Energy Ministry: New owner of Electric Networks of Armenia will be required to reduce commercial losses at least by 2%

Investigation Committee: Valery Permyakov did not act under influence of irresistible impulse when committing family murder

G. Movsesyan: Development of integration processes in railway communication will not involve Armenia unless Abkhaz-Georgian railway is reactivated

Forty-five lifetime prisoners in Armenia demand reconsideration of their cases

Armsol Company fights against nomophobia

Ilham Aliyev responds to Serzh Sargsyan after long silence

Ancient musical instrument dating back to 2nd millennium BC found in Teghout

Constitutional Court Spokesperson: "I will not comment on Levon Zurabyan's marasmic statements"

Armenian Patriarchate in Istanbul attacked

"Summer with VTB" campaign increases noncash turnover with Visa cards of VTB Bank (Armenia) by 70%

Azerbaijan keeps shelling at Karabakh position from heavy artillery

Archaeologists discover a medieval throne room in Armenia

CEC: Only parliamentary parties will receive free airtime for Constitutional Reform agitation and counter- agitation

President of World Armenian Congress weighs establishment of political party to run for parliament in Armenia in 2017

International Organization of La Francophonie adopts Genocide prevention resolution in Yerevan

James Warlick: "We expect meeting of foreign ministers to advance negotiation process"

NKR Defense Army repels a new sabotage attack of Azerbaijan

Serzh Sargsyan: Armenia consistently fulfills its Francophonie commitment to popularizing the French language

Georgia negotiates with Gazprom to increase gas transit to Armenia

Yerevan hosts 31st Session of IOF Ministerial Conference

Gagik Harutyunyan's response to ex-presidents: People will make sober estimate of Constitutional Reforms

Bank VTB Armenia offers free use of Bank-Client system to its state and public non-commercial client organizations

Armenia to have a new air carrier in March 2016

Armenia's Deputy Defense Minister and Minsk Group's French Co-Chair discuss situation in Karabakh conflict zone

Politician: Karabakh Movement determined the right image of a state and a man, but Armenia no longer meets it

  • Thursday, January 17, 14:48

The Karabakh Movement has determined the right image of a state and a man, but Armenia no longer meets it, Ashot Manoucharyan, former adviser of the first president of Armenia for national security affairs, told media, Thursday.

He said that the Karabakh Movement must not be associated with a museum exhibit that is preserved as an evidence of the bright past for the visitors to admire it.

"The Movement paved the way to establishment and development of a new Armenia. People were guided with the interests of the state and the public then. Now, people have a consumer psychology, robbery and exploitation instincts irrespective of their positions," Manoucharyan said.

As for he domestic political processes in the country, the upcoming presidential election, Manoucharyan said that they bear no relation to the real interests of the public. A group of people tries to seize power and property from another group of people. There is fight for material values and wealth.

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