karine Danielyan: The women who prefer being mothers deserve the same respect as female politicians

ArmInfo’s Interview with Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association for Sustainable Human Development NGO

02/03/2015 16:23

Karine Danielyan: Oil and gas prospecting near Sevan will be devastating for the lake

Oil and gas prospecting near Sevan will be devastating for the lake, Head of the Association for Sustainable Development Karine Danielyan told ArmInfo.

24/02/2015 18:24

Ecologists and Villagers are Discontent with the Akhtala Ore Mining Plant’s Plans on Building a New Tailing Dump

The inhabitants of Mets Airum rural community are demonstrating against the plans on building a new Akhtala ore mining plant tailing dump. Oleg Dulgaryan, a member of the community’s Council of Elders, reported about that during a press-conference on February 24. According to him, the new tailing dump is to be located next to Mets Airum and Chochkan rural communities and will occupy 40 hectares territory. Meanwhile, it is planned to transform the agricultural lands into industrial ones for the construction of the dump.