With Rostelecom assistance Yenokyan brothers from Vayots Dzor attended summer camp organized by Tumo

NKR Defense Army: Azerbaijan opened fire on civilians

Teghout CJSC to hold meetings on Teghout project on July 14

Yair Auron: Israeli Knesset will hold discussion on Armenian Genocide on July 5

Gagik Beglaryan considers that good roads will make Armenia attractive for Iranian business

Beeline Armenia holds a Digithon to reveal most promising and innovative solutions for development of the company

Armenian minister of transport and communication urges Yandex Taxi management to sign contracts with licensed drivers only

Armenia holds negotiations with Georgia and Russia for opening alternative road to Russia

Azerbaijani FM: Time has come to start serious work on settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Anelik Bank and Ria Money Transfers launch a joint campaign on July 1, with the fee for money transfers to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova halved

NKR Prosecutor General's Office completes investigation of murders of Armenian servicemen during April war: ears and fingers of many of them were cut off by Azeris

Forecast: Russia would oppose any deeper cooperation of Armenia with NATO by putting pressure on government in Yerevan

John Evans: It is time for Artsakh to take its place directly at the table of negotiations

Alexander Lukashevich does not anticipate any breakthrough solutions in Karabakh peace process with Steinmeier's visit to region

Baku reacts to Frank-Walter Steinmeier's meeting with Bako Sahakyan

Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan

Nalbandian about Brexit: Armenia will continue efforts towards enhancement of cooperation with Great Britain

Armenia and Germany sign intergovernmental agreement to avoid double taxation

Armenian Emergency Ministry: Russian rescue plane transporting Armenian citizens from Upper Lars border crossing makes emergency landing in Mineralniye Vody

Ambassador Mills says fighting corruption is not just a point in the list of contemplated actions that can be marked as done

Nouvelles d`Armenie: French government presents text of draft law criminalizing denial of Armenian Genocide

Former US ambassador to be included in black list of Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry for his visit to Artsakh

Nalbandian: Issue of giving Nagorno-Karabakh a status of autonomy within Azerbaijan has not been discussed

Steinmeier: Status quo in Karaabkh settlement may lead to new outbreak of violence

Rostelecom discussed with Armenian radio companies possibilities of using modern technological solutions in radio broadcasting

Orientalist: German Bundestag's recognition of the Armenian Genocide is logical continuation of Pope Francis' statement during the mass in 2015

Seyran Ohanyan: Army leadership knows what and where to plan

MP: Ratification of agreement on Joint Air Defense will affect Armenia's independence

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations to evacuate Armenian citizens trapped on Upper Lars checkpoint

Naira Zohrabyan. Joint Air Defense system will upgrade security of Armenia's airspace

Batu Kutelia: Warsaw Summit will give definite political and military answers to Russia’s attempted aggressive revisionism

Azerbaijani armed forces use DShK heavy machine gun on Line of Contact

Foreign Ministry: There are no citizens of Armenia among victims of explosion at Istanbul airport

Eduard Sharmazanov: Russia and Turkey will remain rivals and competitors

Zakharova about Karabakh peace process: There are issues that should be hushed up

Naira Zohrabyan to Serzh Sargsyan: Prosperous Armenia Party will win in upcoming parliamentary elections

Masis Mailyan : Baku intends to continue its "military diplomacy" with impunity

Deputy minister: Creation of a joint air defense system with Russia will only strengthen combat ability of Armenian armed forces

South Caucasus Railway CJSC sets car to auction

Beeline improves Smart tariff plans

Armenian political forces express different opinions about influence of possible Moscow-Ankara normalization on Armenia

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group offers 50% discount for renting safe deposits boxes during summer holidays

Sergey Lavrov to travel to Yerevan

Ban Ki-moon: UN concerned over violations of ceasefire in Karbakh conflict zone

Defense sure Zhirayr Sefulyan's arrest is a political order

Sharmazanov explains Serzh Sargsyan's interview: If Armenia's citizens are reluctant to vote for RPA, no one will make them do it

Rostelecom holds two seminars on sidelines of Hartak Festival

Paul Stronski: Yerevan’s security alliance with Moscow will not impede Armenia’s good ties with NATO

Armenian President: Armenia expects wider recognition of Genocide after German vote and pope's remarks

Nikol Pashinyan: Consensus on Electoral Code is ridiculous


16/06 14:30 Four public organizations of Kapan town appeal to Armenian President for revoking license of Geghi Gold Company

Four public organizations of Kapan town have appealed to Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan asking for revocation of Geghi Gold Company's license.

24/03/2016 13:09

Karine Danielyan: Armenia has illegal mines which are not registered officially

The intensive development of mining remains a cause of great concern for environmentalists. Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association for Sustainable Human Development, has told ArmInfo that the damage inflicted by the mining industry may be much bigger because the country also has illegal mines, which are not registered officially.

22/03/2016 17:00

Expert: Desert plants found in Ararat Valley

One can already find desert plants in the Ararat Valley, Knarik Hovhannisyan, expert on water resources, said at a press conference on March 22.

22/03/2016 16:56

Sevan whitefish may be critically endangered again

The Sevan whitefish may be critically endangered again, Bardukh Gabrielyan, the head of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, told reporters. "During the period of collapse of the Soviet Union, the whitefish was one of the few foodstuffs in Armenia and this resulted in almost full extinction of the species. The same may happen now and we should be ready to prevent that threat to the biodiversity of the unique Sevan basin," the expert said.

15/03/2016 19:59

Red Book bird species leave Armenia due to development of mining industry

Red Book bird species are leaving Armenia due to development of the mining industry. Head of the Bird Lovers' Center Silva Adamyan has told ArmInfo that the mining industry in the republic does not meet the environmental standards adopted in developed countries. The situation deteriorates even more because the mining companies are exempted from taxes for tails (mining waste) and tailing dumps.

15/03/2016 17:30

Expert: 80% of small-scale HPPs of Armenia operate on outdated machinery

80% of small-scale HPPs of Armenia operate on outdated machinery, Head of EcoLur NGO Inga Zarafyan has told ArmInfo, referring to the data of the project supporting the reforms in the sector of small-scale HPPs.

10/03/2016 17:37

Lake Sevan faces a new threat - pollution with microplastics

Bardukh Gabrielyan, Head of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, has told ArmInfo that the condition of the rivers running into the Sevan leaves much to be desired. For instance, the river Masrik is polluted with mining waste. Such factors as pollution with household and organic waste also have a negative impact on the water resources.

10/03/2016 16:15

Experts are unanimous that existence of Sevan National Park is formal

The activity of Sevan National Park undergoes criticism again. Earlier in an interview with ArmInfo, WWF-Armenia Head Karen Manvelyan pointed out the need to change the approach to the Sevan National Park. "Perhaps, we need a special protected area rather than a national park.

10/03/2016 16:14

Expert: Licensed system of fishery in Lake Sevan has undermined the stocks of almost all fish species

The licensed system of fishery in Lake Sevan has undermined the stocks of almost all fish species, Bardukh Gabrielyan, Head of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, said at a press conference on March 10.

16/12/2015 05:41

Environmentalists publicize deplorable findings of monitoring of small-scale HPPs

On December 15, the first results of the project entitled "Support to the Reforms of SHPPs through a Dialogue between the Public and the Ministry of Nature Protection of the RA for the Purpose of River Ecosystem Use" were publicized in Yerevan.

14/12/2015 18:20

WWF intends to merge Ijevan and Gandzakar partial reserves

WWF Armenia and "ArmForest" SNCO are implementing a joint project to improve the management of Ijevan partial reserve. WWF Armenia Head Karen Manvelyan has told ArmInfo that the boundaries will be optimized and a management plan will be worked out. "We are going to merge two partial reserves - Ijevan and Gandzakar, as well as to optimize the boundaries and study the importance of territories in terms of biodiversity.