ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank Planning to Finish 2015 with 3.8 bln AMD Profit

Beeline holds #70thousandthanks campaign in Armenia

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK intends to expand its presence in Yerevan and other large cities of Armenia

ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK's new branch to focus on financing and serving SME entities

1st and 2nd Issues of Foreign Currency Denominated Bonds by ARMSWISSBANK Listed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia

Armenia: Greece and VFS Global Opening a Center on Visa Applications for Greece

Orange sums up results of "To Cannes 2015" video-contest

VivaCell-MTS network restarts operation after the outage

Mass Media: Former MP from Prosperous Armenia Party detained on suspicion of assassination planning

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank ranked second in terms of branch network

Head of RESO stresses several types of insurance that will shortly enjoy higher demand

Insurer: Application of social packages in private sector will increase demand for health insurance

Insurer: Demand for motor third party liability insurance not to decline even if it suddenly becomes voluntary

Insurer: Bonus-Malus system is still operating to the prejudice of insurance companies

Prime Minister of Armenia supports territorial integrity of Georgia

Foreign Ministry of Georgia summons Armenia's ambassador over meeting of Armenian and South Ossetian parliament speakers

Spectrum held a roundtable discussion "NATO and the Changing Security Environment"

Armenia: Greece and VFS Global Opening a Center on Visa Applications for Greece

Jerzy Marek Nowakowski: Poland ready to contribute to Armenian-Turkish normalization

Vigen Sargsyan: Edogan's "Gallipoli Plan" was a Complete Failure

Ukraine not Recognizing Nagorno-Karabakh Parliamentary Elections

Georgia not Recognizing the Election Held "in Occupied Azerbaijani Territories"

US analyst: Ukrainian crisis and annexation of Crimea have complicated Karabakh peace process

Sabine Freizer: Maintaining dialogue with Armenia, U.S. and EU should not forget that it is Russia's periphery

US expert: South Caucasus does not face the threat of 08.08.08 war scenario or the Crimean scenario

NKR CEC: Free Motherland Party sweeps parliamentary elections

Oppositionist: Parliamentary elections in NKR highly competitive

Ersi Koi: Elections in NKR meet international standards

European Parliament member: Electoral process in Nagorno-Karabakh took place in line with international standards

Members of Founding Parliament set free

Arkady Ghukasyan: No violations registered during parliamentary elections in NKR

Ankara indignant at initiative to teach genesis of Armenian Genocide at German schools

Preliminary data: Free Motherland Party wins parliamentary elections in Nagorny Karabakh

Hovhaness Sahakyan: "Parliamentary elections in Nagorny Karabakh show that international recognition of NKR is near at hand"

Anelik Bank's loan and deposit portfolios considerably grew in Q1 2015


Armen Rustamyan: From now on, Armenian Genocide is an issue on international agenda

Tigran Jrbashyan: I think all this is a trial that will make the country embark on “rehabilitation procedures”

Yevgeny Satanovsky: Turkey uses Islamic State to destroy Kurds

Eduard Sharmazanov: We have presented our agenda to the world and the progressive humanity has acclaimed it

Gayane Novikova: The South Caucasus states are trapped by the Ukrainian crisis

Ashot Manucharyan: Russia Does Not Need Parliamentary Armenia

Samvel Farmanyan: Turkey will recognize Armenian Genocide and will do it under pressure of its own public

Yana Amelina: "Weapon strategy" of Moscow will stop only after world geopolitical balance is restored

Vardan Voskanyan: Iran assumes functions of "a gendarme" to remove chaos in Middle East

“Angels” and “Demons” of Film Director Hovhannes Galstyan

Andrey Areshev: Karabakh-related humanitarian initiatives from Russia could be useful

Sevak Sarukhanyan: Concerns about possible emergence of ISIS in Azerbaijan focus Tehran's attention on Baku

Alexander Zinker: Israel has never before been so close to recognition of Armenian Genocide

Andrey Yepifantsev: Russia and Armenia have what to keep silence about

Promise to convict Permyakov at 102nd Russian military base in Armenia is already a big gesture of Russia

Ruben Safrastyan: Turkey fears consequences of Armenian Genocide denial

Serious trends of geopolitical changes in South Caucasus lead to clashes and redrawing of borders

Armenian Men are Also Eager to Look Young

Karine Danielyan: The women who prefer being mothers deserve the same respect as female politicians

Georgian political expert: Putin has put his mind on implementing Primakov Doctrine

27/03 16:11 Villagers address a letter to Armenian Prime Minister over a tailing dump of Akhtala Mining Plant

195 residents of Mets Ayrum rural community have addressed a letter to Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan over the situation around the tailing dump of the Akhtala Mining Plant. The letter has also been sent to all parliamentary groups of Armenia, the OSCE Office in Yerevan, Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection and the Standing Parliamentary Commission for Agriculture and Environment.

24/03/2015 16:40

Inspections Performed in Akhtala Ore Mining Plant

"EcoLur" reports that Ministry of Nature Protection RA is performing large-scale inspections at Akhtala ore mining plant. The inspections were launched after "EcoLur"'s alarm signal on the plant's heavy equipment in Mets Airum community. According to the news, hills, landscapes, community grasslands are being taken down and soil is being moved out in spades.

07/03/2015 15:09

Karine Danielyan: The women who prefer being mothers deserve the same respect as female politicians

ArmInfo’s Interview with Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association for Sustainable Human Development NGO

02/03/2015 16:23

Karine Danielyan: Oil and gas prospecting near Sevan will be devastating for the lake

Oil and gas prospecting near Sevan will be devastating for the lake, Head of the Association for Sustainable Development Karine Danielyan told ArmInfo.

24/02/2015 18:24

Ecologists and Villagers are Discontent with the Akhtala Ore Mining Plant’s Plans on Building a New Tailing Dump

The inhabitants of Mets Airum rural community are demonstrating against the plans on building a new Akhtala ore mining plant tailing dump. Oleg Dulgaryan, a member of the community’s Council of Elders, reported about that during a press-conference on February 24. According to him, the new tailing dump is to be located next to Mets Airum and Chochkan rural communities and will occupy 40 hectares territory. Meanwhile, it is planned to transform the agricultural lands into industrial ones for the construction of the dump.

29/01/2015 12:35

Small HPPs constructed on rivers to get green passports

The small HPPs (SHHPs) constructed on the rivers in Armenia will get green passports, the press service of EcoLur NGO reports. The process has been launched in the frames of Support to SHPP-relating reforms through the dialogue of public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems" project. This project is implemented by 'EcoLur' Informational NGO in partnership with Nature Protection Ministry - donors UNDP and GEF.

18/12/2014 15:55

Inga Zarafyan: Mining industry has leading positions in terms of environmental damage

Mining industry has leading positions in terms of environmental damage in Armenia, Inga Zarafyan, Head of EcoLur NGO, told ArmInfo.

10/12/2014 16:36

Karine Danielyan points at environmental problems of 2014

The condition of Lake Sevan and the depressing subsurface water table in Ararat Valley are the key environmental problems for Armenia, Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association For Sustainable Human Development, said at a press conference on Wednesday.

21/11/2014 17:35

Green activists again find violations at small hydro power plants (HPP) "Khachaghbyur-1" and "Khachaghbyur-2"

The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front has again revealed violations at the small hydro power plants (HPP) "Khachaghbyur-1" and "Khachaghbyur-2," the Organization says in a statement provided to ArmInfo. Activists who have visited Tavush region lately found out that the fish passes at both the HPPs were dry. In addition, the activists alarm that Megaenergy LLC that is exploiting "Khachaghbyur-2" HPP has again cut off the flow of the River of Paghjur.

19/11/2014 01:19

Green activists concerned over deforestation in Tavush marz

Pan-Armenian Environmental Front has expressed its concern over the condition of forests in Tavush marz, Armenia. The activists say in a statement that on November 13 Pan-Armenian Environmental Front and the Armenian Extreme Club visited the forests of Tavush. They revealed numerous felled trees and trucks without number plates. Most of the drivers lacked permits for felling. The activists think that the current situation is the result of the lack of proper control in the field of forest protection and management.

06/11/2014 15:26

Passions run high over uranium ore containing mines in Armenia

Development of uranium ore containing mines in Armenia is fraught with big environmental problems, Inga Zarafyan, Head of EcoLur NGO told ArmInfo. Inga Zarafyan says some legislative amendments in the country have enabled mining companies to gain extra profits even from the deposits that were regarded as unprofitable before. Now they began to develop the so-called ore occurrences.

06/11/2014 09:21

Environmentalists worried about plans to develop gold field in the territory of Arevik National Park

Environmentalists are worried about AT-Metals's plans to develop Meghrasar gold field in the territory of Arevik National Park. Head of Ecolur NGO Inga Zarafyan told ArmInfo that Arevik was created in 2009 and is home to 1,500 plants and 245 animals, including leopard, Armenian mouflon, Syrian brown bear and Persian wild goat.

27/10/2014 16:02

Closure and conservation of illegal artesian wells in Ararat Valley will help saving over 360 million cu m of water annually

Closure and conservation of the illegal artesian wells in the Ararat Valley will help saving over 360 million cu m of water annually, Deputy Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia Khachik Hakobyan told reporters, Monday.

23/10/2014 17:20

Expert: Deposits with radioactive elements in a scattered state are being developed in Armenia

Deposits with radioactive elements in a scattered state are being developed in Armenia, the head the "The Greens Union of Armenia", Hakop Sanasaryan, told Arminfo correspondent. He said that during the Soviet times the geological examination of radioactive elements, including uranium, was held. According to the geological maps, there are 4 zones at the territory of Armenia, which contain uranium and thorium. They are located in Syunik region and Shamlug of Lori region.

23/10/2014 12:25

Environmentalists to protest against shooting of wolves

A group of environmentalists will gather in front of the Government building in Yerevan on Wednesday to express their protest against the shooting of wolves. Head of the Birds Lovers Center Silva Adamyan has told journalists that there is a certain reason why wolves have begun to attack sheep: human activity has intervened in their biotopes and has left them with almost no prey.