Russian experts: Turkey will not go beyond inflammatory rhetoric in Karabakh issue

FPWC and VivaCell-MTS provide street lighting to Gomq community of Vayots Dzor region,

Sociologist: One-third of enterprises registered in SME segment of Armenia do not function

Defense Ministry: Nothing threatens Armenian peacekeeper's life in Mali

Syunik Governor says residents in his region will sure vote for Constitutional amendments

Rostelecom to hold events enhancing computer literacy in Armenia

Ameriabank signs 25 mln USD syndicated loan agreement with FMO and OeEB for financing of SME and renewable energy

Ucom subscribers can pay for services at VTB Bank (Armenia) round the clock

Baku criticizes Russia24 channel

Prosecutor General's Office institutes a criminal case based on files submitted by Levon Zurabyan

Beeline Armenia CEO presented "Success Path" lecture for Leaders' Club members

National Philharmonic Orchestra has marked closing of concert season 2015, emphasizing role of VivaCell-MTS in implementation of initiatives of orchestra

Court upholds motion of Armenia's National Security Service to arrest Arthur Vardanyan

All countries of CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, except Azerbaijan, condemn downing of Russian plane by Turkey

National Security Service of Armenia: Detained citizens start giving evidence

Naryshkin to Ankara: Crimes of the past should be condemned properly

Raffi Hovannisian's political passivity reason is two weddings and several funerals

Expert: Promises of paradise in Armenia "roam" from one constitutional referendum to another

Yerevan: Selective approach to principles and elements in Karabakh peace process will make settlement impossible

Illegitimate regime that seized power in Armenia must leave: Raffi Hovannisian

New Armenia Front: Zhirayr Sefilyan's wife attacked

Zhirayr Sefilyan: KGB-style government in the country remained in the past

INECOBANK launches "InecoQuest" adventure contest under "Open the cashbox full of millions" motto

Geoteam CJSC invested 240 thousand USD in its social projects in 2015

VivaCell-MTS: From now on "Personal", "City Talks" and "Special" tariff plans are also available to non-residents living in Armenia

German Ambassador: Terror attacks in Paris were aimed not only against France but all Europe and pan- European values

Armenian National Congress: Information that one of criminal group's detainees is connected with opponents of Constitutional reforms is dirty propaganda

Call Center of VTB Bank (Armenia) daily serves an average of 3000 incoming and outgoing calls

Beeline "Call Me +" service subscribers can send messages abroad requesting to call back

Levon Zurabyan to provide Prosecutor General with video showing attempts to bribe "No!" Front proxies

Minister says situation around Football Federation of Armenia will come to light soon

SCR achieves profitability due to rigid balance between revenues and expenses and launch of resource- saving projects

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia welcomes possible criminalizing of Armenian Genocide denial by Russia

Deputy Foreign Minister: Use of Russian military base in Armenia should be agreed with Armenia

Hovhannes Sahakyan to Levon Ter-Petrosyan: Profound Constitutional reforms will help Armenia to counter external challenges

Beeline announces sales of Beeline Smart Dual, Beeline Smart 2 and Beeline Smart Pro ahead of New Year holidays

Syunik governor's son appointed assistant to director of "ArmForest" SNCO

Levon Ter-Petrosyan: It appears that the advocates for the Constitutional amendments have nothing to do but swear up and down

Eduard Sharmazanov to tell Russian lawmakers about Armenia's positive opinion on Russian bill criminalizing Armenian Genocide denial

Levon Ter-Petrosyan: It appears that the advocates for the Constitutional amendments have nothing to do but swear up and down

Sharmazanov: Incidents of downing of Armenian helicopter over Karabakh and Russian plane over Syria have the same modus operandi

Nikolay Silayev: Risk of deployment of a "third front" around Karabakh is rather high

VivaCell-MTS invests 7.9 bln AMD in cultural projects over past 10 years

Rostelecom Armenia: Awarding ceremony of "Thank You, Internet 2015" contest to be held on November 30

VivaCell-MTS has invested 23.6 bln AMD into social projects during 10 years

Orange Foundation to invest 51 mln AMD in Zangakatun border village

Beeline Child Development Corners opened in Aragatsotsn region

Bill on establishing responsibility for not recognizing Armenian Genocide by Turkey introduced into State Duma

Political expert: Russia will not involve its 102nd base in Armenia in conflict with Turkey

New Armenia refutes information that the detained criminals have ties with New Armenia Front

29/10 15:07 Minister: Armenia to take all possible measures towards mitigation of climate changes

Armenian Minister of Nature Protection Aramais Grigoryan met with representatives of a number of diplomatic missions in Armenia, as well as the EU Delegation to Armenia.

14/10/2015 16:47

WWF: Sevan and Dilijan National Parks do not meet Category II of IUCN

Sevan and Dilijan National Parks do not meet Category II (National Park) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), WWF-Armenia Head Karen Manvelyan has told ArmInfo.

07/10/2015 19:22

Tension on border with Azerbaijan becomes obstacle for WWF-Armenia activity

Tension on the border with Azerbaijan becomes an obstacle for WWF- Armenia activity. As it was informed earlier, several species of leopards have settled in the south of Armenia. WWF trail cameras installed in the borderline area help to trail the life of leopards. In March of the current year 8 cameras were located but recently at a result of the tension on the Azerbaijani border WWF Armenia staff cannot approach the territory.

06/10/2015 13:54

WWF: Small-scale HPPs in Armenia do not prove their worth

The small-scale hydropower plants (HPPs) in Armenia do not prove their worth, Head of WWF-Armenia Karen Manvelyan has told ArmInfo. "The calculations are wrong. Even those who invest in the small-scale HPPs realize that they cannot obtain the designed electric power output," says Manvelyan. The outcome of such a situation is desperate. "To recover the investments, they route all the water into the pipes without leaving an environmental flow," he says.

22/09/2015 16:07

Ministry of Nature Protection refutes rumors about use of Sevan water for restoration of Lake Urmia

The Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection is again refuting the rumors about the use of Sevan water for restoration of Lake Urmia on Iran.

17/09/2015 12:27

Ozone layer in Armenia improved due to crisis of 1990s

As compared to the 1990s, Armenia is experiencing improvement of the ozone layer, Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association for Sustainable Human Development NGO, said at a press conference on September 16.

16/09/2015 22:28

Amulsar. Myths and Reality

In an article several months ago I highlighted the myths about mining industry in general. Today I want to focus on Amulsar specifically and separate myths from concerns. Many questions voiced have been addressed continuously for years by different means of communications and those constituencies that had valid concerns have been satisfied by the answers. By this said, I do not want to imply that there should not be any further questions. They are welcome and any further concerns will be addressed properly. However when the same unfounded claims, that received comprehensive answers, still continue to be circulated, they stop being concerns and turn into myths.

26/08/2015 11:16

So far the environmentalists have no response from the Prime Minister on restoration of the Iranian Urmia lake at the expense of Sevan

It is already 10 days, as the "Environmental Public Alliance" is waiting for a response from the Prime Minister of Armenia on the issue of pumping water from Sevan Lake to Urmia in Iran.

11/08/2015 20:24

Ministry of Nature Protection of RA denies there was transaction to trasfer Sevan fresh water to Iran

The Ministry of Nature Protection of RA denies the information on that Iran intends to purchase water from lake Sevan in order to restore the water resources of lake Urmia, which is near extinction. This has been communicated by Temina Arzumanyan, the press secretary of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA.

23/06/2015 13:23

Record-Keeping of Mercury-Bearing Products and Waste being Carried out in Armenia

A seminar on project directed at ratifying Minamata Convention on mercury kicked off in Yerevan on June 23. Deputy Minister of Nature Protection Simon Papyan has told that the project has been designed to monitor legal boundaries, as well as estimate the ratification consequences of the Convention.

22/06/2015 18:23

Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection refutes rumors about advancing Lake Sevan on pawn

The Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection refutes the rumors about advancing Lake Sevan on pawn. Earlier that information was voiced by Silva Adamyan, Head of the Bird Lovers' Center, who cited her own sources. She said that Lake Sevan was pawned at one of the largest international banks. "That information has nothing to do with the reality.

18/06/2015 17:29

Environmentalist: In some communities of Armenia orchards are irrigated with sewage water

In some communities of Armenia orchards are irrigated with sewage water, environmentalist Knarik Hovhannisyan said at a press conference on June 18.

04/06/2015 18:02

Expert: Bill "On Biosafety of GM-foods" pales into significance

Adamyan has told ArmInfo that the Government has been refusing to discuss the bill "On Biosafety of GM-foods" for a year, however, Melita Hakobyan, President of the National Association of Consumers, says that the bill has been discussed. Meanwhile, Prof. Aida Iskoyan, PhD in Law, Lia Osipyan, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, Mileta Aristakesyan, Vice Chairperson of the Academy of Protection of Consumers' Rights and other experts, who took part in the discussion of the bill, specify some inaccuracies in the document.

04/06/2015 18:01

Development of the Deposit has Caused Changes in Armenia's Landscape

The development of the deposit has caused changes in Armenia's landscape, head of Center of Bird Lovers NGO Silva Adamyan said during the June 4 press conference.

26/05/2015 20:18

Large POPs pesticide burial site in Nubarashen and residual obsolete pesticide stores in 24 locations to be eliminated

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia and the Government of the Republic of Armenia will work together to reduce the impacts of hazardous waste and related contaminated sites from Soviet times, in order to protect human and environmental health through the effective elimination of obsolete pesticide stockpiles, particularly persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in Armenia, the website of the UN Yerevan Office reports.